Part 1: Strange

August 20, 2009

“Wait!”, yells a young girl, running down a bright sunny street, struggling to catch up with her classmates. Her long waist-length black hair flowing behind her, as she tries to pull on her maroon uniform blazer, while trying to hold onto her bento lunch box with her right hand. The huge red bow on the front of her white shirt does a funny dance in the morning’s breeze, as she tries to run quickly in her blue and black plaid skirt. Her name is Chiasa Moto, age 15, and her three friends find that it amusing to run ahead of her every school morning.

“Stop!” she yells, after the three girls, “This isn’t funny! Why must you guys do this to me!? Wait for me!!!” The girls keep running ahead, giggling. “Stupid jerks.” growls Chiasa, finally getting her blazer on, “I really need some new friends. Ones that won’t leave me!!!”

As she is grumbling about that, she suddenly feels that she is being watched. Nearby, in a cherry red luxury car, striking green eyes softly gazes at her. She had the sudden thought of a cat, by the color of them, but quickly snaps out of it. They belonged to an young man, short blonde  hair, a blank stare with no hint of emotion. Chiasa suddenly got an dark and heavy feeling, as chills ran up her spine. Who was this man?

“Come on, Chiasa.” smiles a young girl with long red hair, grabbing her arm and shaking Chiasa out of her daze, “We’re going to be late for the train! We’re done teasing you!” “Anna,” she says, confused, “What is…?” Chiasa turns back toward the man, but he is driving away, the windows rolled up now. “Strange.” she sighs. “Huh?” asks Anna, now confused too. “Oh,” sighs Chiasa, shaking her head, “I thought you said, ‘Morioka’.” “What?” she jumped, then grinned, “Who is Morioka? Is he your new boyfriend!?” “No!” frowns Chiasa, “I don’t have a boyfriend!!!”

“Hey,” frowns a tall girl, with short dark hair, “What are you two up to? We’re going to be late for the train!” “Yeah, let’s go!” nods a small girl with curly brown hair. “Right!” smiles Anna, pulling Chiasa along with her, “We’re coming, Mina and June. Let’s go!”

On the train ride, Chiasa is thinking about the strange guy in the car and of the strange name that popped into her thoughts. Was it the name of the man? She had no idea who he was or where she heard the name from. “It’s not like he said anything to me.” she frowns, gazing out the train door, “I’ve never seen that guy around before. I wonder who he was. And why was he on my street? Was he visiting someone there?”

“Huh?” asks Mina, “Did you say something, Chiasa?” “No.” blushes Chiasa, not realizing she was talking out loud, “It’s nothing, really.” “You’re acting weird.” shrugs Mina, as June and Anna giggle over a magazine they are sharing. “Yeah,” says Chiasa, starring off at the passing horizon, “Maybe.” “Hey,” frowns Mina, “You’re not upset with us for running ahead this morning, are you? Because we were just having fun! We wouldn’t really leave you. Lighten up!” “Yeah.” says Chiasa, not really listening. Her mind was somewhere else.

All throughout school, Chiasa went from class to class, not really there. Her mind was still racing about the strange man and the strange name that came to her. She even tried to look up the name, in the computer lab, during her lunch break. Nothing special came up, as she had very little hope that it would. She just wanted to know the answer to this mystery and it frustrates her to not know!

The bell rings, signaling the end of school. Chiasa walks into the courtyard with her friends. “So,” smiles June, “We’re going to stop by that new sundae shop today. You’re coming along, Chiasa?” “I can’t.” she sighs, wishing that she could, “I have a test to study for.” “Bummer!” whines June. “Well, that’s okay.” nods Anna, “We can help you study and go some other time.” “No,” waves Chiasa, “You go on ahead. You girls should have fun. I’ll be fine.”

“Fine,” sighs Mina, “Then you come with us, next time.” “Sure.” nods Chiasa. She notices a familiar cherry red car, driving by quickly. She is stunned, wondering if it was the strange guy again, now spying on her. “Chiasa!” frowns June, waving a hand in front of her, “Didn’t you hear us?” “Huh?” she asked, snapping out of her confusion. “We said ‘goodbye’ and ‘see you tomorrow’!” huffs June.

“Oh… sorry.” , bow Chiasa, “See you girls, tomorrow.” “Yeah,” giggles Anna, “And don’t study too much!” They walk away, as Mina tells the girls, “Chiasa has been strange all day… I hope she’s not stressed or anything.” “Don’t worry,” waves Anna, “This is Chiasa we’re talking about.” “Yeah!” giggles June. And they fade off into a crowd.

Chiasa sighs and walks toward the train station alone. All kinds of thoughts come to mind, as she makes her way home, “Who is that guy? Why is he following me? Is he some kind of pervert? Yeah! Maybe that’s why he was staring at me! He was planning on kidnapping me, but left when he saw my friends returning! A stalker!!!” Her heart now beating fast, “I can’t believe I almost got caught my a pervert/stalker!!! I know that mother always warn me of the dangers of Japan, but still… I never thought it would happen anywhere near my neighborhood! Wow, is it safe for me to be traveling alone now?”

When the train stopped, Chiasa rushed straight home, looking for signs of any red cars. When she got to her front gate, without seeing any cars, she was relieved and relaxed a little. “RARR!” an shadow jumps at Chiasa, causing her to shriek. “Ha!”  laughs a little boy, on the other side of the gate, “Got you!” A little boy with short brown hair, in his baseball uniform, gave Chiasa an impish little grin. It was her little brother, Ryu, waiting for her.

“Ryu!” frowns Chiasa, “You little brat! You almost gave me an heart-attack!” “Well,” shrugs Ryu, “Your fault for being so easy.” Chiasa sighs and opens the gate. “Hey,” he smiles, “Want to toss around the ball for a while? Coach says I need to practice my catching!” “Maybe later.” she waves, “I have to study for a test.” “Another one?” he frowns, “Wow, your school sure is tough, with so much work to do!”

They both take off their shoes and enter the house. Ryu leaves his bat by the door and rushes off to play video games! “Ryu!” calls their mother, a pretty and petite woman with long brown hair, “Do your homework first, before video games! Do you hear me, Ryu?” There is only the sound of his door shutting as a response. “I swear!” frowns mother, “That boy is exactly like his father, lazy with work, all fun all the time.” “No,” smiles Chiasa, heading for the stairs, “Ryu’s a brat and father isn’t anything like that.”

“Oh,” blushes mother, “I was thinking of your father, when he was younger… when we both were. I suppose your father has long grown out of it, maybe there’s hope for your little brother yet.” “I wouldn’t hold my breath.” grumbles Chiasa, heading toward her room. She removed her uniform and got into a short white nightgown, with thin lacy straps, no sleeves. She plopped across her bed and began her studies.

By the evening, she got a strange feeling that someone was near. She took a look outside her window, only to see a glimpse of blonde hair moving from sight under the street light, a figure hiding in the shadows! “It’s him!!! And he’s watching me!? In my nightgown!?!” she shrieked. Normally this would cause a girl to be frighten and disturbed. But this made Chiasa very angry! She stormed from her room, down the stairs, and without thinking she grabbed Ryu’s baseball bat and headed out the door!

The strange guy was still standing there, looking toward the window still. “Hey!!!” growls Chiasa, waving the bat toward the guy, inching closer, “So you like to look at little girls, do you? You pervert bastard!!! This is private property! Go away, before I beat you of every inch of your life!” “Wow,” sighed the stranger, in a calm and smooth voice, “I didn’t think you’d find me so soon.” “Who is Morioka?”, she growls, so very angry, “Is that your name?”

“No.” he says, looking a bit concerned, “My name is Kain. But where did you hear of that name? Did you remember it?” “It doesn’t matter!” she growls, poking the guy with the bat threateningly, “I don’t even care anymore! Perverts like you disgust me! Go now, before my father gets here and breaks your neck! Or better yet, I’ll do it myself!”

“Hmm.” he says, giving a faint grin, for the first time showing emotion, “You don’t remember yet, do you, Chiasa?” “What!?” she shrieks, “How do you know my name!?” “We once knew each other.” he says, plainly, “In another life and another time. But you don’t remember it, yet. It’s was always my job to protect you.” “Protect me!?” frowns Chiasa, “From what!?” “Them.” he says, looking toward the other end of the street.

In the shadows… there are glowing eyes, sharp teeth, talons, and even the hint sound of wings…


Part 42: Song

December 26, 2009

An evil laugh echoed, as she looked up from her tears, to see Ezekiel enjoying himself. “What a shock!” he laughs, holding his sides in glee, “I thought for sure you would die out there, with the rest! Who would have thought, in your quest for revenge, that YOU, the chosen one, would abandon your friends and your lover!?”

The office was will lit, empty, with considerable space. If one had to guess, this room may have been a large conference room, at some point. Chiasa stood now, filled with rage. Every part of her being ached with the hatred toward this being. He continued laughing, not a care in the world, not noticing as Chiasa picked up her sword and charged after him. Before she could reach Ezekiel, a violent force, threw her backward and into a wall. Ezekiel was still laughing, one of his fingers pointed at her.

“Pitiful.” he sighs, done with the laughter now, “It’s hard to believe that someone, so weak, is suppose to be the threat of me. You are filled with anger, rage, and vengeance. Feelings of humans, which makes you even weaker!” “Feelings of humans?” spat Chiasa, struggling to move, but the force had her pinned tightly against the wall, “But these are the same feelings that you have, Ezekiel! Sure you pretend that you’re so much better and purer than humans… yet, you are so full of rage, anger, and vengeance against the gods for creating them. Everything you’ve done has been in revenge for the creation of humans! I’ve only had this anger and feelings of vengeance for a short while, weeks maybe… But you’ve had these feelings for many centuries, since time began! I say that makes you more weak than I am!

“The only one who’s pitiful is you, Ezekiel!” He growls and the force begins to crush her more into the wall, causing several of her ribs to crack. “Don’t try to twist things!” he shout. “Oh,” she grins, even though she is in considerable pain, “Are you the only one allowed to? You’ve twisted so many around, with your half-truths, your deceptions… it must kill you, that you can’t sway me, or Kain, or any of my friends, or Jordan! Yeah, you had Jordan and Heather under your grasp for so long… yet, even Jordan was able to break your spell over him! It must really burns you to know that you’re getting weaker by every minute, yet I’m getting stronger!”

“Says the girl pinned to a wall!” laughs Ezekiel, ready to crush her more. “Though,” nods Chiasa, looking toward her sword nearby, “I’m about done with this, now. You really have no power over me.” She slides off the wall and grabs her sword. Ezekiel blinks, throwing his force again, but Chiasa’s slides through the wave, like butter! “H-how did you-!?” he gasps, recoiling as if she had an foul odor. “I think I have realized something.” she nods, heading in his direction, “You only can have enough power over me, as I let you. Your power is great, for sure… but, my power is greater.”

She kicks him in the stomach, sending him into a wall, and quickly jumps over him, sword raised! “Wait, you moron!” he laughs, putting up an hand, “Do you really understand what my death will mean you and for our kind?” “Not interested.” Chiasa replies, bored and ready to strike. “But you should be!” he hissed, a dangerous glee in his eyes, “As the old legend goes, when I die, we all die!” Chiasa hesitated, sword still held up high, wondering if the Source was now speaking the truth. It seemed so!

He laughed wildly at her confusion! “Yes,” he nods, “The truth of it has long been lost to newer generations of our kind! Maybe it was done on purpose, so that the chosen wouldn’t hesitate, like you are doing now! You see, part of the old tale is this… The gods created more of my kind to hunt and destroy me. But you were never created to live on, past this. Once I fall, everyone of my kind will fall, not only the demons! And you are of my kind, Chiasa! You may doubt that all that you wish! But, that is the truth. When you kill me, you kill yourself, and others like us. So, go right ahead! Let us die together!”

Chiasa scrambled away, as Ezekiel laughed so very hard, curling up into a hysterical ball. “It’s just so perfect!” he choked, “That the sacred chosen one thought that she would live happily ever after, a reward for killing the big bad evil! She thought that many would sing her songs of praise, the song of Chiasa, throughout the lands! But no! You’ve sacrificed your lover and your friends, of your people… and if you kill me now, you will die along with them. Death will be your only reward! It’s not too late, Chiasa! Join me! We’ll take down this world together, in a glory of flames… and…”

In the middle of his last sentence, Chiasa had threw her sword through Ezekiel’s chest… the end of it hitting the soft carpet behind his back, with a thud. “Chiasa…” he said, in soft shock, “But you will die too.” “I know.” she said, weakly, “But as you said, I have lost my friends and my Keeper… I have lost Kain. So the only thing left to save is the humans. As long as they live on, it doesn’t matter if I live or not. I will join the ones I love in death and you won’t be able to harm the humans anymore. Seems like a fair deal.”

“Fair?” Ezekiel lets out a few soft laughs, “No it isn’t. Chiasa, my dear, you are a fool. Yet… I can’t stop loving you for it. I guess, if I were to be killed, I rather it be you. But it’s odd… I was so sure that you would choose to live, instead of to die for the humans. But, I think that was my mistake all along… I should have expected the opposite from you. Even though the opposite is so foolish and ignorant! I think my flaw was, that I thought too highly of you.” He closed his eyes and the Source was no more.

Chiasa collapsed next to him, feeling herself fading fast. She was dying, yet she couldn’t help the overwhelming joy and relief that she felt. The humans were going to be okay. Mankind only had to fear mankind, no longer demons. A blinding light surrounds her and in it, Kain reaches out to her, with a very huge smile…


A sandy brown haired teen is trying to show off to his friends, doing tricks on his skateboard. On one wrong move, he trips and falls to the ground outside of the doors of shopping mall. His friends laugh, calling to him, “Nice one, Ryu!” “Shut up!” he roars, getting to his feet, “The sun was in my eye!” He turns to see a young woman, no older than her early thirties, staring at him. She has just walked out of the mall, with a few bags, as he had fell to the pavement. “Are you okay?” she asks, concerned.

Her very long black hair reached past her waist and something familiar hit the boy, then it was gone as quickly as it had came. “Yeah,” he shrugs, “I’m okay, lady!” He runs off with his friends, not giving it a second thought. “A run-in with the past?” asks Kain, looking a bit older, himself, leaving the store with his own set of bags. “Yeah,” nods Chiasa, “He’s still a brat, it seems. But of course, he doesn’t remember me.” “Well,” huffs Kain, struggling with his bags, which were heavier, “Let’s get this stuff to the car. Did you have to shop so much!?” “Hey,” she grins, “It’s our new apartment and we need so many things!” “So, you say.” he frowns, “But what was wrong with the plate-ware that we had?” “It was ancient.” waves Chiasa, to Kain’s annoyance.

It’s been several years, since the battle with the Source. Ezekiel, once again, had only told a half truth. It was true that with his death, all demons and their kind would die. And they did all die a death of their demon side… only to be reborn as purely human, to age and to love, and to die like everyone else. The newlyweds, Chiasa and Kain, head for home. No one knows of their story or can remember it among the humans. And the existence of demons are lost within the mysteries of the world…

This song is for you!


Part 41: You

December 26, 2009

Kain and Chiasa was curled in front of the tv, when they heard a loud knock at their apartment door. Kain sighed, annoyed that he had to move away from Chiasa’s warmth, and went to answer. A very bloodied Dr. Jaden and Dr. Lee fall into the apartment, their blood smeared across the apartment door! “W-what the hell…!?” gasps Kain, leaning down to grab them. “Ezekiel.” says Dr. Jaden, weakly, “He has started the war!” Chiasa gasps, rushing to grab her sword…

“We have to get you to a hospital!” frowns Kain, noticing that Dr. Lee is unconscious from his wounds. “It’s an obvious trap.” Dr. Jaden tries to warn them, “He only let us go, from the demons, so that we would alert you. I don’t think you should go.” “But we have to,” nods Chiasa, “The war has started and he will began to kill everyone of Japan, not just those in the Morioka building.” Chiasa feels a pang of sadness, for all the men and women of that building lost to Ezekiel’s fury.

“Don’t worry.” nods Kain, throwing Dr. Lee over his shoulders, “We’re going to get you to the hospital, and then we’re going to end this. Chiasa, help Dr. Jaden to her feet.” Chiasa carefully holds the woman to her feet, letting her lean on her, as they all headed for Kain’s car.

After a short while of driving, Kain stops at the local emergency room, carrying in Dr. Lee, while Chiasa helps Dr. Jaden walk slowly in. “Hey!” yells Kain, getting the attention of the medical staff, “Our friends have been attacked!” Through the rushing of medical staff, to help the two victims, Chiasa and Kain made their exit and drove off toward headquarters. “Are you ready?” asks Kain, dialing Kirk and Judy’s number on his cell-phone. “I have no choice, but to be.” nods Chiasa, determined.

Kirk and Judy meet outside the building with Kain and Chiasa. There is a massive crowd of demons, spilling outside of the doorway of the building, crowded within. They snarled and licked their greedy lips, waiting for the Keepers and Fighters to make their first move. “Okay,” sighs Kirk, shaking his head, “There are a lot of them. We’re just going to have to try our best and get Chiasa as far as we can.” “Do you know where the Source is,” asks Kain, “Within this building?” “The very top floor,” nods Judy, a bit disgusted, “Like the king of an castle. Floor 150. I can sense his laughter from there.”

“Hmm,” says Kain, feeling a lot outnumbered, “And I bet every floor is teaming with demons too.” “And most likely,” frowns Kirk, “The elevators are out, so we’ll have to use the stairwells…” “Well,” says Chiasa, taking a step forward, “Let’s try our best. Okay?” Everyone nods, but before they could take a step forward and loud cry comes from behind them. “We’re not late for the party, are we!?”

They turn to see thousands of people behind them! The army that Dr. Jaden had promised? No… Chiasa felt it all at once… These were thousands of her kind! “Great.” smiles Kirk, “Our backup is here!” “Listen, everyone!” announces Judy, “Chiasa is the one we have to get to the top! We will all go in first and kill as many as we can, to clear a path for them. Or priority here is getting Chiasa to the Source! Do you understand?” There was a roar of acknowledgment. “Okay,” smiles Kirk, turning to Chiasa, “It’s all set now. We’ll do our best, but Chiasa… give that bastard some hell, okay?”

Chiasa gives Kirk and tight hug. “You and Judy better survive!” she growls. “Oh,” he waves,”We’re planning on that.” Kain and Chiasa step back, watching their army rush in ahead, battling and killing demons. In the matter of minutes, they were able to get into the building and into the stairwell. There were a lot blood and shouts, many demons fell and a few of their army did too. Chiasa looked away, from the sadness of fallen Fighters and Keepers, as Kain and her made their way up the stairwells. On the 100th floor, Chiasa stopped and wept, holding onto a wall.

“Chiasa,” said Kain, wrapping his arms around her, “You can’t stop now. We’re almost there. I know this is bad, but, we can’t stop!” “So much death!” she cried, “So much loss. I don’t even know if Kirk and Judy is okay… I just want this all to end!” “And it will,” assures Kain, running his fingers through her hair, “With you… it  will all end with you! We have to keep going! We can’t let the fallen die in vain!” Chiasa steeled herself and continued on, with Kain holding her hand.

They finally made it to the last floor, yet everything was in cold silence here. There were no sounds of demons or of their kind to be heard, just darkness and a huge void. The Source moved within an office, located in the far corner of the void. Chiasa began to move toward it, her sword ready, and vengeance on her mind. “Chiasa,” sighs Kain, realizing the situation, “This is where we part ways.” “What?” frowns Chiasa, turning to see what he was seeing… movements within the shadows. “This floor is covered with some very powerful demons.” he nods, “It’s probably why there is no sound here… many must have died. But, you have gotten close enough to the Source. I’ll hold them back as long as I can. You just run to that room and finish this.”

“I can’t leave you!” Chiasa yells, taking a step toward Kain. “Chiasa, no!” he shouts, “If you don’t go now, then we’ll both die here! Listen… I love you and want you to finish this. Don’t worry, I’ll survive, I promise.” “Especially,” smiles Kirk, stepping next to Kain, ” As he has us to help.” “Yeah,” waves Judy, stepping from the shadows, “Get out of here, Chiasa! Let us handle this!” “We’ll be okay, Chiasa.” assures Kain, “You just get in there and take care of that evil bastard!”

Tears fell from Chiasa’s eyes, as she muttered an, “Goodbye.” to all of them. She turned around, feeling like her heart was ripping in two, and ran toward the room. All at once, the demons rushed onto Kain, Kirk, and Judy. Their screams echoed, as Chiasa rushed through the office door, slamming the demons and her friends on the other side of it. “I’m so sorry!” she cried, falling to her knees.

An evil laugh echoed, as she looked up from her tears, to see Ezekiel enjoying himself. “What a shock!” he laughs, holding his sides in glee, “I thought for sure you would die out there, with the rest! Who would have thought, in your quest for revenge, that YOU, the chosen one, would abandon your friends and your lover!?”


Part 40: Plans

December 19, 2009

“However,” grins Kirk, “Since you have given us access to the files, we have alerted everyone of Morioka, of your betrayal. You’re now a wanted man, by the government.” “And no,” nods Chiasa, “Most likely you won’t spend the last of your days in prision… since Ezekiel knows of your mistake and knows that we wouldn’t kill you, he may want your blood. And with none of us willing to protect you…” Yamada slumps against his car, facing the ground in despair…

The reveal of Yamada being a traitor was a huge shock to all of Morioka. On the day of his arrest, The Council held a meeting with the four, with Dr. Jaden stepping in as the leader of it. “How did you figure it out?” was the question being asked of Kain, Chiasa, Kirk, and Judy. “It was only a hunch.” explains Kain, “As I was told by Jordan, that there was a spy among us. My thought was that maybe Yamada would be the spy. But I knew, either way, that we would need his help in catching the person. It left us in conundrum. But with more thought, I realized that if Yamada was in fact the spy, us coming to him for help would spark a panic in him. So, I left Chiasa to stay hidden and watch his movements. Had he not rushed to make contact with the Source, he would have been cleared of all suspicions. But either way, Chiasa was prepared to follow and watch him for days, to make sure.”

“And under the guise of still recovering,” nods Dr. Jaden, following along, “Yamada would have never realized he was being watched, knowing of the movements of you, Kirk, and Judy. Chiasa would just be presumed as recovering in bed, not moving about.” “Correct.” nods Kain, continuing, “Yamada panicked because, unlike the Source, he never for a moment underestimated us. He knew that we would figure it out that he was a spy, and fast, so he tried to make contact with the Source right away, to save himself.” “Yet,” says Chiasa, with wary sigh, “He underestimated the Source greatly… Ezekiel has no loyalties to anyone… least of all to humans.”

“Ha!” laughs Kirk, “But it was cool that Chiasa had Yamada trembling, thinking that the Source would be after him!” “Yes,” grins Chiasa, a mischievous grin, “The Source will not bother him, in prison. There is no point to it. Knowing Ezekiel, he will just go on with his plans to wipe out all of humanity in one fell swoop. Picking one man to kill, at this point, would be a waste of energy to him.” “Well,” says Kain, getting the conversation back to the point, “The fact is, the Source will be very much in rage now. So, the final war will begin, any day now.” “Do you know when?” asks Dr. Jaden, failing to hide her nervousness.

“No,” answers Judy, “None of us can tell when the Source will make his first move. And we are powerless to prevent it. Until the Source makes himself appear and stand for the fight, we can not reach him. Which suggests that he resides in an alternate reality.” Murmurs of the Council began, of confusion of this term, and bewilderment. “Do you mean to say-!?” gasps a member. “Yes,” nods Judy, “The Source has the ability to slip into an different part of the universe. It’s like a orb of existence, of this world but at the same time separate from it. Of the realm, we can not find it or reach it. This is why from the dawn of time, we have never been able to find the Source to destroy it.”

“But,” points out Kain, “He can not harm or attack from that realm. In order to fight in this war, he must come out of hiding. And I suspect that he will do just that, to find and try to destroy Chiasa, at any given day now. Until then, we just have to wait and be vigilant.” “Our main worry is,” continues Judy, “That not many of our kind has traveled here yet. There isn’t enough time. And we fear that he will strike soon and before our army can get here.” “What can Morioka do to help?” asks Dr. Jaden, sitting forward in her chair, hoping for a good answer.

Kain shook his head, “Not much. You can lend your armies… but the humans are no match for his armies. It will be a massacre. The only thing we could gain from that, is enough time and room to get Chiasa closer to the Source. And once she is in his presence, all will be over, by her hands.” “And once the bastard has fallen,” nods Kirk, “All the other demons will fall too! This war will be over, forever.” “I see.” nods Dr. Jaden, “Well, the good men and women of our armies are prepared to give up their lives for this. If your kind doesn’t show up for Ezekiel’s war, then you will have our help, no matter the loss. We must get Chiasa to the Source, at any and all costs.”

At that moment, Ezekiel is in a rage, breaking several structures within his stone filled realm. “She has destroyed all of my plans!” he shouted, though no one was there, “How can one weak little girl undo all of my will!? She is not her full potential, the little slut, as she still has the human child personality still! She is tainted with the human mind and feelings! I’m pure! I’m much more pure than any of them! How can I be thwarted!?” He looks down at his bleeding fists and begins to laugh madly. He remembers her last words to him, on the cell-phone, “I will see you soon, Ezekiel.”

“Fine.” Ezekiel says, standing with dark determination, “If you want to see me, you’ll see me.” Ezekiel and his demons left the realm, traveling to  the human plain, as the war was now to began. It was the dead of night, when Ezekiel finally walked toward the Morioka building. He ripped the doors from it’s hinges, crumpling it up like tin foil, and tossed it to the side… all with the wave of his powerful hand. Into the building poured many of his demons, ripping apart what little security there was, of ten men who tried to shoot down demons with guns. Ezekiel walked by the demons and the screams of dying humans. He calmly enter in the code to the elevators.

Kain and Chiasa was curled in front of the tv, when they heard a loud knock at their apartment door. Kain sighed, annoyed that he had to move away from Chiasa’s warmth, and went to answer. A very bloodied Dr. Jaden and Dr. Lee fall into the apartment, their blood smeared across the apartment door! “W-what the hell…!?” gasps Kain, leaning down to grab them. “Ezekiel.” says Dr. Jaden, weakly, “He has started the war!” Chiasa gasps, rushing to grab her sword…


Part 39: Spy

December 19, 2009

Chiasa smiles warmly toward Kain, drifting back to sleep. She knows that in the end, she will face Ezekiel and will end this war for all of humanity and for her Keeper. It is a very certain fact for her, even though she knows it will not be smooth sailing for anyone, from now on. Things are going to get a little more complicated, before this situation comes to an end…

Kain walks into the Morioka building alone, the first time in a while, without Chiasa by his side. He types in the code at the elevator, traveling to the secret floors within the building, determine with his plans. The elevators stops on the all too familiar floor, as Kain steps out and meets with Kirk and Judy. Together, they head for the conference room to have a chat with Yamada, about the newest information.

“A spy?” General Yamada asks, ready to wave away the thought, “Are you sure?” “I’m very sure.” nods Kain, looking the General straight in the eye, “Jordan had no reason to lie. And I only found the truth within him.” “I see,” said Yamada, folding his hands on the table, “Well… that is disturbing. I will do an internal investigation on the matter.” “With whom?” asks Kain, frowning at the idea, “Whomever you hire may also be the spy, for all you know. I don’t think it’s safe to trust anyone here, at this point. Not until we’ve found the spy.” “What would you have me do, then?” grunts Yamada.

“Nothing.” says Kain, a flicker of defiance in his eyes, “I would have you do nothing. I’m only alerting you of the situation, but myself, Kirk, and Judy has this under control.” “Finding the spy shouldn’t be a trouble for us.” nods Judy, “All we need is clearance to personal files, to get a read on each person, also that of the Council especially. And a pass to travel around this building and investigate.” “Hold on a minute!” growls Yamada, “Do you honestly think that a member of the Council is the spy!?” “It’s very possible.” says Kain, leaning forward in his chair, “I know that the members have certain privileges and are well protected of their information, but-”

“Fine,” waves Yamada, interrupting Kain’s thoughts, “You shall be granted access to all personal files, including that of the Council. But I will not grant you clearance of the building. For one, if there is a spy, it would tip them off if suddenly you were seen just strolling the hallways here. You’ll have to find out this spy in files alone. I’ll give you the access code to the database.” “That was easy…” sighs Kain, leaning back in his chair. “I want to know who this spy is.” nods Yamada, “For this individual is a thorn in my side! All this time, I thought it was the Source’s power to be one step ahead… if that’s not the case and there is a person here, helping out the enemy… I want him or her to be accounted for and stopped immediately!”

“Yes,” nods Judy, “We need to find the spy fast, as Chiasa is more stronger and aware of how to stop the Source now. We can’t let the spy continue, for the Source to know of her movements, not at this crucial point.” Yamada looks toward the empty chair, next to Kain, at the other end of the table. “How is she?” he asks Kain. “She’s resting still.” nods Kain, thinking of Chiasa at the apartment, “Much of her injuries have healed and she’ll be ready for the next step soon.” “That’s good.” grunts Yamada and begins to write down the access codes to the database.

After the meeting, Kain, Judy, and Kirk head for the elevators once more. “You were right,” sighs Kirk, “You did say that Yamada would be easy.” “Of course.” shrugs Kain, “He is very predictable… prideful even. Let’s head back to my apartment and start the investigation.” As the doors closed on the elevator, Yamada stepped out into the hall. He gave a short stare at the descending numbers, as Kain and others headed for the first floor.

“Well,” he sighed, heading for the stairwell, “There is a plan for this too. He did know that this may happen.” The General headed for the parking lot, his cell-phone in hand, as he dialed a number quickly. “Yeah,” he grumbled into the receiver, “This is General Yamada. The day has come… they know of the spy, now. No, they don’t know who the spy is, but I gave them the database. They should have it figured out in a day or two. That at least gives us time… What? What do you mean, by…? No, sir, the girl is resting and is still healing from her injuries.”

From behind him, a lone shadow pulls the phone from Yamada’s hand just in time to hear Ezekiel’s reply, “Are you sure?” Yamada turns around in a fearsome furry, to see an emotionless Chiasa standing behind him, phone to her ear. “I will see you soon, Ezekiel.” she said and ended the call. “W-what…”. gasps Yamada, falling against his car. “This is the part,” she says, taking a step toward the frighten man, “Where I am to kill you. Or so, this is Ezekiel’s plan. Don’t be so shocked that he would leave you so obviously in the open, like this… He has no loyalties for anyone.”

Yamada shudders, holding his chest, waiting for the worse. “What I want to know is, why…” sighs Chiasa, tossing his phone back to him. Yamada caught it, without falter, “Why did you do it, General?” “That is your answer.” he said, sternly, “I am a General. And what is a General without an war? I am up in years and the only thing keeping me from retirement is this whole war. If it ends, then what? I could live peacefully in a nice home, alone, with no wife or children to speak of… no grandchildren. My whole life has been nothing but war and tactics. If I could die an old man, in the middle of this, the ultimate war between good and evil, I would die happy.

“But with you coming to be, as the one who could end this all, you have threaten everything. For so long, this war between Ezekiel and the humans have been. And now, in a instant, you can end all of that. I wanted the war to continue, so I gave Ezekiel what he needed to know.” “And was that worth the lives of Heather and Jordan?” growls Chiasa, furry in her eyes, “Or the lives of Gaby and Rafe? Or the lives of human victims in the demons attacks!?” “Oh, please.” waves Yamada, “You know that their deaths are not on my hands. Of your kind who decided to join the Source, they only have themselves to blame, my actions has nothing to do with that! Also the human victims are casualties of this war! My actions mean nothing, only to hinder you from reaching the Source, is all.”

“Funny,” says Kain, stepping from the shadows along with Judy and Kirk, “That you should say that. By your own admission, those who join the Source will get what they deserve… and human bloodshed is nothing but casualties. Yet, in this situation with you… does it mean that you will get what you deserve? And that your bloodshed will be nothing but an causality of this war?” Yamada’s eyes grows large, with fear. “Don’t worry,” waves Judy, “We are not like Ezekiel. We don’t attend to kill you.”

“However,” grins Kirk, “Since you have given us access to the files, we have alerted everyone of Morioka, of your betrayal. You’re now a wanted man, by the government.” “And no,” nods Chiasa, “Most likely you won’t spend the last of your days in prision… since Ezekiel knows of your mistake and knows that we wouldn’t kill you, he may want your blood. And with none of us willing to protect you…” Yamada slumps against his car, facing the ground in despair…


Part 38: Temper

December 19, 2009

“I just want to be with Chiasa!” roars Kain, standing from his chair so forcefully, that it turns over and hits the floor with a huge crash. “Kain!” growls Judy, standing and facing him, “Calm down!” “I don’t care about this war anymore!” yells Kain, all of his emotions spilling out, “I only care about her! I only want to be with her and her alone! To hell with the Source, this war, and the humans!” Judy and Kirk look on with huge eyes and open mouths, as Kain begins to weep…

Chiasa is stabilized, still unconscious, but the status was good. She is going to be fine and her next step was only to recover. Hook up to machines and a blood supply, Chiasa dreamed…

She was alone, surrounded in darkness, and she couldn’t see or hear anything at all. She could feel herself laying on a hard surface, the only one of her senses that seems to be working was touch. “Am I dead?” she wondered. Suddenly, a blinding flash hits her eyes and she quickly tried to shield her face from it. She was now standing on her feet, and Chiasa realized that this light were really flames. The whole of Japan was on fire! The ground that she stood on, was not so solid in places and uneven, but she slowly realized that it was because the ground all around her was covered in human remains.

She was standing on the bodies of the dead, as all of her senses seem to return at once. The smells of rotting and burning flesh, the sounds of human screams and fire rushing, the taste of thick smoke and ash in the air, and terrible heat from the flames. She was in hell… or Ezekiel’s vision of it! “Did we lose the war!?” she gasps, looking around for Kain. But Kain was nowhere around her and nowhere to be found!

Chiasa stumbled over bodies, a few steps ahead, only her foot hit something metallic. It was her sword, laying neatly on the ground of bodies, as if it was placed there for her with an purpose. She picked it up and looked ahead… in the distance, she could see a horde of demons feasting on bodies, a huge bright and shiny white orb among them. “The Source!” hissed Chiasa, moving forward, with the sword tight in her grasp.

Chiasa moved with unwavering and quick speeds, with only one thing on her mind, “I must destroy the Source!” The demons, hundreds of them, felt her approaching and was ready to stop her from reaching their Master. They clawed and tore into her, as she slashed her way through the massive crowd, not slowing down from her wounds and not stopping to finish off any one of the army. She was only determine to reach that orb and to finish this, for once and for all.

In moments, all bloodied and badly wounded, she had reached the Source! Ezekiel, all shrouded in holy white light, looked up at her with a grin. “Are you really going to kill me?” he nods, “Your own kind?” “You’re not one of my kind!” shouts Chiasa, raising her sword and dropping it with major force. And before the blade reached him, everything faded to black…

Chiasa eyes opened and she was back in the exam room, the machines beeping softly next to her hospital bed. Kain sat in a chair, next to her, his head covered by his hands. “You had a fit, didn’t you?” grins Chiasa. Kain looks up, a little startled by her sudden voice. But a huge wave of relief washed over his face, as he grabs her hand and gave it a little squeeze. “How are you feeling?” he smiles an tired smile. “I asked you a question first.” she teased, remembering a time where the roles were reversed, “But nevermind… I know the answer, you did have a fit.”

Kain looks away, feeling a little ashamed. “I do remember that, you know.” says Chiasa, “How you usually react. You try so hard to be macho, to be cool, and aloof. I had always wondered if that was just for my benefit alone. But you always try to put on a brave face and stay calm. And so, you have a temper, all those emotions just pour out of you at once. I’m not saying that I am disappointed or ashamed of you. I love you for it. And it was bound to happen tonight too… as I have been hurt and Heather… she didn’t make it, did she?” “No.” says Kain, with a sad sigh.

“Well…” says Chiasa, squeezing his hand back, “That is sad. But, we’re going to make it through. I know now what I must do, to defeat the Source. And I am willing to! I won’t let this world become lost to Ezekiel. And for all of the ones that he had warped and manipulated… I will avenge them too!” “Such a bold statement.” says Kain, refusing to look her in the eye, “I would say it was the ‘teen’ you, declaring this… as it’s so very dramatic. But, then again, it sounds like something that the real Chiasa would say too.” “Hey,” frowns Chiasa, “Don’t make fun! I’m not well enough to hit you!”

Kain finally looks her in eye, with a grin on his face. “You know,” he says, “I feel bad for losing my temper and having a fit. Kirk says I shouldn’t waver and I should be strong for you… But honestly, it’s not me who you need to lean on, as much in this situation. I am doing my fair share of leaning on you, Chiasa. I was beginning to give up on everything here, this war and the humans. But you are so certain, even though we lost one of us and the other is so very broken and wandering, even though you lay in this hospital bed severely hurt. And so, I will follow your judgment on this. I will have hope too, that we will win this thing.”

Chiasa smiles warmly toward Kain, drifting back to sleep. She knows that in the end, she will face Ezekiel and will end this war for all of humanity and for her Keeper. It is a very certain fact for her, even though she knows it will not be smooth sailing for anyone, from now on. Things are going to get a little more complicated, before this situation comes to an end…


Part 37: Weep

December 11, 2009

“Don’t worry.” nods Jordan, “I told Kirk and Judy to go get help. Morioka should be here soon to help Chiasa. But, be aware of this… Ezekiel had told us something… someone within that organization is working for him.” Kain’s eyes locks onto Jordan’s…

The place is in a loud uproar, as Chiasa is being rushed into the emergency room within Morioka. She had lost a lot of blood and her injuries are severe, as many nurses, two doctors, and Dr. Jaden move quickly to recover her. Kain tries to follow them into the exam room, but a nurse stops him, leading him to  chair outside of the room. “Please, sir.” she says firmly, “You must wait out here. Let them work. She will be okay.” Kain, defeated, collapses into the chair, his head lowered and his hands over his head in frustration and despair.

His mind races back to the fleeting moments he had with Jordan, in that alley. Of the man’s sad words and heartache…

“I wish I could fight with you, Kain.” Jordan said, “I wish I could see this war to it’s end. And find out about that love and goodness from humans, like you and Chiasa talked about.” “What are you planning, Jordan?” asked Kain, fearing the worse. “Oh, no.” waved Jordan, “I’m not going to do anything stupid, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve done enough stupid things, for one lifetime! But… you see… I have to bury my love, now. I’m going to take her back to Holland. There was a meadow there, with an oddly twisted tree, which she loved. I’m going to let her rest there.”

“I see.” nodded Kain. “And,” sighed Jordan, “If the world does continue to go on… I think I will wander it and learn more about the humans. I had spent my life hating them and wishing for their destruction… even had a hand in trying to cause their destruction. For many centuries, I’ve lived in hatred, and it’s about time that I learned something else.” “Why not bury her,” asked Kain, still hoping, “And then come back? You could still fight with us and-” “No.” he said, quite firmly, “In the state that I am in, I wouldn’t be useful in this war. Trust me. But thanks for the offer… and the kindness.”

Jordan had disappeared into the night, with the body of Heather in his arms, on his way on a long journey. Kain had silently wished him luck, while holding on fast to Chiasa, within that dark and isolated alleyway. And now he sat in the hallway of the medical floor in Morioka, with so many thoughts and worries on his mind. Not only of Jordan’s warning of a spy within this organization, but also the worries over Chiasa’s survival. He sat in that chair, his head covered and his body slumped, which seemed like for ages.

“Hey.” says a warm voice, a hand touching his shoulder. He looks up, his face drained, only to see a concerned Judy standing over him. Kirk was pulling up a couple of chairs, from across the hallway. “Mind if we wait with you?” asks Judy. “Not at all.” nods Kain, noticing that the level of noise, within the exam room, was decreasing.

“Um…” says Kirk, sitting next to Judy, who sat next to Kain, “Hey, man… I wouldn’t worry too much about Chiasa, if I were you. I mean, she’s pretty strong and she will be fine, I’m sure. I bet she will be all recovered in a week, tops!” “Yeah.” says Kain, no emotion. Kirk gives Judy a worried look, pulling at the buttons of his coat nervously. Judy gives a huge sigh, feeling what Kain is feeling. “I know,” she says, “This whole situation is very bad. Jordan was well on his way of being saved, yet no one predicted how far of a reach the Source had over Heather. Now she’s dead, Jordan is lost, and Chiasa is hurt. No words can fix this, at this time…”

“Jordan,” begins Kain, sitting up in his chair, “In a way, has been saved. He is free from the Source, but it came with a terrible price. And I hate that Chiasa is hurt and I wasn’t sharp enough to prevent it… but, as Kirk said, she’s going to be fine. I’m just a little worried about it, otherwise. But, what is really killing me now is, this war… The Source… Morioka… all of it is just in a haze. Did you know, that there is a spy among us?” Both Judy and Kirk give him shocked and confused looks.

“Before Jordan left,” he explains, “He mentioned that someone in this organization is working for the Source. The mystery on how Ezekiel is always one step ahead of us has been answered. It’s wasn’t because he is just that powerful, as we had thought, he has someone sharing our plans and movements with him. So, I just don’t know anymore. What the hell are we fighting for? Who do we trust? Is this war even worth it?” “You know all of the answers to those questions.” frowns Judy, looking Kain dead in the eye, “If you need me to repeat the answers, I will. But, you already know what we are fighting for and if this war is worth it! As for who do we trust… that’s an answer that we all must find out, but we can do that together.”

“The reason why…” says Kain, his voice wavering, “The reason why we call him ‘The Source’, is because he is truly a monster, the source of all things dark in this world. All of this death, deception, pain, trouble, all of it… It’s all of his doing! And it’s all on Chiasa to stop him? Why? Why her!? I wonder… am I going to lose her too, in all of this? We’re trying to help the humans, we’re trying to save THEIR world… one which we may not be welcome in, when all of this is over! And Chiasa is hurt, laying in a hospital bed, because the very human that we are fighting for… whomever they are… that person is working for Evil and cutting us off at the knees! And for what?”

“We’re going to find out the spy!” assures Kirk, pounding his fist into his right hand, “Don’t worry! Right now, you have to be strong for Chiasa! Don’t waver on her, okay? I know that everything is so screwed up! It really is! But, Jordan gave us a gift here. If we find the spy and make new plans, then the closer Chiasa will be to reaching that evil bastard, the Source! And once she does that, it’s all over. We won’t have to deal with traitors, demons, Morioka, or humans anymore… if we don’t want to!”

“I just want to be with Chiasa!” roars Kain, standing from his chair so forcefully, that it turns over and hits the floor with a huge crash. “Kain!” growls Judy, standing and facing him, “Calm down!” “I don’t care about this war anymore!” yells Kain, all of his emotions spilling out, “I only care about her! I only want to be with her and her alone! To hell with the Source, this war, and the humans!” Judy and Kirk look on with huge eyes and open mouths, as Kain begins to weep…


Part 36: Crossed

December 11, 2009

“Ladies,” nods Kain, toward Chiasa and Heather, “Follow me.” The group splits up, traveling the dark and deserted alleys, waiting for signs of any demons. After a short while of walking, Heather tugs Kain sleeve for his attention, “Kain… We should have that talk now.”

Chiasa stops, as she notices Kain stopping to talk with Heather. “What’s going on?” she asks, noticing the worry across the other Fighter’s face. “Chiasa,” sighs Heather, struggling with her words, “Kain… The Source… He came to visit Jordan and I.” Chiasa gasps, as Kain’s face is unchanged, still blank. “It…” begins Heather, swallowing hard. She knew this would be dangerous for both her and Jordan, but she had to get through it, “The Source, I mean… It told us that the betrayal was part of it’s plan, that Jordan and I were still his children, and he wants us to continue the plan of destroying you all.”

“I did have a feeling.” shrugs Kain, with not much emotion, though Chiasa is stunned, “But why are you telling us this, Heather?” “Because,” she shook, “I don’t believe the Source! He’s a liar and he’s using me and Jordan as pawns! But Jordan… he believes the Source… he is all mixed up into this plan! I know that it’s not right for me to betray him, in this way, but… I just got to stop him!” She begins to cry, slumping against a wall, feeling like a dirty traitor. Chiasa grabs Heather’s arm, trying to console her.

“You did the right thing.” nods Kain, looking off into the night, “But, now Jordan is alone with Kirk and Judy. What exactly was the plan?” “To separate the couples.” sniffs Heather, “And then when the demons show up, kill each of the couples, with the help of the demons. You were right, Kain. This is a trap set by the Source, a perfect one of isolation, to draw you out here to the killing grounds!” “Oh, no!” gasps Chiasa, looking to Kain in distressed, “Kirk and Judy!” “We’ll go meet with them!” assures Kain, “They shouldn’t be far. There’s still time!”

“Heather!!!” screams Jordan, rushing back to them in the distance. “What…?” gasps Kain, finally showing some confusion to all of this, “Why is Jordan…? What is he doing back here?” Heather’s icy giggles surrounds Kain, as he turns to see Chiasa slumped on the ground, Heather’s sword covered in Chiasa’s blood. “Heather, NO!!!” shrieks Jordan, running toward them still, at full speed.

“You’re such a sucker, Kain!” she cheers, holding the sword to Chiasa’s neck, ready to behead the girl next. Chiasa’s eyes are wide, as blood pours from her mouth, staring at her horrified Keeper for help. “This was just too easy.” Heather scoffs, “And I don’t understand why my Master was so worried about you or her. You two are easily played! Now… say goodbye to your lover, Kain!” With a cold anger and quick movement, Kain moves in to stop Heather… Only Jordan embraces her first and in a gasp, Heather lets go of Chiasa. Kain catches his Fighter, before she touches the ground, shaken by all of her spilled blood. “Chiasa!” he yells, frighten, “Hang on! I’m going to get you some help! Just hang on!”

“Jordan…” says Heather, looking down at the sword plunged through her chest, “Why did you…?” “I’m sorry, my love.” he says, his voice wavering, “I just couldn’t let you do it. The Source lied to us, you know. It was my job to protect you… but I have failed.” Heather opens her mouth to reply, but at that moment, her soul leaves this plain of existence. Jordan removes the sword in tears, holding the dead and limp body of his lover in his arms.

“Jordan.” shakes Kain, holding on tight to Chiasa, “What’s going on!?” “The Source came to visit us.” Jordan explains, his voice as dead as the girl in his arms, “He spouted more lies to us. I had played along with It, until he left our apartment. Immediately afterward, I had a chat with Heather. It seemed as though she still believed him. But, I thought she has past it and decided for herself, that the Source was only using us as pawns. But I guess not. I guess she was only pretending. I’m such a fool… It didn’t occurred to me, until too late, that her last nod toward me had some mischief in it. It was the Source’s plan to draw you out here, and let the demons, Heather, and myself finish off the Keepers and only Kirk…

“Chiasa was to be saved for the Source alone. That was the plan… but, with if Heather and I were on your side, and the side of humans, there would be no plan. So, tonight, I thought that we were here to rid this place of the demons and therefore completely destroy the plan of Ezekiel into tiny pieces.” “Jordan,” swallows Kain, “You should have told us about the Source’s visit.” “I know,” he said, smoothing the hair of Heather, “But it was my own damn pride. I felt like I had made this mess, so I was going to fix it, just me and my love… or so I thought. But, while with Kirk and Judy, I felt a shift… I knew that Heather was up to no good. I always know that… But, I didn’t get back in time. I have failed.”

“Why kill her?” growls Kain, so very angry and upset, “You didn’t have to do that! You could have just stopped her and-!” “No, you’re wrong!” shouts Jordan, his eyes so dark with pain, “You don’t get it, do you!? We are trained to NEVER back down, to never stop, to always move forward with the plan of the ‘Master’. even if it cost us our lives! As long as Heather drew breath, she would not stop until she had killed you all, even it meant sacrificing me! And I don’t care about me! All I care about is Chiasa! She must live because she is the only one who can take down the Source!

“I realized how much power she must have, as the Source is going through such lengths to get his claws on her. You, Kirk, Judy… Me and Heather… we’re just play things to him, nothing to him, and not a threat to him. But Chiasa… He fears her. I was just a naive boy, when the Source came to us. I’ve made too many mistakes and I lead both Heather and I down the wrong path. I let my fear and ignorance get the best of me. Who’s to blame? Me or Ezekiel? I don’t know… maybe us both. But, what I do know is that Chiasa is going to live and she will take down that evil bastard, once and for all!”

Kain looks sadly, onto an unconscious but alive Chiasa. He couldn’t imagine the pain that Jordan must being feeling, a Keeper who had failed completely in protecting his Fighter. It would be Kain’s worst nightmare, surely. “Don’t worry.” nods Jordan, “I told Kirk and Judy to go get help. Morioka should be here soon to help Chiasa. But, be aware of this… Ezekiel had told us something… someone within that organization is working for him.” Kain’s eyes locks onto Jordan’s…