Part 2: Destiny

August 20, 2009

In the shadows… there are glowing eyes, sharp teeth, talons, and even the hint sound of wings…

“Vampires?” gasps Chiasa, gripped with fear. “Don’t be silly.”, waves Kain, still looking toward the approaching monsters in the dark, “Vampires are a myth. These are demons.” Chiasa head whips sharply toward Kain, a look of confusion and fear, as if to say, “And demons are real?”

“Here,” says Kain, removing the bat from her hands and placing a sword within it, “That will do you no good. You need steel to defeat them.” It was a specially designed Kantana, the handle adorned with three red diamond-shaped jewels. Somehow, it felt familiar to Chiasa, as if it were hers all along. “What?” she whimpers, “Defeat them? I… I can’t fight… they are… demons!” “Don’t freak out.” grins Kain, “This would normally be an easy fight for you.” “What?” she says, her knees shaking in fear. “Let’s see if you can remember.” he says, pushing her suddenly toward the small horde!

Into the light of the street-lamp, Chiasa could see the creatures for what they were. A sickening brownish gray color, a face that is a twisted mix of a bat and a rotting human skull, extremely long limbs that look extremely frail, except for the huge talon feet and hands. The flapped their huge moth-like wings threateningly, releasing a scent of death and blood into the night’s air. Chiasa was paralyzed in fear.  She could not move… She could not scream…

Six of the demons instant jumped on top of her, knocking her to ground. She tried the keep their frenzied talons at bay, pushing the sheaf of the sword between her and the demons. “I’m going to die here.” she thought, a paralyzing one of regret and despair. Suddenly, a force knocked all of the demons away from her. It was Kain, ramming into the group of hungry beasts. The demons seemed to know, in order to taste the sweet flesh of the girl, they would have to get rid of this guy first. They focused all of their attention on him, as Chiasa sat up in the street.

Kain was quick and precise, another sword in hand, as he effortlessly sliced into many demons at once. He moved quickly to finish off three, then five, then four more. There was only one left and he quickly plunged the sword into it’s skull, it’s inky black blood leaving two drops on his face. He made it seem like it was easy, like riding a bike.

Chaisa looked around, as 16 demon bodies lay slain around the street, silent and unmoving. “What about these bodies?” she wonder, deftly, still shaking in fear. “Oh,” Kain shrugged, taking out a handkerchief to wipe the blood from his face, “The bodies handle themselves.” As he said that, the bodies began to melt into black sludge, which Chiasa crab-walked away from, as it flowed toward her, heading for the street drain.

“No,” he says, looking toward the night sky, “What you really need to concern yourself with is, ‘who are you really?’ Haven’t you always wondered about yourself? I mean, you may have felt it… maybe weird dreams, that felt like memories, but you figured they were just dreams?” “You crazy bastard!!!” growls Chiasa, angry again and stepping closer to Kain, now with the sword, “You could have killed me! Why did you push me toward those things? What is your problem? Why would you put a little girl at risk like that!?” He turns to face her, no emotion in his face, except for deadly seriousness. This look on his beautiful face frightens Chiasa and she takes a step back, with a gasp.

“No,” Kain said, in a firm term, “What is more shocking is that you refer to yourself as a ‘little girl’, even though most girls of your age would have a fit over that. Normally, a teen would insist they are closer to adulthood then anything else, yet you constantly hide behind this ‘little girl’ persona when it so suits you and makes you seem more right. And what is also shocking, but not as much, is hearing you refer to yourself as any such kind of youth when I know that it’s not true.” He then sighs and take a step back. “But, maybe I am reaching here. You are not the woman that I know yet, just a hallow moving shell of her, still. Your true self is still sleeping. I should know this… but maybe I got a little lonely without you, lately.”

“W-what are you saying?” stutters Chiasa, highly confused, “My ‘true self’.. what is that suppose to mean?” “I should not be here yet.” Kain said, looking into the shadows once more, “But a shift has occurred. The world needs you now and soon. I’ll be back when you wake up, my dear. It is your destiny, you know.” He walks off down the street.

“Wait!” growls Chiasa, calling after him, “Who are you!? And what am I suppose to do with this sword? What are you talking about?” He gives a salute, still walking forward and disappearing in the shadows. “And what does he mean by ‘waking up’?” sighs Chiasa, deflated. She looks uneasy at the dark blood, swirling toward the street drain. “What happened here?” she frowns,”Am I dreaming?”

A car pulls up and parks in front of her house, a familiar little tan car. Her father steps out of the car, briefcase in hand, looking tired from a long day at work. He notices his daughter standing there. “Chiasa?” he gasps, “Why are you outside in your night clothes?” …


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