Part 1: Strange

August 20, 2009

“Wait!”, yells a young girl, running down a bright sunny street, struggling to catch up with her classmates. Her long waist-length black hair flowing behind her, as she tries to pull on her maroon uniform blazer, while trying to hold onto her bento lunch box with her right hand. The huge red bow on the front of her white shirt does a funny dance in the morning’s breeze, as she tries to run quickly in her blue and black plaid skirt. Her name is Chiasa Moto, age 15, and her three friends find that it amusing to run ahead of her every school morning.

“Stop!” she yells, after the three girls, “This isn’t funny! Why must you guys do this to me!? Wait for me!!!” The girls keep running ahead, giggling. “Stupid jerks.” growls Chiasa, finally getting her blazer on, “I really need some new friends. Ones that won’t leave me!!!”

As she is grumbling about that, she suddenly feels that she is being watched. Nearby, in a cherry red luxury car, striking green eyes softly gazes at her. She had the sudden thought of a cat, by the color of them, but quickly snaps out of it. They belonged to an young man, short blonde  hair, a blank stare with no hint of emotion. Chiasa suddenly got an dark and heavy feeling, as chills ran up her spine. Who was this man?

“Come on, Chiasa.” smiles a young girl with long red hair, grabbing her arm and shaking Chiasa out of her daze, “We’re going to be late for the train! We’re done teasing you!” “Anna,” she says, confused, “What is…?” Chiasa turns back toward the man, but he is driving away, the windows rolled up now. “Strange.” she sighs. “Huh?” asks Anna, now confused too. “Oh,” sighs Chiasa, shaking her head, “I thought you said, ‘Morioka’.” “What?” she jumped, then grinned, “Who is Morioka? Is he your new boyfriend!?” “No!” frowns Chiasa, “I don’t have a boyfriend!!!”

“Hey,” frowns a tall girl, with short dark hair, “What are you two up to? We’re going to be late for the train!” “Yeah, let’s go!” nods a small girl with curly brown hair. “Right!” smiles Anna, pulling Chiasa along with her, “We’re coming, Mina and June. Let’s go!”

On the train ride, Chiasa is thinking about the strange guy in the car and of the strange name that popped into her thoughts. Was it the name of the man? She had no idea who he was or where she heard the name from. “It’s not like he said anything to me.” she frowns, gazing out the train door, “I’ve never seen that guy around before. I wonder who he was. And why was he on my street? Was he visiting someone there?”

“Huh?” asks Mina, “Did you say something, Chiasa?” “No.” blushes Chiasa, not realizing she was talking out loud, “It’s nothing, really.” “You’re acting weird.” shrugs Mina, as June and Anna giggle over a magazine they are sharing. “Yeah,” says Chiasa, starring off at the passing horizon, “Maybe.” “Hey,” frowns Mina, “You’re not upset with us for running ahead this morning, are you? Because we were just having fun! We wouldn’t really leave you. Lighten up!” “Yeah.” says Chiasa, not really listening. Her mind was somewhere else.

All throughout school, Chiasa went from class to class, not really there. Her mind was still racing about the strange man and the strange name that came to her. She even tried to look up the name, in the computer lab, during her lunch break. Nothing special came up, as she had very little hope that it would. She just wanted to know the answer to this mystery and it frustrates her to not know!

The bell rings, signaling the end of school. Chiasa walks into the courtyard with her friends. “So,” smiles June, “We’re going to stop by that new sundae shop today. You’re coming along, Chiasa?” “I can’t.” she sighs, wishing that she could, “I have a test to study for.” “Bummer!” whines June. “Well, that’s okay.” nods Anna, “We can help you study and go some other time.” “No,” waves Chiasa, “You go on ahead. You girls should have fun. I’ll be fine.”

“Fine,” sighs Mina, “Then you come with us, next time.” “Sure.” nods Chiasa. She notices a familiar cherry red car, driving by quickly. She is stunned, wondering if it was the strange guy again, now spying on her. “Chiasa!” frowns June, waving a hand in front of her, “Didn’t you hear us?” “Huh?” she asked, snapping out of her confusion. “We said ‘goodbye’ and ‘see you tomorrow’!” huffs June.

“Oh… sorry.” , bow Chiasa, “See you girls, tomorrow.” “Yeah,” giggles Anna, “And don’t study too much!” They walk away, as Mina tells the girls, “Chiasa has been strange all day… I hope she’s not stressed or anything.” “Don’t worry,” waves Anna, “This is Chiasa we’re talking about.” “Yeah!” giggles June. And they fade off into a crowd.

Chiasa sighs and walks toward the train station alone. All kinds of thoughts come to mind, as she makes her way home, “Who is that guy? Why is he following me? Is he some kind of pervert? Yeah! Maybe that’s why he was staring at me! He was planning on kidnapping me, but left when he saw my friends returning! A stalker!!!” Her heart now beating fast, “I can’t believe I almost got caught my a pervert/stalker!!! I know that mother always warn me of the dangers of Japan, but still… I never thought it would happen anywhere near my neighborhood! Wow, is it safe for me to be traveling alone now?”

When the train stopped, Chiasa rushed straight home, looking for signs of any red cars. When she got to her front gate, without seeing any cars, she was relieved and relaxed a little. “RARR!” an shadow jumps at Chiasa, causing her to shriek. “Ha!”  laughs a little boy, on the other side of the gate, “Got you!” A little boy with short brown hair, in his baseball uniform, gave Chiasa an impish little grin. It was her little brother, Ryu, waiting for her.

“Ryu!” frowns Chiasa, “You little brat! You almost gave me an heart-attack!” “Well,” shrugs Ryu, “Your fault for being so easy.” Chiasa sighs and opens the gate. “Hey,” he smiles, “Want to toss around the ball for a while? Coach says I need to practice my catching!” “Maybe later.” she waves, “I have to study for a test.” “Another one?” he frowns, “Wow, your school sure is tough, with so much work to do!”

They both take off their shoes and enter the house. Ryu leaves his bat by the door and rushes off to play video games! “Ryu!” calls their mother, a pretty and petite woman with long brown hair, “Do your homework first, before video games! Do you hear me, Ryu?” There is only the sound of his door shutting as a response. “I swear!” frowns mother, “That boy is exactly like his father, lazy with work, all fun all the time.” “No,” smiles Chiasa, heading for the stairs, “Ryu’s a brat and father isn’t anything like that.”

“Oh,” blushes mother, “I was thinking of your father, when he was younger… when we both were. I suppose your father has long grown out of it, maybe there’s hope for your little brother yet.” “I wouldn’t hold my breath.” grumbles Chiasa, heading toward her room. She removed her uniform and got into a short white nightgown, with thin lacy straps, no sleeves. She plopped across her bed and began her studies.

By the evening, she got a strange feeling that someone was near. She took a look outside her window, only to see a glimpse of blonde hair moving from sight under the street light, a figure hiding in the shadows! “It’s him!!! And he’s watching me!? In my nightgown!?!” she shrieked. Normally this would cause a girl to be frighten and disturbed. But this made Chiasa very angry! She stormed from her room, down the stairs, and without thinking she grabbed Ryu’s baseball bat and headed out the door!

The strange guy was still standing there, looking toward the window still. “Hey!!!” growls Chiasa, waving the bat toward the guy, inching closer, “So you like to look at little girls, do you? You pervert bastard!!! This is private property! Go away, before I beat you of every inch of your life!” “Wow,” sighed the stranger, in a calm and smooth voice, “I didn’t think you’d find me so soon.” “Who is Morioka?”, she growls, so very angry, “Is that your name?”

“No.” he says, looking a bit concerned, “My name is Kain. But where did you hear of that name? Did you remember it?” “It doesn’t matter!” she growls, poking the guy with the bat threateningly, “I don’t even care anymore! Perverts like you disgust me! Go now, before my father gets here and breaks your neck! Or better yet, I’ll do it myself!”

“Hmm.” he says, giving a faint grin, for the first time showing emotion, “You don’t remember yet, do you, Chiasa?” “What!?” she shrieks, “How do you know my name!?” “We once knew each other.” he says, plainly, “In another life and another time. But you don’t remember it, yet. It’s was always my job to protect you.” “Protect me!?” frowns Chiasa, “From what!?” “Them.” he says, looking toward the other end of the street.

In the shadows… there are glowing eyes, sharp teeth, talons, and even the hint sound of wings…



  1. Hello! Thank you for your e-mail! Your site/blog is great! Hope in the future mine will be as good as yours ;).
    Are there anime movies based on your stories? What are their titles?
    I haven’t read all your stories yet, but I’ll try soon… But the part Strange was enough for me to realize I could learn a lot from your writing skills and English, they could really help me write better!
    Let me know, please, do you think men with beards and moustaches could be great characters in a movie or book for kids? Have you ever used such characters in your stories? According to my opinion these men have very noble appearance, perform only glorious deeds, or are the origin of all the ancient wisdom in the world? I used such characters in some of my books, but would like to hear an opinion or 2 of an expert…
    Let the wonderful noise of the sea always sounds in your ears! (a greeting of the water dragons’ hunters – my 1st book).

    • Hiyas! And thanks for reading, Ivan! 🙂
      Well, for this particular story, it’s based off the anime “Blood+”, with a small hint of from the anime “Death Note”. When I write fiction in this style, it’s most likely based from an anime and one “what if” question that I had about the series. I am very flattered and I thank you for your kind comments. 😀
      I do believe that men with facial hair make for stronger characters and they are widely accepted, because they do hold the view of ancient wisdom of the world. However, I often choose my male characters to be clean-shaved, thin, and often having a androgynous look, as this appeals to a female’s sense of attraction the most, especially in the anime genre. 😉
      I thank you, but I am no expert. Heehee. I write simply for the joy of it and have never taken a step to publishing any of my works, other than posting them publicly in blogs or websites. You may be more of an expert than I am, to be honest. I do hope that you enjoy my workings, and if you learn anything or gain something from them, I am most honored! Love your Water Dragon Hunters’ quote, by the way! Because, my zodiac elemental sign happens to be “water”. 😉

    • I don’t like Hairy men!!!

      • Must you be a brat on all of my blogs? LOL! =p

      • 😉 may be you should read my 1st/2nd/3rd book to change your opinion? Just kidding, of course everyone could have his/her own opinions…
        But can a clean-shaven guy write something like this?:

        Let’s watch the moon, let’s meet the sun!
        Let’s hear soon the way the Deed was done!
        Let’s listen to the sounds the shiny crystals played,
        let’s welcome crowds of creatures good and great! (my The Opposite of Magic).

        Best wishes!

    • I still can’t find the connection between hair and the capacity to write well….I’m pretty sure that my “female” friend here doesn’t have a beard. and she writes excellent…..so a beard does not equal good writing….but, it was a nice poem, i’ll give you that Ivan.

      • Yeah, I agree! It’s a great poem! 😀

      • And Yes, I believe a clean shaven man could. For me, it’s not about hair or not, or the complexion of a man’s skin…. but what is within his soul, how deep the waters go, his spirit, and how sharp is his mind.

        But that’s my own personal view.

        What my characters “look” like are simply formed to draw in the audience, playing on general likes, so that the readers will pay attention to the message I’m trying to convey. Otherwise, my characters would not have any looks described and would simply be speaking shadows, letting my readers come up with their own ideas about my characters appearances. But I’m told that’s just bad writing, if I do that! LOL! 😉

  2. You are absolutely right… sorry if I offended someone of you… Of course it doesn’t matter whether one has beard or not when the matter at hand is about writing skills, I was just kidding at my last post… I just have a strong affection towards beards and moustaches after I wrote my 1st book and some of the next too, that’s all… I had great adventures with people with beards, while writing my stories, that’s why I’m fond of such people, that’s all… Sorry again if I offended anyone :(. Have a nice weekend!

  3. No, you didn’t offend me, Ivan! 🙂
    And I know what you mean, in your point about men with beards. I am a huge fan of JRR Tolkien’s “Lord Of The Rings”, especially that of the character Aragorn… who has a beard! 😀
    So, I agree that males with facial hair can and DO well in any fiction story. 🙂

    I just wanted to explain why I choose clean-shaven males for my characters, as that is the standard for most anime-type writings. 😀

    As for the brat, my best friend, and his arguement… he’s just messing with you. LOL. It’s okay, you haven’t offended anyone and I hope you didn’t get offended also. 😉

  4. Thanks for the reply! No. I’m not offended either, people are different so they have to have different opinions as well ;). The difference between people should be respected – if there wasn’t any difference there wouldn’t be evolution! And we wouldn’t exist! 😉
    Keep writing your great stories! Of course it’s more important the wisdom of the story and the good thoughts, than the appearance of the characters ;). Have a nice week!

    • No problem! I would have replied sooner, but I get lost and busy on the weekends. Heehee. 😉

      I am glad that you weren’t offended. And, I agree with you! I always embrace the differences in life and also encourage it in others. You’re so right, there would be no evolution if everyone just followed the crowd and no one dared to think differently. 🙂

      As for writing fiction… I did take a break on that, a vacation. lol. But, I’m sure to start up again, in some months. A different blog, different story, of course.

      Have a nice week, also. 🙂

  5. I’m not a brat…

    • Yes, you are, John. But I love you for it. 🙂

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