Part 4: Answers

August 22, 2009

She turned to leave for the train station, when she saw him, just two feet away… He was leaving an office building, his car keys in hand. Kain and Chiasa’s eyes locked in a stare of utter suprise…

“What are you doing here?” “I found you!” they both said at once. Kain sighs, slightly disturbed that Chiasa is standing before him. “Hey,” she says, mustering up her confidence, “I want answers and I’m not going to go away until I get them. I know where you work now!” “Chiasa…” he frowns, covering his face in frustration. “How do you know my name?” she asks, moving a bit closer to him, the questions just rolling from her mind, “What do you mean by ‘waking up’, am I adopted, what do you mean by it’s my destiny, were those really ‘demons’  last night, what’s going on, who am I, who are you, what did you mean by-?”

“Enough.” Kain said, firmly, interrupting her barrage of questions, “Chiasa, please. I guess… some things never change, in spite of it all. You are determine, troublesome, and quixotic as I’ve always known you to be. But, I guess this is all of my fault, for two reasons. I never should have showed up on your street and I never should have said so much. I wish I could give you answers, I really do. But I think I already made a huge mess and THEY are not going like it one bit. I will be reprimanded, I’m sure.”

“They?” asks Chiasa, shaking with frustration, “Who’s ‘they’? You have to answer me! You’ve showed up and my life has been so upside down, ever since! It’s not fair! I don’t understand! I don’t know what is going on!” “Please,” said Kain, giving her a reassuring smile, “Calm down. Don’t freak out. You’ll have all of the answers on your own, in time. You’re already starting to wake up, it’s just a matter of time, before your eyes are opened wide.” “What does that mean!?” screams Chiasa, her shoulders slumps, and she tries not to cry.

“I hate to see you so confused and uncomfortable.” sighs Kain, scratching his head, “I never like to see you upset… it’s one of my weakness. If I was convinced that telling you everything would help, and not cause you more harm, I would. But the fact is, I can’t say anymore than you are ready to hear now. Sure, you may think you are ready, but you’re not. The things that I know, that you have yet to remember, can cause a major shock to your system if it’s just blurted. And I already made my errors, as it is. I am so sorry, Chaisa… I shouldn’t have walked into your life, no matter how lonely I was without you. But then again, when you do wake up, you will remember that patience was never my forte… except in battle.”

Chiasa felt grim and very depressed, as she leaned against the building. “Well,” she said in a small voice, “Would you at least tell me your name. Your full name, I mean.” “I don’t have a surname.” he says, cooly, “Kain will do.” “Hey!!!” yells a tall guy with long brown hair, heading toward the building, a smirk on his face. With him was another guy, short and round, with short black hair, grinning sheepishly. Kain looked nervous, which made Chiasa feel a bit nervous too.

“Sasaki!”, laughed the tall guy, “I think that girl is a little too young for you! Sure, she’s pretty, but don’t get yourself locked up!” “Yeah,” chuckled the short guy, “We wouldn’t want to lose our best pal now!” Both men headed into the building, chuckling. Kain had turned pale white with shock and embarrassment. Chiasa stood up straight, away from the wall,  no longer depressed but now angry! “No surname, Sasaki?” she growled and then let out a angry chuckle, “You are a liar! So maybe half the stuff you told me is a lie too! And I can’t believe I fell for it!”

She storms off toward the train station, grumbling to herself, in a fit. Kain runs after her. “Wait!”, he frowns, a bit flustered and without any of his usual calmness, “Okay, sure… I did lie, just once. I didn’t want you to have that information, I am only doing my job… which is to protect you!” “Yeah, right!” Chiasa growls, stomping off still, Kain walking fast behind her, “You’re just a pervert-stalker, trying to trick me! You’re just playing games with my head! You sick bastard!”

“What?” frowns Kain, shaking his head, “So you think this all a ruse, a game, for an old man to gain a child-lover? I guess, it may be better to let you believe that. But it’s just too ridiculous to let go. Tell me, Chiasa, in this horrible plot to take your ‘innocence’, did I create the demons too?” She stops for a moment, frustrated in thoughts. “I mean,” Kain grins, shrugging his shoulders, “I am talented, but I doubt anyone could perform such an special effect in front of an audience, without the strings being spotted. You do remember the creatures melting and the talons that nearly ripped into you. Right?”

Chiasa turns to Kain with the darkest of stares. “I know,” he sighs, with a slight grin, “This explanation, that I am pervert, would have calmed your anxiety much. And I would have gladly let you believe it, without poking holes in your estimation, if it would mean that you would have some peace. But, I can’t very well let you deny the fact of demons. It would be too dangerous at this point, as they now have your scent.” “What!?” she shrieked, causing a few passersby to stop and look for a moment.

“Again, Chiasa…” shrugs Kain, “Please don’t freak out.” “That’s what you keep saying,” she said, in hushed tones, “But how am I’m not suppose to freak out? If you were me and a strange man just shows up and start telling you about demons and such… And then you realize that you are not who you thought you were… And then there are some cryptic reason as to why you can’t find the truth… And then…”

“I never said it was easy to not freak out,” he says, placing a gentle hand on her shoulder, “I’m just asking you to try not to. It’s not going to solve anything. It will just make you more upset. I am truly sorry, I didn’t mean to cause so much trouble, I am a terrible Keeper, I know.” “Keeper?” sighs Chiasa, hating that she has so many questions without answers. “Yes,” nods Kain, “That is what us protectors are called, technically.”

“You gave me an answer.” Chiasa says, shocked and grateful for it, at the same time. “Of course,” he smiles, warmly, “I already told you that I once was your protector, last night. So that one little detail shouldn’t hurt. I know that I caused much trouble for you, with my own foolishness, but I am asking you to trust me a little. In time, all will become clear to you and you will understand. Until then, I don’t think it’s wise for you to visit me again, until you’ve have waken.”

Somehow, Chiasa did trust him, she could feel that he was being sincere and all her questions began to melt away. “Now,” Kain said, turning toward the direction of  his car, “If you want, I can give you a lift home. It’s the least that I can do… that is… if you trust that I’m not a pervert.” Chiasa blushed…


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