Part 5: Dreams

August 28, 2009

“Now,” Kain said, turning toward the direction of  his car, “If you want, I can give you a lift home. It’s the least that I can do… that is… if you trust that I’m not a pervert.” Chiasa blushed…

The drive home was quiet, as Chiasa wondered about the questions left unanswered still. But she does trust Kain, noticing how familiar and relaxed she felt to be around him. Chiasa even felt a little disappointed, as the car came to a stop outside of her home. She knew this would be the last time she  would see Kain, for a while.

But she had one question left. “What do I do,” Chiasa said, looking up into his striking green eyes, “When I wake up? Do I just find you again?” “Pretty much.” he said, no emotion in his voice, “We do have that ability, you know… to find each other. And please don’t ask why, because I can’t answer that.” “Fine.” she said, looking down into her lap, her school bag resting there. She gathered it and then opened the passenger door, climbing out.

“Chiasa.” smiles Kain, a sad sort of smile, “Do take care of yourself. I’ll be back for you, in time.” Chiasa closes the door and nods toward his words. He then pulls away and his car disappear down the street. “Why do I feel so very sad?” Chiasa asks herself, “Over a stranger… It doesn’t make any sense.” She heads toward the front gate of her house, feeling a bit drained.

The next day in school, Chiasa sits at her desk in a daze. She is looking out the window at a sea blue sky, watching a few puffy white clouds roll by, wondering what Kain is doing today. She then wonders why she is thinking about him so much. She doesn’t really know him, not really. As far as Chiasa is concerned, Kain is just some random stranger… Yet her heart misses him. “I can’t be…” she grumbles, looking down at her notes, “I really can’t be ‘love-sick’ for a guy I just met… can I?”

Chiasa went through her whole day in daydreams. Even to the point, that as she headed out to courtyard after-school, she had forgotten about her promise to her friends. “Oh, no!” shrieks June, disappointed, “Not another ‘rain-check’ again!” “I’m so sorry,” frowns Chiasa, looking toward the ground, embarrassed, “I forgot to bring my money along. I do have time, but…” “Is that all?” smiles June, hugging onto Chiasa’s arm, as if to stop her from getting away,  “Then it’s my treat!”

“Wow,” giggles Anna, giving Chiasa a wink, “You’re so forgetful these past days.” “You have no idea.” blushes Chiasa, with a nervous chuckle. “Then it’s settled!” nods Mina, dropping a fist into the palm of her other hand, as if deciding the final verdict, “We’ll go to the sundae shop now. And then you can tell us what’s up, Chiasa. You’ve been acting a lot strange today.” They turn to walk toward the shop. “Yes,” says June, still holding onto her arm, “We are dying to hear about this new boyfriend!” “WHAT?” shrieks Chiasa, “I don’t have a boyfriend, really!” The girls giggle as Chiasa blushes.

The sundae shop is a bit crowded today, full of students from their school, and other schools in the area. They just managed to get the last table available, thanks to June’s quick movements. Sitting around the table, they enjoy their first bites of ice cream, before the questions began. “So,” grins Anna, clasping her hands on the table, “Who is he?” “Well,” blushes Chiasa, “He’s not my boyfriend. Just some guy who showed up and started making trouble.” “Sounds like a boyfriend to me!” teases Mina, as June and Anna giggles.

“No,” waves Chiasa, feeling herself become more red, “It’s not like that. He’s a lot older and I’m way too young to be dating.” “Ooh!” squeals June, her eyes sparkling, “And older man! How romantic!” “Eww!” frowns Anna, slightly disturbed, “He sounds like an pervert to me!” “Yeah,” nods Chiasa, in agreement, “That’s what I thought too. But, he’s more like an… gaurdian… a mentor. It’s nothing like that… I don’t think.” “Wow,” frowns Mina, shaking her head, “You better be careful. There are a lot of weirdos around who would take advantage, if you know what I mean!” “I know.” nods Chiasa, wondering if she should had said anything, “I am being careful. Don’t worry.”

The ride home on the train was silent, as Chiasa was lost in her thoughts again. She so desperately wanted to “wake up” now, to know all of the truth about herself, and to see Kain again. She also wondered why she was not so freaked out, about the existence of demons. That night was a huge shock to her, but since then, she was not jumpy or afraid about it. It was almost as if the twisted creatures were just as familiar as Kain is to her. Like a faraway memory of some sort. “How very odd.” she grumbled, shaking her head.

After waving goodbye to her friends, at the train station, she walked a few streets to her home. It was getting dark, as the sky was orange with pink clouds, in the cast of the setting sun. Her street was empty and quiet, as it has always been, as many of her neighbors tend to stay indoors. A stray black cat, with striking green eyes, rushes past her. It disappears under a parked car, nearby. Chiasa suddenly is reminded of him, as she reaches her front gate. “Oh, Kain.” she sighs, holding onto the gate, “Is it weird that I miss you too?”

“Who’s Kain?” grins Ryu, peaking his head over the gate and scaring Chiasa, nearly to death. She screams and spins out into the street! “Ah, Ryu! You little sneak!” she barked, waving her arms, “What are you doing spying on me?!” “Hey,” he frowns, “It’s not my fault. I’ve been waiting for you to come home. The door is lock. Mom and dad isn’t home yet. And you have the key.” Chiasa frowns, “So you’ve been locked outside all of this time? Mom isn’t home? Why didn’t you call me on my cell?”

“I tried.” frowns Ryu, folding his arms, “But I heard it’s ring-tone, inside of the house. A lame one at that too, the theme to ‘Kitty Mew-Mew’, yuck!” “What?” gasps Chiasa, frantically checking her pockets, “I can’t believe I left my cell-phone at home. I guess I forgot it. Sorry, Ryu.” “Hey,” he says, making faces at her, “I hope you didn’t forget your key too!” “No,” she shrugs, pulling the Kitty Mew-Mew lanyard from her shirt and begins to unlock the door. “ACK!” frowns Ryu, at the sight of key-chain, “Kitty Mew-Mew again! Gee, sis… you gotta pick a better show to watch!” “Stop making faces,” she says, opening the door and taking off her shoes, “It will freeze that way.”

Chiasa picks up her phone and places it back into her bag’s pocket, where it belongs. She heads into the kitchen and picks up a note from the kitchen table. “What does it say?” asks Ryu, peaking over her shoulder, as she sit down to read it. “It’s from mom.”, she explains, reading it and relaying in plain words to her brother, “There was an emergency with an relative, our Uncle Jake is sick. So, mother is at the hospital visiting him. She says she will be home late and so will dad, he’s still at work. She left us dinner in the fridge, to be reheated in the microwave. And she wants you to do your homework before video games.”

“Pfft!” waves Ryu, uninterested in the last part, “Whatever. So, can we eat dinner now? I wonder what she left us!” As he goes off to raid the refrigerator, Chiasa wonders if her mother and Uncle is okay, and if her father knows of this too. Then she begins to wonder if these people are really her family, after all… the thought is a little unnerving and sad to her. “Ooh!” yells Ryu, “She made us chocolate cake too!” “That’s for dessert!” growls Chiasa, “Put that back, NOW!” Ryu quick puts it back, with a whine.

That night, Chiasa made sure to take on her responsibilities well. She made sure that Ryu did is homework and was well fed. And she made sure he brushed his teeth and went to bed on time. She also warmed up dinner for her father and welcomed him home, when he finally walked in, at 10:30 pm. She hugged and kissed him goodnight and headed off to bed herself.

She didn’t have any troubles falling asleep this time. And tonight… Chiasa began to dream…


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