Part 6: Half Awake

August 28, 2009

She didn’t have any troubles falling asleep this time. And tonight… Chiasa began to dream…

In her dream, Chiasa was running through a dark field, in bare feet. Her heart was racing, as she readied her sword, running closer toward the blood-curdling screams of a man. Is Kain in trouble? No, this is someone else… There are four demons ripping into the body of an corn farmer, he is near death, as Chiasa quickly breaks free of the field. Before any of the creatures could react, she slices into two of them, removing their heads from their bodies. The other two leap for her, but Kain stabs one in the back,  as she stops the last one with a quick thrust to it’s stomach.

“You’re late.” Chiasa says coldly, sliding the demon off her sword, and dropping it to the ground, as if it was a trinket. “Not really.” says Kain, giving her a smirk, “I had to stop the ones that broke into the farm-house.” “My family…” gasps the farm, laying in the pool of his own blood. “Don’t worry, sir.” says Kain, leaning over the man, “They are all safe and unharmed.” “We have to get him to a hospital.” says Chiasa, without much emotion. “No,” gasps the farmer, “It’s… too late for me… but my… family, they are…?”

“Yes,” assured Kain, holding the man’s hand, “They are fine. Just hang in there! We’re going to get you some help!” The farmer smiles in relief, “Thank you… as long as they’re okay… I…” “Don’t try to talk.” says Kain, worry in his eyes, “Just hang on. I’ll carry you to the nearest-” “It’s too late.” said Chiasa, turning her back on them both. “What do you mean, Chiasa?” frowns Kain, looking back to the farmer, “There’s still time to…” But the farmer is gone, his eyes staring calmly into nothingness. Kain closes the farmer’s eyes, says a little prayer, and then stands to face Chiasa.

Her back is still turned to him. “Chiasa,” he frowns, “What is with you? You’re so cold and detached lately. It’s like… you don’t even care anymore, about the humans.” “Why should I?” she said, more of a statement than a question, “I try to save them, as best I can. But I can’t save everyone. What is even the point to this all? Why even try to save them? There is always more demons than we can stop, humans are going to die, despite our efforts. So, why even try?” “Why can’t you look at me,” says Kain, holding back his anger, “As you choose to say such foolishness and cruel words?”

Chiasa turns suddenly, her anger showing much in her eyes, “Foolish? Is it really foolish? I think it’s the truth. This farmer was just one more human that we couldn’t save, among many others. So what is really the point? The handful we did save? What good is that? They’re just going to die later, in the hands of demons, we’re only delaying the inevitable. This world belong to the demons and there is nothing we can do about it!” “You know,” says Kain, with a soft smile, “It’s better for you to cry about the loss of life and get frustrated with the battles, which seem so pointless at times, I know. But to harden your heart and pretend that it doesn’t effect you… well, that’s a bit childish, don’t you think? Especially, when I can feel the tears just beyond your anger. You should know well, that you can’t very well fool me.”

Chiasa walks forward to slap Kain. But instead, she breaks down in tears. Kain holds her close and whispers in her ear. “I know,” he says, with a slight grin, “I’m a pain in the ass sometimes. But, if you’re going to be deluded, I rather it not be so ridiculous. A believable lie, at least. This job of ours are is very frustrating and it seems fruitless… it may very well be so. But, instead of closing yourself off, talk with me first. This is why I am here, to love you and to protect you, my queen.”

The night turns into a swirling mass of colors, and Chiasa now stands on her dark street, outside of her home. She has the sword in hand, standing in her white night-clothes, the bodies of demons around her. There are ten bodies, melting in the streets around her, a small scratch on her face. Kain stares at her, a worried look on his face. “Chiasa,” he asks, grabbing her other hand, “Are you awake?” “No,” she says, “I think I’m dreaming.”

She feels in the sting of the cut on her face and realizes that this is no dream! “Wait, a minute!” she gasps, her knees shaking, “This is real!?” “Were you dreaming?” asks Kain, a little hopeful, “I have to say, I thought you had awaken, the way you took out those demons. I had to show up, being your Keeper and all, but I thought I’d have to take care of the demons alone, like I did before. Actually, my ego is a little hurt, because you didn’t need my help at all.” “WHAT!?” shrieks Chiasa, nearly dropping her sword, “I killed the demons by myself!?” “Shh!” frowns Kain, looking around nervously, “You’ll wake the neighbors and worst of all, your family. And we don’t need that kind of trouble.”

Chiasa turns around in tiny circles, confused by this whole thing. “No,” she said, shaking her head, “I was dreaming. I was dreaming that we were trying to save a farmer… I said something about not caring about humans. But aren’t I human also? And then I was standing here… I was sure this was part of another dream. This is real?” “Hmm,” grins Kain, taking out his handkerchief, “It seems like you’re only half awake, my dear.” He wipes the blood dripping from the cut on her cheek, ever so gentle.

“Listen,” Kain says, with a soft sigh, “I can tell you more about that memory you had. The day after tomorrow is the weekend. Meet me at Shibuya Station. It’s not too far from here… and we’ll talk.” “What?” asked Chiasa, highly confused, “Shibuya is a busy place… why there?” “I’ll explain that too.” he waves, turning to leave her, “Shibuya, 1PM, don’t be late.” He disappears into the shadows of the street…


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