Part 7: Breath

September 5, 2009

“What?” asked Chiasa, highly confused, “Shibuya is a busy place… why there?” “I’ll explain that too.” he waves, turning to leave her, “Shibuya, 1PM, don’t be late.” He disappears into the shadows of the street…

That weekend, Chiasa dressed a very cute outfit of pale purple tights and a short white sun-dress over it. She tied a pretty purple ribbon in her hair and wore her cutest white sandals, that had many criss-cross straps on them. She wore a bit of soft pink colored lip gloss and was checking herself out in the mirror. Then it dawned on her, that she was treating this like a date! “That’s so silly!” she frowned at herself in the mirror, “I’m going for answers, not romance!”

Still… she couldn’t deny that the last thing Kain said in her dream, “This is why I am here, to love you and to protect you, my queen.”, gave her goosebumps. “Oh!” she swoons, almost squealing, “I am his queen!!!” She then gets angry with herself and slaps her face, growling at herself, “Stop it! No! This is strictly a meeting to find some answers… finally!” She quickly wipes the gloss off her lips, removes the ribbon from her hair, and looks for more casual clothes.

At 1pm, Chiasa stands near the Hachiko statue, waiting and annoyed that she had to take two buses, just to get there. Her outfit is more relaxed than she had first chosen, now a pair of black tights, black flat shoes, and a baggy pink hoodie. Her hair is ribbon-less and tied into one huge braid in the back. She was there for answers and serious.

“Hmm,” said a familiar voice behind her, “I knew you would be standing here.” She turned to see Kain, looking more casual then she ever saw him. He was wearing a white shirt, brown leather jacket, and dark blue jeans. It was a lot different from the gray suit that he often wore, when she saw him. She had a weird thought, wondering what he did with the handkerchief now. “Hachiko,” he said, staring at the statue nearby, “The loyal dog who would wait for his master at this train station… even after the master had long died. My loyalty to you, and yours to me, has always been this way. So, it makes sense that you were drawn to wait for me here.”

He takes a look at her, a bit confused, and then grins. “What?” Chiasa frowns, feeling a little self-conscious now. “Oh, nothing.” Kain waves at a thought, “It’s silly, really! I forget that you’re not fully awake yet. I’m just use to you showing up for our meetings, all dressed up and such, from our past.” Chiasa turns a dark crimson red, embarrassed. “I never understood it,” he shrugs, “As you are very beautiful on your own. No need to dress up for me. But you always insisted.” Now Chiasa blushes for another reason, turning another shade of red. “But,” he smiles, brightly, “I have to admit, I do like the way you are now. It’s perfect and not a overly-made look. I like that, a lot.” Chiasa turns pale.

“And,” Kain grins, his fingers holding his chin, “I am done making you change all kinds of colors.” “Ahh!” growls Chiasa, in a mix of embarrassment and agitation, “S-stop teasing me! I want answers, mister!” “Okay, okay…” he sighed, grabbing her hand and leading her toward a more quiet spot, “Come with me.” Chiasa blushed more, as she could feel her small hand in his soft and gentle huge hand. He was very warm and he smelled like the mix of nice cologne and shower soap. She thought she might faint, just then.

“Okay,” Kain said, letting go of her hand, as they reached a quiet spot, “You may be wondering why I chose this place to meet. It is crowded and so very noisy here, trains are rolling in and people are traveling, I know. But you see, I’m being followed and watched.” “Huh?” gasps Chiasa, looking around nervously. “Don’t worry,” he waved, half annoyed with the situation, “It’s nothing serious. Just the some people who have noticed that I’ve been trying to wake you up earlier than planned.”

“Well,” swallows Chiasa, looking around at people passing them by and people working around the station, “Who are they?” “I can’t tell you that, just yet.” shrugs Kain, “But what I can tell you is, they are not our enemies and they’re on our side… just highly annoying. And I’m sure I’ll get a angry lecture about this later, from them. I won’t be in too much trouble, I am your Keeper, after all.” Kain takes Chiasa chin, getting her to focus on him and not worry about the spies. He smiles gently toward her and she feels like melting.

“It’s okay.” he assures her, “My point is, this busy station makes it hard for them to listen into our conversation. So, we’ll get some privacy. I had thought about whisking you off to my place to talk… but then they would put a full stop to that. Being that this is public and out in the open, they can’t stop it without drawing too much attention. Now, I’m sure you want to know more about that memory.”

Kain tells her that many years ago, her and him once lived in America, in a farm town. Their job was to fight the demons. And that her dream was just a memory of it. “Wait,” she said, feeling more confused with more questions, “Are you telling me that I was once in America? And are you telling me that I am adopted!?” “Yes.” he nods, “I know it’s shocking, but it is the truth. I know this just makes thing more complicated…” “Wait!” Chiasa says, breathing fast, “How come my parents never said anything? How come I can remember my sixth birthday with them!? In my dream, I was the age I am now! What’s going on?”

“Chiasa calm down!” yells Kain, half alarmed, “You’re starting to hyperventilate and you’re going to pass out! I will tell you more, but you have to calm down and don’t freak out. Breath!” Chiasa slowed her breathing, staring at the ground, her mind swirling with many questions. Kain places a hand on her shoulder, “Are you okay now? Do you want to continue or do you want me to stop?” “No,” she says, shaking her head, “I have to know the truth.”

“The truth is,” continues Kain, letting go of her shoulder, “Your parents do not know that you are adopted. It was designed that way, so that you could adjust to the new family with very little problems. The memories you have of them are false and vice versa… well, the early childhood ones, at least. Everything from age thirteen, fourteen, and fifteen are real. The Moto family are very nice people, that’s why we chose them for you. But the truth is, they only had a son, never a daughter. And with some special skill, we integrated you into that family, by using false memories for them and false memories for you.”

Chiasa feels the ground move from under her. “Chiasa!” growls Kain, catching her, “Oh, dammit! I guess it was too much, too soon!”…


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