Part 8: Real

September 5, 2009

Chiasa feels the ground move from under her. “Chiasa!” growls Kain, catching her, “Oh, dammit! I guess it was too much, too soon!”…

“No…” said Chiasa, pushing away from Kain and standing on her own, “I’m fine.” “Are you sure?” asks Kain, worried, “This is why it’s best to for you to remember these things on your own. It’s less shocking that way.” “Did you create the false memories?” Chiasa asks, sharply. “No,” answers Kain, putting his hands in his pockets, “I don’t have such a skill… but THEY do. So with their help, you were put to sleep, a false you were created with false memories, so that you may live safely within a family for a while.”

“Why?” Chiasa asks, with little emotion, “Why was it done this way? Why did I need a family? Why couldn’t I stay my same self, with you?” “It is the only way to keep you safe.” he said, a bit sadly, “I hate losing you each time… but, it’s the only way. I can’t explain it anymore than that.” “What am I?” she asked, in a small voice, “What are you?” “We are not exactly human…” he said, carefully, “But not so much removed from humans, either.” “You didn’t answer the question.” Chiasa said, having enough, and walking away.

“Wait!” yelled Kain, running after her, “Where are you going?” “I’m going home.”, she said, tears falling, “To my family. Where everything makes sense.” “Chiasa, I-” says Kain, his heart breaking, but she runs off and leaves him behind. “I’m sorry, Chiasa.”  Kain sighs to himself, watching her disappear into the crowds, “I didn’t mean to cause more trouble for you.”  A man in a black suit walks up to Kain. “Sir,” the man says, with a very stern look, “The Council would like a word with you.” “I bet they would.” shrugs Kain, a little annoyed.

Chiasa feels numb, as she rides the bus home. She had stopped her tears on the first bus, and felt that she didn’t have anymore tears left. Now, she was thinking more about her memories of her family. “Ryu and I were playing,” she thought, “At an park, when we were younger… He fell and scraped his knee. He started to cry… Mom and Dad were on the other side of the park and I couldn’t leave him. So I carried him on my back, as he still cried, back to our parents. Was that a real memory or created?”

Chiasa climbed off the bus and began walking the streets leading towards home, still in thought. “When Ryu was born, I was jealous! I didn’t want to come over to Mom and see the new baby… I yelled to both my parents that they were mean for bringing home a little baby and said that I hated Ryu! I had stormed to my room in tears, at age five. Was that real?” She reached the gate to her house, just staring at it. Suddently, she felt like an intruder, who didn’t belong to this house. The gate seem to feel so foreign to her.

“Ryu was afraid one night, he begged me to let him sleep in my bed with him. I was tired and told him to go away. But he began to cry. I felt sorry and told him to come in anyway. We hid under the blanket and told jokes for half of the night. He said, ‘thanks, big sister.’ and fell asleep. I watched him peacefully. That was real! I remember his breath on my arm! How can that not be real!?”

“Chiasa?” smiles Mother, standing from the garden with two huge beets in each hand, “Oh, you’re back! How was your trip?” Chiasa rushes into her mother’s arms and sobs heavily. “Chiasa,” gasps her mother still holding the beets and highly concerned, “What…? What’s wrong?” She drops the beets and holds her daughter, worried…

Kain walks up to a very tall building, punching in the password to get through the door. He then walks into an elevator, where he has to enter in another password, so that he may reach an off-limit floor. He is more annoyed, as the elevator rises up and he is surrounded by muzak, knowing that this isn’t going to be a pleasent visit at all.

The elevator doors open and he walks into a bright waiting room. “They are ready to see you now.” says a small woman at the desk, before Kain had a chance to sit down. “Of course.” he frowns, not surprised that they would want an urgent meeting with him. Kain headed for the double oak doors, with brass handles, and sighed. He then reminded himself to not lose his temper and pulled the handle of one door.

Inside the huge conference room, with tinted windows, was a huge round oak table. The head of The Council sat at the top end, while the other twenty members of the team sat to his left and right. The chair at the other end of the table, was left empty, just for Kain. He took a seat with a faint sigh, ready for the lecture to began.

General Yamada, the head of Council, is a very stern man without patience. He sat up straight, to give Kain a deep glare, from across the table, the vein in his wrinkled temple throbing with anger. Kain could care less about this and was starting to get bored already. “You are a fool, Sasaki!” he said, darkly, “And you have threaten the entire operation! What are you trying to do, cause the girl to meet ‘Fade-Out’!?” “Fade-Out,” reminded the head of the medical team, a red haired woman, Dr. Jaden, “Is when the sleeping mind is overloaded with too many details. The patient will lose track of it’s realities, fall into madness, then slip into it’s primal reaction of defense… attacking any and all moving objects or life-forms around him or her, and possibly slipping permantely into mindless violence and/or murder.”

“Yes,” sighs Kain, folding his hands on the table, “I remember. And I’m not trying to cause her Fade-Out. You know exactly my intentions.” “You want to wake her up early,” nods another Council member, head of the technology division, Dr. Lee, “Yet, that’s not very wise, as the false memories are not set to break until another three years, on her 18th birthday, figuratively speaking.” “But I seem to be undoing the program.” shrugs Kain, “She is nearly awake.” “And what for?” snaps General Yamada, “What is the point? Why are you doing this?” “You know the answer to that.” sighs Kain, getting more annoyed. “You mean that unfounded idea of yours?” growls Yamada, with a scoff, “I’ve told you that Intelligence has looked into that matter and found nothing!”

“They are wrong!” roars Kain, dropping a fist to the table with a huge thunder, “Your ‘Intelligence’, your agencies, whatever you tend to call on are HUMANS. They know nothing of my world or the demon world! So, it’s quite laughable that you would rely more on them and ignore what I have to say and what I know! Your ignorance and arrogance is enough to cause me to walk away and let all of you weak and useless humans die!”

Kain lets out a deep sigh, sorry that he lost his temper again. He did feel better, however, looking into the fearful faces around him. Yet Yamada was not threatned, just sitting in quiet anger and stubborness. “I apologize,” waved Kain, “For my outburst. But honestly, I am her Keeper and I do know what is best for her. A storm is coming and if she doesn’t wake up soon, only her, myself, and the demons will be the only beings left living in Japan…”


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