Part 10: Rage

September 11, 2009

“Miss Moto?” frowns the teacher, “Stop this outburst. Sit down!” “I’m out of here!” growls Chiasa, running from the classroom, of gasping students. She runs down the hall, down a flight of stairs, and outside into the courtyard. She didn’t stop running until she had reached Kain’s office building… 

Kain sits at his desk, a job at an modest printing company. He is laughing and joking with the two guys whom hassled him, the other day, when Chiasa first showed up. She now comes storming into that office, rolling up her sleeves in rage. Kain notices the angry girl heading for him, but is too stunned to speak, not believing his eyes that she was really in his office!

Chiasa walks right up to him and punches him the face, so hard that Kain flies out of his chair! The short round guy is pale with shock, as the tall one snickers with dirty thoughts of Kain taking a child-lover. “You bastard!!!” Chiasa shrieks, getting ready to hit him again, “How dare you wake me up, early! Are you out of your goddamn mind!?” “Chiasa…” he gasps, grabbing her fist as she throws another punch, stopping it, “Calm down! You’re making a scene! Let’s talk about this elsewhere!”

“Tsk, tsk!” grins the tall guy, “This is why you shouldn’t attempt to date young girls, besides the fact that it’s illegal.” “Yeah…” gasps the round one, still in a state of shock. Kain grabs Chiasa’s arm and pulls her toward the entrance, down a flight of stairs, and into the street. “Let go of me!” she growls, pulling away, “Don’t touch me!” “Chiasa…” frowns Kain, a little hurt. “Don’t even say my name!!!” she yells, ready to hit him again, “I can’t believe how very selfish you are! Do you know how much trouble you have caused!? Or how much trouble you could have caused too!? What about Fade-Out?”

“Heh…” shrugs Kain, with a slight grin, “You’re starting to sound like General Yamada.” “Well,” snapped Chiasa, “Maybe the old-fart has a point, for once!” “Chiasa,” Kain sing-songs her name, with a slight sparkle in his eye, “Calm down and think for a moment. Do you honestly think I would risk so much, if it wasn’t important? You know me, more than anyone, I have a point for doing this too. And a very good one!” “I’m listening.” says Chiasa, calming down a bit. “The demons…” he says, carefully, “I know we thought they were dwindling, last time you were awake. But, they weren’t… not really. They were only regrouping and planning. While you slept, in the last recent year they have doubled, maybe even tripled.” “I see.” said Chiasa, slightly disturbed.

“I have no idea what is happening.” continues Kain, folding his arms, “But what I do know is that the demons are spawning rapidly and are ready for a huge attack. It will happen in Japan first… then maybe spread out to the rest of the world. And I couldn’t leave you to sleep through it all. Do you understand?” “Still,” frowns Chiasa, looking to the ground, “It was a very risky thing for you to do…” “I know.” he winks, “I’m a horrible Keeper.”

“So…” sighs Chiasa, feeling a bit out of place, “What happens now?” “We have to go back to headquarters.” he said, grabbing her hand, “And let Dr. Jaden take a look at you, make sure that you are well.” “I guess.” she frowns, and then another thought hits her, “I left my school, in the middle of class, made a ruckus… How will I ever be able to go back? What will my parents say to it?” “We will figure that all out.” assures Kain, leading her toward her car, “After all, I did cause this mess, so don’t worry. I will fix it.”

Kain stands outside of a exam room, along with a very angry General. The vein in his wrinkle forehead throbs, as he shouts at Kain, pounding his fist into his hand. “And furthermore,” he roars on, “You’re highly irresponsible! If that girl is damage, in any way, it on your head!” ‘I know.” says Kain, lightly, not really caring what the old man has to say. The door opens and both are eager to hear the news from Dr. Jaden and Dr. Lee.

“It’s incredible!” grins Dr. Lee. “Yes, well…” says Dr. Jaden, more serious about the matter, “Gentlemen, we did full testing on Chiasa, and seems that she is fully awake and functional, in spite of the early wake.” Kain and Yamada sigh in relief. “However,” continues Dr. Jaden, pushing her glasses onto her nose, “There is a slight issue.” “It’s incredible!” repeats Dr. Lee, gaining an annoyed glance from Dr. Jaden. “Slight issue?” grunts Yamada, ready for the bad news. “Yes,” nods Dr. Lee, “Because she was awaken too soon, the false memories has stayed as well. She remembers her true self and of her past life, but she also has the memories we’ve created for her layered into her mind too. They are meant to fade three years from now, so they are still very present and true to her reality.”

“What does this mean?” asks Kain, a little frustrated. “Well,” says Dr. Jaden, choosing her words carefully, “Simply put, what she is experiencing is like waking up, but still having a dream lingering in her mind. Sometimes, she can discern what is real and what is not. But with some memories, she is sure they are real and will become confused. The good news is, she is not in any danger of Fade-Out. But her own confusion with her memories, may effect her fighting abilities.”

“That’s just great!” growls Yamada, giving Kain a dark look, “You’ve successfully given the girl a split-personality!” “It’s incredible!” grins Dr. Lee. “Cut that out, or I’ll smack you.” frowns Dr. Jaden. “And for what!?” growls Yamada, poking Kain in the chest, with an angry finger, “Some wild thought that demons are spawning double time!” “Triple, maybe.” nods Kain, certain. “It’s paranoia!” shouts Yamada, “There are no such reports! Demons are on a all time low! What you are imagining is a nothing but a steamy pile of bull-”

“No.” interrupts Chiasa, stepping out of the room in a hospital gown, “You’re wrong, General Yamada!” Kain sighs, feeling annoyed again by this old man, but is happy that Chiasa can set the record straight. “Kain is telling the truth.” she nods, a real fire in her eyes of disturbance, “I can feel them too. A plan has been made… they are coming.”…


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