Part 9: The Wake

September 11, 2009

“I apologize,” waved Kain, “For my outburst. But honestly, I am her Keeper and I do know what is best for her. A storm is coming and if she doesn’t wake up soon, only her, myself, and the demons will be the only beings left living in Japan…”

Chiasa wakes from her sleep, the next day,  with no more memory-like dreams. She is relieved, as she really doesn’t want to wake up. She doesn’t want her life to be a lie and her family to be strangers. If she can stay away from the dreams and Kain, she could pretend that none it happened and that her life is real. Or so, this was her plan. The truth is just too painful to deal with.

It is a school day, so she gets ready for the morning, her thoughts and feeling blank. Without emotion or thought, she goes through the motions of brushing her teeth, washing her face, getting dressed, and heading downstairs for her breakfast.

Ryu rushes down the other end of the street to catch his school bus, as he is running late today, calling out, “Have a good day, big sis!” Chiasa just nods in his direction. Her friends are waiting for her, to head in the opposite direction toward the train station. They giggle and talk about many things, not noticing that she is quiet and numb, lost in a sea of nothingness and of no thought.

Chiasa goes through the motions of her day at school, her body and mind doing what it normally does, but her heart and spirit is detached. “Are you fading away from me again?” a distance voice calls to her.

Kain looks to her with a soft smile. “You tend to do that,” he nods, as they sit in his car, some years ago, “Whenever your mind is grappling with too much.” “I hate ‘sleeping’.” Chiasa shrugged, “And this time, it will be for a longer while. Five years is a long time. I’ll be lonely without you.” “No,” he waves, with a soft chuckle, “You won’t even remember who I am, during that time!” “It’s not funny.” she frowns, folding her arms, “I wish I didn’t have to do this.”

“It’s the only way.” sighs Kain, becoming more somber now, “You know the plan. With every new place we travel to, you must sleep and start over… otherwise, the demons are sure to follow. It’s the only way to keep you safe and the inhabits of another city. The demons are waining now, so your sleep will be for a bit longer this time. But when you wake, I will be there to greet you, to give you a kiss on your return.” He gives Chiasa a sad smile, trying to show bravery in this situation.

Her heart breaks slightly at this sad display, as she knows he is hurting over this too. She gives him one last huge embrace and he kisses her softly in her hair. They leave the car and head into the huge building, the ones of few who knows of the secret this place holds. It is made to look like an ordinary business tower, but the reality is that it is the home base of The Morioka Project, a secret government agency with the knowledge of demons and their kind. They have the technology and power to aid these beings, like Kain and Chiasa, who help keep the human world safe from the demon forces.

In a secret labortory, Chiasa lays down on the familiar cold table, that seems to be standard in all Morioka labs all over the world. The only thing that changes in each location is the names and faces of the doctors and teams performing the procedure. “Hello, Chiasa.” smiles a red haired woman, standing over her. Her brown eyes are warm and her voice is calming, “I am Dr. Jaden. My job is to-” “I know,” interrupts Chiasa, with an tired sigh, “I’ve been through this all before. Your job is to make sure my medical stats stay normal, during the procedure.”

Chiasa then gives a slight wave toward a busy man, with dark down spiky hair, who is checking the computers and the machines constantly, “And my guess is, he’s the head of the technology department, his job is to preform the procedure itself.” “Yes,” nods Dr. Jaden, a little taken aback, “That’s Dr. Lee. I guess you have gone through this before.” “Many times.” sighs Chiasa, folding her hands on her chest, “Maybe too many times.”

Kain watches from behind a glass window, in a sound-proofed room. He can’t hear what is happening to Chiasa, but he can see the pain on her face, her longing to stay with him and not be made to sleep. He sadly places his hand on the glass and she gives him a sad smile. Even though they’re not in the same room, they can feel each other’s sadness of goodbye.

“Right,” sighs Dr. Lee, turning toward his technical assistants, “We are ready now. Start attaching the machine to her.” A few nurses, two women and a male, attach the wires and different patches of technical chips onto Chiasa forehead, fingers, hands, legs, and torso. Dr. Jaden carefully monitors her stats, making sure there is no distress… but she does notice that Chiasa’s emotions are a bit sad. The doctor grabs Chiasa’s hand, giving it a slight squeeze and offering the words, “I’m sure it will all be okay.”

“Okay!” announces Dr. Lee, “Stand back, everyone. First wave in 5 seconds… 4… 3…2….” Chiasa feels a huge shockwave go through her, as if rolling thunder had hit her and was now tearing her flesh apart! It was brief, a pain that only last for an instant, and then all faded to black…

Back at her desk in school, Chiasa has awaken. It hit her, just like that wave of pain, an instant, and now she remembers much of her true self! She stand up, angry, her sudden movement turns over her chair. Her classmates stop and stare at her, startled, and the teacher stops his lecture to see what is the commotion behind him. “Dammit!” Chiasa yells, grabbing her head in rage of her old memories returning, “I woke up! I can’t believe he did this to me!”

“Miss Moto?” frowns the teacher, “Stop this outburst. Sit down!” “I’m out of here!” growls Chiasa, running from the classroom, of gasping students. She runs down the hall, down a flight of stairs, and outside into the courtyard. She didn’t stop running until she had reached Kain’s office building…


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