Part 11: Meeting

September 18, 2009

“No.” interrupts Chiasa, stepping out of the room in a hospital gown, “You’re wrong, General Yamada!” Kain sighs, feeling annoyed again by this old man, but is happy that Chiasa can set the record straight. “Kain is telling the truth.” she nods, a real fire in her eyes of disturbance, “I can feel them too. A plan has been made… they are coming.”…

Chiasa steps forward, “I didn’t feel it before. But as I was sitting in the exam room, I got a flash of them all… spawning a growing stronger in the darkness. I think I may have even seen the Source…” Everyone, except Kain, gasps at this fact. “The Source,” says General Yamada, gravely, “The one demon of all demons. If you had seen it, then it’s more true, the demons are planning something devastating.”

Kain quickly steps behind Chiasa, pulling her gown closer, to hide her bare bottom from the room. “Kain.” she sighs, annoyed, “We’re among doctors.” “But General Yamada isn’t an doctor!” he declares, “And what kind of Keeper would I be, if I didn’t protect you from the prying eyes of dirty old men!” Yamada blushes, but is still angry, “Kain! This isn’t the time for foolishness! This is a very serious matter we have to deal with now!”

“Oh?” says Kain, a sudden spark in his eye, “I’ve been saying for months that this was a serious matter. But you’ve, dear General, have been saying the opposite. And now, you want to claim what is foolishness now, when a moment ago you were sure it was… what was it that you were saying it was? A steamy pile?” Yamada turned more crimson, sputtering in angry frustration.

“Come along, Chiasa.” smiles Dr. Jaden, placing an hand on her shoulder, “Lets get you dressed, as I’m sure General Yamada is going to call the Council and us all to a meeting.” “R-right.” nods Yamada, “That’s exactly what I’m going to do!”

In the conference room with tinted windows, Chiasa and Kain sits at the other end of the oak table, Kain holding onto her arm softly. The Council awaits the news, as General Yamada gain the words for the difficult situation. “Everyone,” he nods, trying to not cause panic, “Chiasa is now awake with important news. It seems that the demons are multiplying at an alarming rate. The Source has been spotted behind this, which means a terrible plot is in motion.” There is a wave of grumbling and concerns among the Council.

“Although,” adds Chiasa sitting up in her chair, “I can’t be sure it was the Source that I had seen. Most likely it were, as I felt an overwhelming presence of darkness and despair, hovering above the spawning demons. it appeared to me as a dark mass of nothingness… a strange void in their mists. It may have been the Source or maybe not. Either way, what is clear is that the demons are planning to wipe out all of humanity, in one fell swoop, starting with Japan.”

“It is what Kain has been saying for weeks!” shouts on member, the rest grumble, with wild looks of fear, wondering what can be done to stop this attack. “Don’t worry,” nods Kain, a slight sigh to his voice, “Chiasa and I will do all that we can to stop this. That is an given. But most of all, many of our kind may have already began to prepare, so we may not be alone in this final battle.”

“Final?” grunts General Yamada, “What makes you so sure that the demons will stop, after this one battle, even if they are defeated?” “You are correct,” shrugs Kain, a grin on his face, “The demons will never cease their want for the destruction of humans, not unless the Source is destroyed. And that has been my kind’s quest, since time began, to reach the Source and end it. But since that hasn’t been achieved yet, the best we can do is keep this plan of annihilation from happening. This will stop the demons for many generations, until next time, when they spawn in many again.”

“It seems rather bleak,” nods Dr, Jaden, “That no one has been able to figure out what the  Source is or how to reach it. Not even the beings of your kind, Kain.” “That’s quite right.” he nods, placing a hand on his chin, “It is very bleak, in that way… still we do what we can to protect the human race.” Everyone has no choice, but to put their faith in Kain and Chiasa. And she is not so sure she likes the idea of such a responsibility on her shoulders.

“You’re fading away again.” says Kain, as they are driving toward her school. “I don’t like this, Kain.” Chiasa says, watching the passing traffic, “Being half awake and half asleep, in this way. Also that it is all on us, our kind, to save the human race.” “That part,” he says, his eyes still on the road, ” About responsibility. I’m sure you’re use to it by now. But no, I think you have a deeper question that is bothering you now, but you’re afraid to face it.”

“Only because I feel foolish,” she says in a small voice, “Like I should know the answer to it, by now…” “What are we?” he says, asking the question for her, “I understand that you wouldn’t know that question fully yet, as you are still confused between your true self and the created one. So, I will answer that question. What we are… it’s a little complicated. We’re not all demon, nor are well all human. We’re a little above both, but a little of both too. There is an old tale of what we are, an old story…

“God created the Earth and saw that it was good. Yet, within his own kingdom, some of his servants became twisted with the greed for power. They challenged God, in a war, the Source being the leader of those twisted servants. God won the battle and cast them all to the Earth, were they dwell here, a prison planet for the betrayers of his kingdom. In their hatred, the fallen became more warped and more darker in appearance, twisting into the form of demons.

‘”But God then decided that he wanted to make his newest creation, humans. And he wanted humankind to be on Earth. So, he created us, our kind… as warriors for him, we were sent to Earth to eliminate the demons and make it clean for mankind to live. And we were successful, only we could not find or destroyed the Source. Humans were created and a vengeful Source resurfaced… determine to undo God’s works and make this planet a paradise for demon-kind. Or so…. this is what the old story says.”

Kain parks the car in front of the school. Chiasa looks to him, “So, is this the real answer to what we are?” “I don’t know.” he shrugs, giving her a smile, “The fact is, none of our kind knows who we truly are. This is just an old story… But what we do know for sure is… we’re not demon and we’re not human either. We are in between both.” “That’s stupid.” she frowns, folding her arms. Kain gives a soft chuckle, “Maybe not stupid… but a little annoying, I’m sure. Listen, Chiasa, don’t worry too much on that… it doesn’t matter. What does matter is that we do exist and it’s out job to protect everyone from the demons.”

The school nurse, a tall older woman with curly brown hair, steps toward the car. “It’s time to go, Chiasa.” says Kain, softly, “Your cover is here.” Chiasa nods and steps from the car, still feeling a little lost…


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