Part 12: Lost

September 18, 2009

The school nurse, a tall older woman with curly brown hair, steps toward the car. “It’s time to go, Chiasa.” says Kain, softly, “Your cover is here.” Chiasa nods and steps from the car, still feeling a little lost…

Chiasa wonders if she is confused still or is her mind partly right, as she doesn’t remember this school nurse being part of the Council. Still, this woman is covering for her outburst in school, making up an illusion that Chiasa had a stressful reaction to the pressures of school work. Chiasa watches the nurse curiously, as she sits on the cot in the nurse’s station of the school. Still her created memories or her real ones do not give Chiasa any answer to who this woman really is.

It’s the end of the school day and Chiasa head out into the courtyard. “Hey!” calls Anna, rushing over to her, with June and Mina close behind. “Are you okay?” asks Anna, placing a hand on Chiasa’s shoulder, “We heard the news, it’s all over school. You had a panic attack over the exams lately?” “Yeah,” says Chiasa, feeling guilty for lying to her friends, “It’s no big deal. I’ll be okay, now.” “That’s so scary!” gasps June, giving Chiasa a huge hug, “We were so worried and was hoping that it was just a dumb rumor!” “Weird,” sighs Mina, looking up into the sky in deep thought, “I guess even the brightest students freak out too. Though, you really have nothing to panic about, Chiasa. You’re one the brightest students of this school.”

Chiasa suddenly spots a familiar little tan car and gasps. Her father steps from the car and rushes over to her! “Dad!?” shrieks Chiasa, “What are you doing here!?” “Well,” he grins, a little sheepish, “Your mother and I got the call from the school. I tried to stay at work and focus, really I did, but I kept worrying about my little girl!” “Aww!” coos Anna, June, and Mina. Chiasa blushes, “S-Stop, Dad… I’m not a little girl anymore and I’m okay.” “Still,” he sighs, “I wanted to give you a lift home! Hey, do you girls need a ride? I can stop by your houses too!” “Thank you, Mr. Moto,” bow Mina, “Really… But we’re heading to the sundae shop now.” “Yes,” says June, with a huge smile, “But that’s awfully generous of you, Mr. Moto!”

“Okay, then!” he smiles, cheerfully, “Chiasa, I’ll give you a moment to say goodbye to your lovely friends.” “Ah…” she blushes, as he heads back to the car, “I guess I’ll see you all tomorrow.” “Sure thing!” nods June. “Take care of yourself, okay?” says Anna, giving Chiasa a small pat on the shoulder. They turn and head off toward the crowd, chatting away. “Chiasa’s dad is REALLY nice!” cheers June. “I know!” smiled Anna, “I wish my dad was that way, he’s always grumpy.” “Some people always get the coolest parents.” nods Mina. And they were gone. Chiasa sighs and head back to the car.

In the car, her father is talking non-stop. “Yeah,” he says with a chuckle, “Your mother is fixing a soup for you, as we speak. And Ryu was worried too, so he decided to pour you a nice hot bath. And of course, I had to come get you! We were all worried about the news. But I am glad that you are feeling better! You know, I did the same thing too, once, when I was your age! I was so worried about finals, that I collapsed right in the middle of class! But, not to worry, because you take after me. And we Moto’s are too bright and always come out on top, you’ll see!”

Chiasa sighed, knowing the truth now. There was no hiding from it anymore. This man was not her father and she didn’t take after him at all. He was just an illusion, a brainwashed man, tricked into loving and taking care of her as his own. They were all tricked, Mother and Ryu, and herself… she was tricked too. It was enough to make her want to cry!

“Hey, there.” nudges her father, “What’s with the long face? What’s on your mind, teddy-bear?” Teddy-bear, a name he had called her since age 6… but she knew this was an lie, thought up by a machine, made to seem real. “Dad,” she sighs. “Have you ever wanted something to be true, something in your heart so badly, but your mind and reality just says it’s not true?” “Hmm,” he says in deep thought, “I’m not sure if I ever felt that way. Maybe once upon a time. But now, in my heart is always the thought of my family, and that’s all that really matters. Wow! That’s a very complex question, I guess you really aren’t a little girl anymore! You’re my bright young woman!” As he laughs, Chiasa feels very lost, but tries to hide her pain through a slight smile.

They reach the home and Chiasa walks into the a house full of nice smells. “Mmm!” smiles Father, with a grin, “Something smells wonderful!” “That’s Chiasa soup, dear.” says Mother, giving her daughter a quick hug. “Ooh!” he says, half drooling, “I bet it taste like heaven!” “You’re not getting soup.” waves Mother, “The rest of us are having my famous meatloaf tonight!” “Aww!” whines Father, but notices the death-stare from Mother, “I-I mean, good! I love your meatloaf!” “Nice save, Dad.” whispers Chiasa, as Mother walks away, satisfied with that.

“Hey!” cheers, Ryu, “I poured you a bath, sis! Come on! You can take it before dinner!” Ryu grabs her hand and leads her toward the huge bathroom of the house. “Dinner will be ready in an hour!” Mother calls after them.

Chiasa is touched, as a she stands before the bathtub full of hot water and surrounded by fresh flowers. “I can’t believe that little brat did all of this for me!” she sighs, holding back tears of gratitude. She shuts the door and gets undressed. She could use a nice relaxing bath too, a break from her very stressful day. Chiasa relaxes in the tub and daydream about Kain, wondering what he is up to, at this moment.

She suddenly feels a cold drop on her shoulder and turns to see Ryu, trying to add something to the water. “Bubble-bath.” he shrugs. Chiasa screams, covering herself, “RYU!!!! GET OUT!!! YOU LITTLE PERVERT!!!” “What?” he frowns, disgusted, “I’m not trying to watch you! I’m trying to add bubbles!” “You little dofus!” shrieks Chiasa, “It’s to late to add it now! You’re suppose to do that as the water is running, not after!!!” Mother and Father give each other a weird look, hearing the screams above them, and sighs.

That night, Chiasa lays in bed, but sleep won’t come. She had been at this crossroad before, trying to figure out who she truly is. But this time it’s slightly different, as now she wonders where do she truly fit. Mixed with the emotions and thoughts of her created memories and her real ones, she sighs and wish for Kain to be near. She knows that she loves her family, even though they are not real, and can’t understand what to do with that love. She knows that she can’t simply turn off the feelings, her heart, just because the truth is now known to her. But on the other hand, she knows full well that someday she is going to have to leave them all behind.

Chiasa sits up in her bed, letting a out an sad and heavy sigh. Kain could give her some comfort, if only he was near…

But something else was lurking, not to far from Chiasa’s home, and she could feel it. An alert of maybe four or five demons, swirling in the shadows. She opens her closet, grabbing her sword…


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