Part 13: Protect

September 26, 2009

But something else was lurking, not to far from Chiasa’s home, and she could feel it. An alert of maybe four or five demons, swirling in the shadows. She opens her closet, grabbing her sword…

She rushes out into the nighttime air, wearing nothing but her night-dress, blue slippers, and a jacket. She would had dressed fully, but Chiasa can feel that she doesn’t  have enough time. She must hurry, as the demons are marching closer toward her street. The Source is not happy that she is awake and wants to put an end to this threat. The demons who are getting closer is the Source most skilled demons. And Chiasa can feel this all, as if a message was sent to her, that the Source is not happy at all.

Chiasa’s family is sound asleep and she is determine to protect and keep them safe from any threat, and at any cost. She jogs up the darken street, ready to meet with the demons, drawing her sword.

At the end of her street is a normally very busy road. But since it’s so very late, there are no cars to be seen on it, giving the feeling that everything has been abandoned. The only source of light comes from the traffic light, which blinks walk or stop, to the empty place. This doesn’t help Chiasa’s nervousness, as she waits for the demons to appear. “Kain,” she sighs, shaking a little from the cold air, “Are you late, as usual?”

Just then, she could hear the low growls and hear the movement of talons on cement. In the distance, only two demons stepped out of the shadows. But then Chiasa knew at once, that what she thought was many was only the strength of these two that she was feeling. They weren’t like the others she came across before. They were a lot bigger, a muddy blueish color, with hatred beyond the others she had faced before. Their intentions were clear, to kill the girl who had seen the Source and shed light to it’s movements and plans.

“Okay.” sighs Chiasa, trying to shake the fear of her teenage self, “This is a piece of cake. I’ve done this before, so it should be like riding a bike.” One demon moves by her so quickly, ripping the sleeve of her jacket, nearing reaching her flesh. Chiasa shrieks and spins off to the side, landing into the road, unnerved by this demon’s speed. The second one moves in, quick, it’s claws reaching for her frighten face!

Kain pulls her out of the way, of what would have been a critical blow, leaving the demon flailing into open space. “Hmm,” he frowns, half disgusted, “It seems the Source sent it’s best assassins. Which is tactless and overkill, if you ask me. I think you may have frighten it, for the Source to go to such an extreme.” “You’re late.” huffed Chiasa, getting her sword ready. “I don’t know,” he shrugs, “I think I’m just in time. A second later and you would’ve been without your pretty face.”

The two demons circle in and out of the darkness around them, growling in distaste of the added opponent to this fight. “Run home, Chiasa.” nods Kain, making up his mind, “These two are playing for keeps and you’re not ready yet.” “Don’t tell me what to do, Kain.” she says, ready for the next move, “Just do your job and I’ll do mine.” “Really,” he frowns, raising his sword a bit, “This is no time to be stubborn. I know I woke up up for a purpose, but this battle….” A demon swoops down over Chiasa and she quickly holds back it’s talons, her sword between her and it. The other demon attacks Kain, drawing away his attention from Chiasa.

Chiasa quickly deals a heavy kick to the demon, backing it away for a good instant, as she takes her sword and slices into it. It roars and pulls back a bit, wounded, but just getting started in it’s attack. Kain struggles with the other demon, as it has knocked his sword from his grasp, sending it sliding down the road. The demon’s claws swipes near Chiasa, as she jumps backward, just missing her completely by a inch.

Kain and Chiasa struggle with the two powerful demons, each of the assassins had the strength of three or more demons within them, and all of them wanting victory. Kain finally regains his sword, as he slides across the road for it, but it came with a price. His painful screams echoes in the night air, sparking something primal within Chiasa. She quickly deals a deadly blow to the demon she is facing, plunging her sword through the soft underside of it’s chin and up through it’s skull. And before the demon could hit the ground, she had turned and was onto the back of the other, which was towering over Kain.

As the demon tried to reach for the little girl on his back, Kain had enough time to slice into the demon’s stomach, disemboweling it. It’s entrails hit the cold street and Kain’s legs, as Chiasa hopped off it’s back. “Disgusting.” frowns Kain, stumbling to his feet and noticing the blood and bits of matter on his nice tan pants.

“Kain!” gasps Chiasa, noting his bloody arm, “You’re hurt!” “Oh?” he says, forgetting about that already, “Yeah. It got me. But we tend to heal quickly, fortunately. Don’t worry, my dear, it’s just a scratch.” A foul odor hit the air, overwhelmingly, as the demons began to melt and sizzle. Chiasa choked, pulling her jacket collar closer to cover her face. “Yes,” says Kain, seemingly un-phased by the smell, “The more hatred within, the more worse the smell, when they crumble. It’s not surprising that they smell this bad.”

“I don’t remember fighting demons like these.” says Chiasa, a little worried. “Because you haven’t.” nods Kain, “As I was saying before, the Source usually don’t send these types our way or after humans. There is a reason, as these types usually stand for the Source’s personal bodyguards. It has five of these demons, which surrounds it in the darkness… well, three, now that we’ve killed these two. It’s a sign that the Source is threatened by your awakening and fearful of it too. I wonder why…”

“Well,”  sighs Chiasa, making a guess, “Could it be, because we plan to stop it’s plans of annihilation?” “No,” waves Kain, a more serious thought on his mind, “This dance that we do is centuries old. This wouldn’t be the first time that the Source has tried to wipe out humanity… or the last. No… what is odd is this was an urgent matter of getting rid of you. Though there are others like us, in this world, some awake and some not yet… There are not a lot of our kind, but still enough to stop this plan. Why the Source is particularly after you…. well, that’s very odd. I have a feeling that something else is being planned, besides this upcoming battle.”

Chiasa shudders. “Don’t worry.” winks Kain, with an impish smile after, “I will figure it out. I always do. In the meantime, I must say… you did a good job in handling these demons. I’m impressed!” “Yeah,” she shrugs, “Well, you were in trouble. I had to do something. Are you okay, really?” She stares at his wounded arm, worried. “I’ll be fine.” he waved, turning to walk away, “Chiasa go home and get some rest. You have school in the morning.”

“Kain…” Chiasa sighs, watching him walk away, “I wonder if you really are okay. Or are you just protecting me still?” Kain disappears into the darkness of the night…


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