Part 14: Worry

September 26, 2009

Kain…” Chiasa sighs, watching him walk away, “I wonder if you really are okay. Or are you just protecting me still?” Kain disappears into the darkness of the night…

The next morning, Chiasa is so very drained from the fight that night, moving in a sluggish way. She basically sleep-walks to get dressed for school, stumbles down the stairs, and collapses in a chair at the table for breakfast. “Chiasa?” frowns mother, “What are you doing dressed? No school for you today, young lady! After yesterday’s situation, I called the school and told them you’re having the day off. And I called your friends too and told them the same. You need to rest!”

“Aw, mom!” whines Chiasa, just hardly lifting a fork, “I’m fine! I’m sure I can make it to school okay.” “You can’t even make the fork reach the pancakes.” giggles Ryu, stealing a few bits from her plate. “RYU!!!” growls Chiasa, dropping her fork. “He’s right.” nods mother, “You may eat breakfast, but then it’s back to bed!” “Oh, my!” grins father, just sitting down for breakfast, “So much yelling today! Good morning, my noisy family!” Ryu’s stuffs his face, not answering. “Morning.” sighs Chiasa, half sulking. Mother gives her husband his own plate of pancakes and kisses him on the forehead.

After breakfast, Chiasa heads for her room and collapses on the bed, without changing from her school uniform. She falls instantly to sleep and began to dream…

It’s the fight of the night before… Kain’s painful cries echo and anger is awaken in her. It’s primal, almost animistic, a need to kill the thing that hurt one of her own. But, something is different now… the demons are dead, but Kain lays in a pool of his own blood, ripped to bits. “This isn’t what happened.” Chiasa gasps, leaning over his broken body in the street, “No. It was only his arm that was hurt before! He wasn’t this badly hurt!” Are you sure?, asks an unknown voice.

Chiasa pulls his body into her arms, blood soaking into the fibers of  her jacket and all over her night-clothes, turning most of her crimson. “Kain!” she yells, shaking his limp and lifeless body, “Kain wake up! This isn’t what happened! I remembered! I was there!” Are you sure?

Chiasa sit up from her sleep with a gasp, then groans, rubbing her head. “What a nightmare.” she mumbles, taking a look at her alarm clock. It was almost noon now. She still can’t shake the feeling of the dreams and worries now about Kain. That’s when she makes up her mind to go find him. “It couldn’t hurt to check!” she says, removing the school uniform and choosing a more casual outfit to wear. She chooses a white spaghetti-strap dress, pulling a pink sweater over it, and puts on her cute white sandals.

“Mom!” she calls to the living room, while putting on her jacket, “I’m going to for a walk. I’ll be right back!” “What?” frowns mother, peaking her head into the hall, “You’re suppose to be resting!” “I did that.” frowns Chiasa, “And I slept a lot. I need some fresh air. I won’t be long.” “Chiasa, you…” starts mother, but her daughter has left out the door, “Chiasa?”

She takes a the train toward school and from there, she walks to the business district. It’s as busy as usual, as she headed into Kain’s work building, climbing up the short flight of stairs, and into the office. Kain is not at his desk…

“Oh, man!” sighs the tall man of before, as the short one stares, “Sasaki’s girl is back! Listen, he’s not here, okay? He called in sick!” “Oh, I see.” nods Chiasa, more worried now, “Thanks for telling me that.” She turns to leave, but stops, with a thought in her mind. “By the way,” she says, carefully, “It’s not what you think. Kain is my uncle and I’m his niece.” She didn’t mind telling that lie, to make things better for him. “Oh!” sings the round short guy. “Really?” frowns the tall guy, a little disappointed, “I never knew Sasaki had any family!” “Well,” shrugs the round guy, “He never mentions anything personal about himself, anyway.” “That’s true.” nods the tall man.

Chiasa leave the men with their thoughts, heading out into the streets, and trying to figure out what to do next. “How do I find you, Kain?” she asks into the crisp and cool afternoon air. She had no idea where he lived. She didn’t know how to reach him by email and she didn’t have his phone number… Then it hits her…

She takes two buses and walks a short while, reaching the headquarters of The Morioka Project. She doesn’t know any codes to get in pass the doors, not in her created or real memories. There was no reason to for her to know them. She looks into the video cam, that hangs just inside the shatter-proof doors, and waves. “Uh, hello?” she shouts, still waving, “I need to get in! It’s me! Chiasa!” She feels a lot silly and leans against the door, with a heavy sigh. A few moments later, the door beeps and she turns to see Dr. Jaden, opening the door for her.

“You have no idea of the stir you’ve caused.” she greets Chiasa, with a slight snickering grin. “Well, sorry.” shrugs Chiasa, walking into the building, “I need to find Kain. Is he alright?” “I’ll take you to him.” Jaden nods, closing the door behind them. “Why an stir?”, asks Chiasa, as they head for the elevators, curious by Dr. Jaden’s words.

“Because we were not expecting you, that’s all.” Jaden answers with a playful shrug. “They’ve sent you,” nods Chiasa, “Because they seem to think you have a bond with me. That it would be less threatening.” Dr. Jaden is silent. “Don’t be so surprised.” waves Chiasa, “I am not a child, after all, I just happen to look like one. I remember that I lost count after my 200th birthday. It’s weird… I still feel like a child, yet technically I am older than your ancestors.” “Well…” says Dr. Jaden, pushing her glasses from the tip of her nose and more onto her face, without any more words to say.

“I know why else they sent you.” Chiasa nods, sadly, “Because they are afraid too. Very few humans, who know of my kind, aren’t afraid of us. Many do fear us, still. I can understand… as before I regained my memories, I also feared my true self.” The doors open on the secret hospital floor. “Is Kain really hurt?” asks Chiasa, worried again, almost child-like. “Follow me,” nods Dr. Jaden, “I will explain.”

Standing outside of a glass window, Chiasa sees Kain inside a room, laying in standard hospital bed. He is hooked to an intravenous drip, filled with blue liquid, and a oxygen mask covers his face. He looks so very pale and fragile, as Chiasa is horrified, not having any memories of ever seeing Kain in this state before. “What happened!?” she shrieks, her heart racing. “Those demons you’ve fought, last night?” explains Dr. Jaden, “Not only were they different, but they also have a nasty poison, unlike the other demons. It had infected Kain’s nervous system, through his wounds, last night.”

“He’s going to be okay…” gasps Chiasa, leaning against the glass hopelessly, with her palms pressed against the glass, “Right? ….RIGHT!?” She turns to Dr. Jaden, tears in her eyes…


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