Part 15: Recover

October 2, 2009

“He’s going to be okay…” gasps Chiasa, leaning against the glass hopelessly, with her palms pressed against the glass, “Right? ….RIGHT!?” She turns to Dr. Jaden, tears in her eyes…

“Yes.” nods Dr. Jaden, “The genetic makeup of your kind, is not like humans. You have the ability to heal quickly and can survive most things, that would be deadly to humans. This is no exception. He did come to us in plenty of time, he walked into the building, lucid and speaking well. But the poison will run it’s course and soon it will break down in components and leave him. He’s quite safe.” Chiasa sighs in relief, a small tear escaping.

“I know it looks bad,” nods Dr. Jaden, “And maybe I should have explained, before showing you.” “Maybe?” frowns Chiasa, crossing her arms. “But Kain is going to be fine,” she continues, “And you may go into the room for a visit, if you want. I think he’s awake now.” Chiasa turns back to the glass to see Kain’s beautiful green eyes, staring back at her. She rushes past Dr. Jaden, nearly bumping into her, and into the room with Kain.

Kain weakly removes the oxygen mask from his face. “Hey!” shrieks Chiasa, trying to stop him, “Don’t do that!” “It’s okay.” he says, weakly, “It’s only for a precaution. My breathing haven’t been bad at all.” “Why are you still lying to me!?” she growls, not buying it, “Why didn’t you mention that you were in trouble, last night!?” “Because you’re not my Keeper.” he answers, plainly, “It’s not your job to worry about me or be concerned with my wellbeing, that’s my job to you.” “Cut the crap!” growls Chiasa, “Kain! Why do you always have to be so very… macho!”

“Fine.” he sighs, blinking slightly, “I’m too tired to be coy now. So, I’ll just state the truth. I didn’t tell you, because I didn’t want you to worry. And I didn’t want you to worry, because there was nothing you could do at that point, anyway. I knew where I had to go for help, headquarters. And I didn’t want you to feel helpless in my plight, so I lied… I lied because I love you.” Chiasa blushes, “Don’t think you can get out of lying to me, just because you say that.” “Say what?” he asks, confused. “‘I love you.'” she answers. “Aw, you do!” he grins. “S-stop!” she frowns, shaking her head, “This isn’t funny, you know!”

“Alright.” Kain smiles, “I’ll stop. But, I am happy that you love me too.” Chiasa blushes harder, but doesn’t respond. “Hey,” she says, after some silence, and placing the mask back on his face, “You should try to rest and recover. I need your help, should there be another battle.” He slowly drifts off to sleep, as Chiasa runs her fingers through his pale blonde hair. She stays for a few hours, watching him sleep, but then it was time for her to get back home. She leaves his side, not wanting to.

It’s five in the afternoon, when Chiasa gets home, leaving her jacket at the door and carrying her sandals. “Chiasa, young lady,” sputters mother, highly upset, “Where have you been? You left without waiting for my permission! And it’s nearly dinner time now! What on earth has gotten into you!? You’ve never gave me any problems before!” “Mom,” she sighs, feeling drained, “I’m sorry I left so fast. I really needed to walk and clear my head. Also, I’m not a child anymore. I’m sure you worry for me a lot and I am grateful. But I am getting older and need to figure out how to look after my own self, from time to time.”

“Well…” said mother, not knowing how to respond. Chiasa smiles to herself, as this was the second person today that she had made speechless. She guessed that her words were too mature, coming from the body of a teen. She made a mental note to try and dial it down a bit, in the future. “Fine,” sighs mother, “If you want to run off for long walks, I guess that’s fine. But next time, wait for my permission, Chiasa.” “Yes, mom.” smiles Chiasa, heading for her room.

That night, Chiasa lay in bed, wondering as she always had since this whole thing started. She still worries about Kain, about her place in this family and this created reality, and also about the Source and it’s want for her death. Kain could have died, because the Source wanted her out of the picture so badly. But most of all, she wonders why the Source is so threaten by her. She has no memories of every getting close to it, only seeing it in visions, which is not uncommon for her kind. She is no more powerful than anyone, especially in her state, as Chiasa constantly has to figure out which memories are real and which ones are created.

Her abilities are still in question and, the battle of that other night, it took Kain getting hurt for her to become deadly. If anything, the Source should be least threaten by her and more worried about the others of her kind, ones that are more lucid of themselves and more capable of ruining it’s plans. Chiasa gives a heavy sigh and drifts off to sleep.

The next morning, she is well rested and go about her daily routine, of getting ready for school. Chiasa walks to the train station in silence, as her friends chat and giggle. She finishes her exams, goes to lunch, and meets with her friends in the courtyard after school. It was the same life that she had lived for years now and somehow it seemed like it didn’t fit her any longer. To put it plainly, Chiasa was now bored with this created life, which is ironic. Before, she fought so hard to keep this life and was heartbroken at the thought of it fading. Now, she couldn’t wait to be free of it and to live her real life, as she has done so for centuries.

“We’re going to the sundae shop!” cheers June, “Chiasa, are you coming with us?” “Not this time.” says Chiasa, unfocused and her thoughts swimming on many other things, “I should get home.” “Well, take care of yourself.” nods Anna, “We don’t want you to have another panic attack. Don’t study too hard!” “I’m fine.” waves Chiasa, “I just need to sort out some thing. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Her friends wave goodbye and Chiasa heads for home.

A while from home, as Chiasa walks down the familiar streets, she can hear a car approaching her from behind. “Hey,” says Kain, leaning from his car window, “Want to ride with me for a while? You seem to be troubled.” “Kain.” sighs Chiasa, a little annoyed, “Were you ever planning to tell me that you’re okay or just let me worry.” “Relax,’ he shrugs, “I am telling you now, in not so many words, just by showing up. And besides, I was just released, an hour ago.”

Chiasa climbs into the car, with a lot of angry words for Kain, but before she could speak he leans over and gives her a soft and tender long kiss. “I know that I am annoying,” he says, his hand resting on her arm, “No need to go through it all. I am sorry.” He pulls out a card and hands it to Chiasa, “My phone number and email address. I’m surprised that you haven’t asked for it, or that I didn’t remember to share it, sooner. This way, you never have to go to extremes to find me, in the future.”

Chiasa is speechless, the feel of his soft lips still lingering on hers. “Though,” Kain shrugs, driving the car forward, “Your main worry isn’t about me. I’m sure that you knew I would be okay. But I know what you are truly wondering about… the Source. Am I right?” Chiasa gives Kain a shocked look…


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