Part 17: New

October 9, 2009

Chiasa feels Kain’s huge strong arms wrap around her, in the blur of her tears. He kissed her ear and softly whispered into it, “You are you, Chiasa. And where you belong is with me. That’s all that you need to know, for now.” Chiasa holds onto him, tightly…

The next morning, Chiasa heads to school with her friends, feeling a little better. She would rather be with Kain, which she now feels is her only home of really connecting. His words echo through her head, drowning out the conversations of her friends and the people around her, “Where you belong is with me.” She can’t help but want to be near him, every moment.

“Earth to Chiasa!” waves Anna, as they stand in front of announcement board in the school hallway. “Did you say something?” asks Chiasa, snapping out of her daze. “Yeah!” says Anna, a little annoyed. June and Mina chat to themselves, nearby, not noticing the situation. “Oh,” sighs Chiasa, with a little shrug, “I’m sorry, Anna, my mind is a little busy this morning. Can you repeat what you’ve said?” “There is an assembly today.” she nods toward the board, “All classes, of our year, is to attend. I was asking if you will meet with us here, in the hall, so we can sit together in the auditorium.”

“Sure.” smiles Chiasa, finding it all so less important than anything else, “Did you ask, June and Mina?” “Duh!” frowns Anna, folding her arms, “They already answered, ‘yes’. I was waiting for your reply. What’s with you, Chiasa? You seem so distant lately.” “Oh,” grins June, finally paying attention to the situation, and points to Chiasa, “I know what it is! Chiasa has a boyfriend!” Chiasa turns a dark scarlet red. Anna blinks at June and growls, “Will you cut it out! This is serious, June!” “But I am being serious!” whines June. “You’re not stressing out again, are you, Chiasa?” frowns Mina, a little worried.

“No,” sighs Chiasa, giving a light chuckle, “I’m fine. Just some things at home, but I’ll be fine.” “Well,” sighs Anna, in relief of that explanation, “The event starts at 10pm. Let’s meet here at 9:50, so we can get good seats.” “Fine,” sighs Mina, “I hope it’s not another boring academic speech or something.” “Yeah,” frowns June, as if she was smelling something weird, “Those are the worst!” “Who knows,” shrugs Anna, hopeful, “It may be something fun this time.”

At 10pm, Chiasa and her friends sit in the first four seats in the front of the auditorium, near the stage. The place is filled with students, all awaiting the event, and chatting among themselves. Finally, the school’s Principal, Mr. Yusagi, steps onto the stage and speaks into the microphone, “Your attention please.” Everyone grows silent. “Thank you,” he continues, “Today, I’ve called you all here, for it’s time to give out the awards for academic achievements.”

“Well, that’s sorta exciting.” June whispers to Anna. “But not by much.” frowns Anna, a little disappointed. Chiasa mind wonders to Kain, as there is a long while of reciting names of students who made the top achievement awards, each person getting a round of applause after receiving an certificate or plaque. She really could care less about this, school in general, and would rather spend her days in the arms of Kain.

“Okay,” nods Principal Yusagi, after the last award was given and the applause died down, “This year is still very new and for those who didn’t earn anything today, you can still achieve an award, if you work hard and study well. And for the last announcement… We have two new students joining us this year. Kirk and Judy Anderson, brother and sister… please come onto the stage.” Instantly, Chiasa eyes were drawn to the dark spiky haired boy wearing the uniformed shirt and tie, but a pair of ripped blue jeans, an earing in one ear. And the long red haired girl, with her shirt tied in a bow at the side, under the blazer but is still clearly seen. She wore lots of charms around her neck and had lots of bracelets on her left wrist. These two were obviously not Japanese.

“They are exchange students from America.” nods Principal, “Please make them feel welcome and help them, whenever you can.” “Odd…” blinks Mina. “Cool.” gasps June, staring at the foreigners. Chiasa was more drawn to them, not because of their weird look or that they were American, but she felt something stir within her… a sudden recognition of her own kind. And they seemed to feel it too, looking directly toward her.

By lunchtime, Chiasa sat at an empty table and the new students sat with her, ignoring the whispers and stares. “Uh,” stammers the boy, in sloppy Japanese, “Sumimasen, ii dess ka-?” “Yes, you may sit here.” interrupts Chiasa, not letting him struggle with the sentence. “Oh, good.” he sighs, in relief, “You speak English!” The girl chuckles. “I speak many languages.” nods Chiasa, “I can tell that you two are very young.” “We’re only 50 years old.” agrees the girl, “I’m Judy and this is Kirk.”

“Yes,” nods Chiasa, feeling a little uncomfortable, “I know, that’s what Principal Yusagi told us… My real question is, why are you here?” “For the battle,” shrugs Kirk, with a slight grin, “What else?” “We’ve been to the Morioka branch, already.” explains Judy, “And have been debriefed on the current status. As an cover, they got us into this school. Which has been a little tough for Kirk mostly, as his Japanese is a little rusty.” “Hey!” he frowns, giving her a sharp look, “It’s not all that bad!”

“I see.” nods Chiasa, “So one of you is a fighter and the other is a Keeper. I guess that you are the Keeper, Judy?” “Why do you say that?”, grins Kirk, but waves, “You’re not wrong, but most would guess the other way around.” “I don’t know.” sighs Chiasa, “It’s just that Judy has the calm of my Keeper and reminds me of him, a little.” “Well,” she sighs, ” That’s either a compliment or insult. I hope it is the former.”

“By the way,” points out Chiasa, “You will have to wear the regulation uniforms… and in it’s proper way, or you may be expelled. I sure that they are letting you slide on that, because you are new and all, but-” “Wait,” frowns Kirk, moving his hands in a time-out signal, “Are you seriously taking about THAT? Isn’t there more pressing matters at hand, beside children’s uniforms?” “Oh,” sings Judy, giving Chiasa a now curious look, “You must be her.” “Oh!” sings Kirk, nodding along.

“Her?” asks Chiasa, confused by that statement. “The girl who is half sleeping and half awake.” nods Kirk, staring oddly at her. “Did Headquarters tell you that?” frowns Chiasa, annoyed. “They wouldn’t dare to.” shrugs Judy, and then leans in closer, “It’s just that we ‘saw’ you, in visions…  you’re the one that the Source is after.” Chiasa’s eyes open widely, in shock. “What do you know of it?” she demands.

“Well,” says Kirk, blushing a little, “We know why the Source is after you, in particular. It’s because you will be the one to reach it and destroy it.” Chiasa is frozen in deep shock…


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