Part 18: The Reveal

October 9, 2009

“Well,” says Kirk, blushing a little, “We know why the Source is after you, in particular. It’s because you will be the one to reach it and destroy it.” Chiasa is frozen in deep shock…

Immediately, after school, Chiasa calls Kain on her cell-phone. “Yes,” he answers, driving within traffic, “This is K… Chiasa? What is the matter? What? Who? Okay… where are you? …Just stay right there, I’m on my way!” He makes a sharp turn, cutting off two motorist, and heads toward the school.

A very upset Chiasa, sit outside of the school on the cold cement, lost and upset. All day long, she had to pretend that the reveal of the vision from the two new students didn’t disturb her. She had just said her goodbyes to her friends, in a very fake smile and happy voice, but the thought of the Source after her paralyzed her suddenly and she just couldn’t bring herself to head for home. If what Kirk and Judy had said is true, it means that she is a huge risk for her adoptive family, that she loves so much.

Kain pulls up the car quickly, coming to a screeching halt, at the same time the power-window lowers. “Get in.” he says the weepy teen girl, as she is sitting on the ground, “We need to go to headquarters, NOW!” Chiasa slowly pulls herself up from the ground and walks around the car to the passenger side door. As  soon as she closes the door behind herself, Kain takes off in high speed and wildly.

“Kain,” Chiasa says, drained of all emotion, “Please calm down.” “Calm down?” he laughs, dryly, “Sure… right! Why shouldn’t I be calm? I mean, just two newbies showed up out of nowhere and answered an question that I was looking into. And it turns out it’s an answer that wasn’t to be expected or make any sense! And on top of it, they chose to dump that information on you, which you are already in a fragile state as it is! Not to mention that The Council did not call or clue me in the development of two new people entering this situation! Which just makes my job all the more difficult! So, yeah, maybe I am a tad pissed off!”

He cuts off another motorist, just missing an huge chance for an accident, as the other driver blares it’s horn. “Kain!” shouts Chiasa, sternly, “Calm the hell down!” He takes a deep breath and eases up on the gas peddle a little. “You’re right.” he sighs, “It’s just we are trying to help the humans, but they aren’t making it easy for us, are they?” “Yes,” agrees Chiasa, with a tired nod, “I think this Headquarters is the most incompetent branch we’ve ever came across yet.”

Within the same tinted window conference room, it seems a bit empty, as only six people sat at one end of the table, closest to the double wooden doors. None of the Council Members were present, except Dr. Jaden and General Yamada. The other four present to this meeting was, of course, Chiasa and Kain, along with the new couple. This meeting was to be recorded and shared in classified documents with the rest of the Council, immediately after. Even this arrangement annoyed the hell out of Kain, as it was more evidence of this operation’s incompetence.

Chiasa squeezed his hand lightly, sensing that Kain was ready to lose his temper again. He did calm down, before he spoke, choosing his words carefully. “This is an awful mess.”, Kain begins, “As there was a break down in protocol. No one notified me our new guests and their cover within Chiasa’s school.” “They had just arrived here before dawn,” waved Yamada, not really caring to explain anything to Kain, “We had to integrate them quickly. Besides, I don’t remember you being the boss of this whole operation. I’m sure you would have been notified, but it’s not like you are the Top Brass here.”

“Funny!” snaps Kain, reacting to Yamada’s flippant response, “Being that your safety and the safety of all humans in this pitiful country and world, rest squarely on my shoulders and my kind’s shoulders! It seems as though, the ‘Top Brass’ should always rest on either me or the ones doing all the dirty work to keep your asses safe!” “I agree.” nods Judy, a little annoyed, “Kain and Chiasa should have been notified, right away. It is useless to notify humans first, as they’re not the one handling things, it is us!”

“Maybe so,” says General Yamada, still not ready to admit any error, “But we do things a certain way around here and although we are very grateful for your service, we do not engage in letting outsiders walk in and take over an operation, even if that person or persons prove to be our greatest asset.” “That’s just stupid.” huffs Kirk, folding his arms. “Military crap.” nods Judy, “He’s not going to admit that he made a error, so let’s just move on.” Kain had thoughts of strangling the old man, right then and there, but Chiasa’s constant squeezes calmed him down a bit.

“Now, then,” says Judy, taking control of this conversation, “I am sorry we caused an upset to you, Chiasa. I know it was unwise to just blurt that out, I wasn’t thinking well. And I do apologize.” “This vision,” frowns Kain, looking Judy in the eye, “It doesn’t make any sense. Please elaborate. Why again is the Source after Chiasa.” “She is the only one who can reach and destroy it.” says Judy, quite plainly, “Well, more accurately, for this century, she is. I think that every century or so, there is one of our kind who’s path is more directly in match with the Source’s own path. Making it more likely that one of us will reach it and of course destroy it.”

Chiasa covers her eyes in distraught. “Why me?” she asks, near tears, “I am not even all of myself. I’m so very emotional still, with the teenage memories still attached. How can I be the one to defeat the Source?” “Maybe,” says Kirk, in deep thought, “It’s because of that fact and situation, of you having two personalities, that you are more on the path of the Source at this moment.” “Whatever the case,” shrugs Judy, “The Source is very fearful and he will try to strike again… and soon. He won’t stop until Chiasa is dead.”

“And so,” nods Dr. Jaden, ” As we speak, agents are reconstructing the cover for you, Chiasa. They are adding in the memory and documents that you are gravely ill, taken to some hospice to recover. You will be removed from your adoptive family’s home and placed in the full custody of Kain.” Chiasa gives Kain and uneasy look, as he pats her shoulder.  “Yes,” continues General Yamada, “And Kain, you will be relocated as well, along with Chiasa, with the renewed cover that you’ve gained a new job offer. Your things are being removed to another location, along with Chiasa’s, a newer apartment complex with is owned and secured by the Japanese government.”

“In other words,” frowns Kain, “We’ll be like rats in a cage, watched over by ‘Big Brother’, is that it?” “It’s better than forfeiting your lives to the Source, without any backup.”  grunts Yamada. “So, you say.” frowns Kain. “Your backup would only be an distraction, anyway.” waves Kirk, a smirk on his face, “The Source is more powerful than any human or a few million of them… But, I guess that could be helpful to Kain and Chiasa, should the Source shows up. While it’s tossing your men around like mere toys, it will give Chiasa enough time to strike.”  “Don’t be crude, Kirk.” frowns Judy. “What?” he laughs, “It’s true!”

“Nonetheless,” says Yamada, choosing to ignore those claims of Kirk, “It has already been done. If it’s true that Chiasa will be the one to destroy the Source, it means that all of this may be ending, for good. No more would we have to fear demons or the Source’s threats. All and all, I’d say that’s a very good thing to hope for, an final end to this war.” “General,” grins Kain, leaning on the table, “I didn’t know you were so optimistic and poetic. You surprise me, sir.” “O-Of course I am!” Yamada sputtered, turning crimson.

“My family…” asks Chiasa, sadly, “What’s going to happen to them? How will they live, without me?”…


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