Part 19: Homesick

October 16, 2009

“My family…” asks Chiasa, sadly, “What’s going to happen to them? How will they live, without me?”…

No one really answered those questions for her, just whisking Chiasa off to a new environment with Kain. The apartment was very nice, fully furnished, a huge bedroom, one full bathroom, and small kitchen and dining room, and nice sized living room. All of their things sat in unmarked boxes, stacked neatly in a corner. Kain happily, opens one box, lifting up a dull white plate. “I found the plate-ware!” he smiles at Chiasa, “It’s not all that fancy, as I was living alone, a bachelor. So if you hate them, we can buy new ones.”

Chiasa gives a sad smile toward his enthusiasm, just leaning on the wall nearby. “I understand,” he sighs, resting the plate back into it’s box, “This must be a little difficult for you. You are still half of that teenage girl and now you are suddenly separated from the only family that you knew.” “It’s weird, isn’t it?” sighs Chiasa, sitting on the floor next to Kain, “Before I wanted to be rid of that created life and now that I am, I miss it and want to go back. It’s weird, I know.” “No,” he says, placing a hand on hers, “Not entirely. It’s the two personalities battling each other… which is all of my fault.”

Chiasa wraps her arms around his neck and gives him a soft kiss on his chin. “Don’t worry,” she said, trying on her best smile, “You did the right thing, in waking me up. Don’t blame yourself too much, because I don’t.” “That’s very sweet,” he frowns, “But that doesn’t change the fact that you are suffering because of what I’ve done. Sure, I had no choice but to do it, and it was the right thing, but I hate that you’re struggling so much.” “Kain,” she says, changing the subject, “I’m hungry.” “Oh!” he says, pulling away and returning to the box, “Time to use the plate-ware that I found!”

Chiasa watches as, as Kain feels like he’s achieved something huge, by finding the plates. He marches into the kitchen with them, singing a jaunty tune. “What a dork.” smiles Chiasa, but finds the whole thing endearing. She just didn’t want him to see her suffering or focusing too much on it. Even with a smile, her heart is breaking, wondering how her parents and Ryu is fairing without her. She collapses onto the soft plush couch and tries to figure out her own emotions.

After dinner, Kain and her sit in silence, watching a tv program. She refuses to cry, as she knows she rather be at home, around the dinner table with her parents and brother. This will be her first night without them, or it seems like that is her first night away from home. The fact is, she spent centuries without family and only in the company of Kain. This was really their first night back together, in a really long while. She should feel happy, yet, she just feels homesick and wants to go home!

“You’re not saying anything,” Kain sighs, pulling her closer to him, “Yet, it’s not like I can’t feel the turmoil that you’re going through. You want to go home. This doesn’t feel like home to you, with me. I know this.” “What?” she says. in her best cheery voice, “What are you saying? This is awesome.”

“Oh, please.” he frowns, looking her in the eyes, sternly, “Who are you trying to fool? I wish you didn’t insult my intelligence like that… or yours, for that matter. When will you ever learn, Chiasa? When you are happy, I feel it. And when you are in pain, I feel that too. You always try to pretend, for centuries, and hide your emotions from me. But you can’t. It comes off you in waves, most noticeable to me always, and we seem to have this same conversation throughout the centuries. One day, you’re going to trust me that I won’t break or crumble when you are hurting. That I am here with you and for you, no matter what.”

Tears fall from Chiasa’s eyes, as she isn’t able to have a response to that. Kain kisses her forehead and holds her close. “Listen,” he says, full of care and understanding, “I know it’s going to take time. And I am here for you. I’ll try to make this arrangement as comfortable as possible.” “I’m tired.” she only manages to say. “Well,” he says, giving her another quick kiss, ” Let’s head for bed, then. All will be better in the morning.”

Within the bedroom, Chiasa looks through her boxes of clothes, finding her night clothes. She quickly dresses, her back toward Kain, as he pulls down the covers of the bed. She feels a little awkward, climbing into this strange huge bed, with a centuries old lover that she can hardly remember. He cuddles her from behind, kissing her neck softly, as she weeps silently. “Tomorrow will be better.” he assures her, as she stares from the dark room, out of the window into the moonlit sky. After a while, she falls asleep in his warm embrace.

Chiasa doesn’t dream at all, just in a sea of empty darkness, no sound and she feels lost. If this was the dream, she has no idea what it signifies. She is then awaken in a sea of bright sunshine, an unknown and new blue ceiling above her.

Kain’s face appears in her laying view. “Good morning!” he grins, peering down on her. “Did you sleep well?” “I slept.” she mumbles. “I have made coffee and breakfast for you.” he continues, “It’s waiting in the kitchen.” “Coffee?” she asked, confused. “Yes,” he nods, “It is your favorite beverage, if you can remember.” “I do…” she says, sitting up in bed, “Sorta.” “Well,” shrugs Kain, “Get dressed and have some breakfast. Later, we can go check out some of the shops, downtown.”

“Where are you going?” asks Chiasa, realizing that this was leading to an goodbye. “I have to stop by the market.” he answers, “They didn’t leave us much food here. I guess, their ignorance is that creatures like us don’t eat much. Either that, the government here are cheapskates.” Chiasa giggles. “Oh,” grins Kain, looking over her lovingly, “So she can laugh, after all. Don’t worry, I will be back quickly, my love.” He glides out of the door, whistling another happy tune.

Chiasa takes a deep sigh, making up her mind that this may not be so bad. Kain is such a goof, but an loving one, and he is making things more comfortable for her. By every passing second, this arrangement feels more and more familiar to her. She hops from the bed, and looks through her boxes for a suitable outfit to wear. Her black tights and purple sweater for today.

After maneuvering the different shower stall, of this new place of hers, she gets dressed and heads for the kitchen. There is a freshly brewed pot of coffee waiting, along with a buttered toast, bacon and eggs, and a note-card. She picked up the card and read it, which had Kain’s scribblings of, “For my love… xoxo…. Kain.” “What a dork!” she blushed, her heart racing. She poured herself a mug of coffee, added sugar and cream, and relaxed onto the stool at the counter. She took a sip and remembered instantly, how much she loves coffee! “Hello,” she grins at the mug, “My old friend, it’s been too long.”

Before she could take a bite of her bacon, she felt something dark moving nearby. “Oh, god.” Chiasa gasps, looking for her sword, in a frenzy of the all of the boxes. She cursed herself and Kain, for not unpacking these crucial items first! After a few minutes of scrambling, she found both hers and Kain’s sword. She grabs up her sword and heads out of the apartment door…


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