Part 20: A Visit

October 16, 2009

“Oh, god.” Chiasa gasps, looking for her sword, in a frenzy of the all of the boxes. She cursed herself and Kain, for not unpacking these crucial items first! After a few minutes of scrambling, she found both hers and Kain’s sword. She grabs up her sword and heads out of the apartment door…

She rushes across the narrow walkway outside of her apartment, heading down two flights of metal and stone stairways, until she reaches the ground floor. Here the hallways are slightly bigger, as the walls are nothing but glass, with the view of a pretty rock garden that sits outside of the complex. Twenty feet ahead of her, is a doorway of the back entrance, while only a few feet behind her is the door leading to the front entrance of the building. But she didn’t feel the darkness was heading for the front, her sword ready, and her eyes fixed on that cold steel back-door ahead.

The sun was shining brightly through the glass, casting a bright light into the hallways, with it’s warmth. Yet to Chiasa, she felt cold, and everything seemed to be cast in the darkest of grays. What was approaching was unlike anything that Chiasa ever felt in her entire existence. The back-door opened and she held her breath, waiting for the evil that would walk through and into her new home…

A figured walked into the building, closing the door behind it, the echoes of it’s shoes approaching her surrounded. In a moment, the image of a man, no older than his late twenties came into view. He was wearing normal clothes, a dark blue blazer over a white shirt, blue jeans, and brown boots. What was not so common, was his long snowy white hair and orange colored eyes. He wore the most sickly grin on his face, as he walked toward Chiasa, and all at once she knew who he was.

“Stay where you are!” she demanded, pointing her sword toward him. With an lazy wave of his hand, her sword was suddenly pulled from her hands by a unknown force, and thrown against the front door. Chiasa is shaken by this show of power, but turns to retrieve her sword. “Stop!” a dark and gravely voice commands, “I didn’t come here to fight. This is just a visit.” Chiasa turns around slowly, as the man stops a few feet away from her, that sickly grin still present on his face.

“Nice to meet you…Chiasa.” he said, his voice giving her a chill up her spine. It reminded her of a lion’s roar, thick with danger within it, deep and more of growl than a real voice. “The Source.” she said, weakly. “Oh,” he waves, “That title… It’s so outdated, given to me since the start of this war. By all means, please call me Ezekiel.” “I rather call you nothing.” hiss Chiasa. “Tsk, tsk!” he said, waving a finger, “Let’s be nice. After all, we are of the same kind.” “Right.” said Chiasa, doubtful, folding her arms.

“It’s true.” nods Ezekiel, his eyes blazing with joy, “I am not a different ‘kind’ than you are or the others. We’re all cut from the same cloth… this is why it’s possible for you or anyone else, like our kind, to kill me. Possible, but not probable, that is. The only difference between you and I is, I had chosen my path against the humans long ago. Yet you choose to coddle such filth. I have to wonder why that is… you do know, that even if the war was to end on the humans side of things, that they would never accept you or the others. You do know that, right?”

“You must be really running scared.” scoffs Chiasa, a slight grin, “To go to all of this trouble to reach me, only to try and spout lies and to confuse me. I’m already confused enough… I’m not falling for your tricks and adding more confusion into the mix.” Ezekiel laughs, a deep and earth-shaking laugh, that makes Chiasa a lot nervous. “Is that what you have summarized?” he grins, “It’s so very trite and arrogant of a thought, not to mention utterly ridiculous. I am known as ‘The Source’, after all, so why would I need to stoop to such tricks? I’m not here to confuse, at all. I’ve come with a proposition, a deal, if you will…

“You see, ever since you showed up on my radar as a threat, I have been going about it all wrong. I hated you, reviled you, and reacted much like a child in sending my best to destroy you. Not that I worry or believe that such a weak and insignificant speck, as yourself, can really be a threat to me. I do have my reasons for that thought, please don’t argue or say something cliché in response.” Chiasa stayed silent, giving him a bored look. “Well,” he continues, “Somewhere along the lines, I began to have feelings for you… a fondness. The same way you have spied me, I had watched you in a series of visions, your struggles and interactions. You are a quite beautiful creature and I enjoyed watching you much.” “Pervert!” she growls, her fists clenched at her sides.

“But,” waves Ezekiel, ignoring her comment, ” Sadly, you are on the WRONG side of this war. These humans, that you hold so dear, are nothing more than disgusting mistakes, made by gods… They are so very flawed, that even though you and the others fight and risk your lives for them, they are still fearful of you all. And after they are done using you, to defeat me and my true warriors, they will then try to destroy the ones that they fear next… and that is you and the rest of our kind, my dear.

“So, I am here… in a attempt to hopefully talk some sense into you. Maybe you will become my Queen, on the right side of this battle. I thought it was only fair to offer it, before the real battle begins.” “How nice of you,” says Chiasa, dryly, “No, thanks.” “Pity.” he sighs, putting his hands into his pockets, “I thought you might answer that. But, I had to be sure and give it a fair chance. Anyway, it was nice meeting you, Chiasa.” He turns to leave.

“That’s it?” she frowns, waiting for an attack or a battle to start. “That’s it.”, Ezekiel sighs, his back turned to her still, “I just wanted to make sure. No fighting this time, just a peaceful visit. But next time that we will shall meet, I’ll feast on your blood.” Chiasa got a sudden chill at those words and turned to reach for her sword. Before she could place a finger on it, she heard the slam of the back-door… he was already gone, in the matter of seconds…


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