Part 21: A Plot

October 23, 2009

“That’s it.”, Ezekiel sighs, his back turned to her still, “I just wanted to make sure. No fighting this time, just a peaceful visit. But next time that we will shall meet, I’ll feast on your blood.” Chiasa got a sudden chill at those words and turned to reach for her sword. Before she could place a finger on it, she heard the slam of the back-door… he was already gone, in the matter of seconds…

Chiasa stares at the unmoving door, for a shot moment, the deafening sound of silence surrounding her. She is poised with her sword, thinking this is a trick, and waiting for the Source to come back in a frenzy. But he was not coming back, not now.

The front door swings open with a thud, causing her to spin around to face a very rushed Kain. He was obviously out of breath, sweating a little, and worry across his face. “You’re always late.” sighs Chiasa, sheathing her sword. “Did it hurt you?” he shook, moving closer to her, to check for obvious wounds, “Did it attack?” “No.” she said, feeling a bit confused and numb, “He just wanted to talk. Weird, isn’t it?” “He?” asked Kain, taken aback a little.

“The Source,” explains Chiasa, trying to choose her words carefully so that it will make sense, “It came in the form of a man, long white hair, but the eyes were not human… He said his name is Ezekiel.” “I don’t care what it chooses to call itself.” said Kain, a little agitated, “What I care to know is what was the Source’s angle… why was it here?” “He wanted to talk me into joining his side.” nods Chiasa, agreeing with the confusion in Kain’s eye, “He said something about wanting me as his Queen.” “Sonnafabitch!” growls Kain, shocking Chiasa with his sudden outburst, “You’re MY Queen! Besides, this is a pretty low maneuver, even for the Source itself! What the hell is going on!?”

Chiasa softly holds Kain’s hand. “Please calm down.” she said, sternly, “It’s not like I agreed. And I thought the same too… that this was just some trick to confuse me more. But, I believe… that he was being sincere? Is it possible for such an evil force to gain a crush, I wonder… Whatever the case, he seemed to be no different than a love-sick boy, asking a girl on a date. Which is odd, within itself.” “And he just left?” asked Kain, still in confusion, “No attack or anything?” “Just with disappointment,” she waves, “And a threat to kill me, next time we met.”

“I am so sorry.” sighs Kain, slumping against the wall, “I am a horrible Keeper… I shouldn’t have left you alone for so long. And I got back so very late. If he wanted to kill you, he could have and I wouldn’t been able to stop it.” “It’s okay.” assures Chiasa. “No,” frowns Kain, waving away her words, “It’s not okay. I am truly sorry. And I promise it won’t happen again.” They stand in silence for a few seconds, within the sun-covered hallway.

“Kain,” says Chiasa, finally, “Should we report this to the Council?” “They already know.” nods Kain, toward a wall nearby, “This whole place surveillanced, especially this hallway and the doors. They’ve already seen the whole thing. Any moment now, we may get a phone call, asking us to come to headquarters. But, I think we shouldn’t wait for the call… is best that we should leave now. But, Chiasa…” He looks to her bare feet. “Oh, right.” she blushes, remembering now that she wasn’t wearing any shoes. She had rushed out the apartment so very fast and there was no time for much of anything.

After recovering her shoes, Chiasa and Kain head for the car, and then on their way to headquarters. Kain is silent during the drive, as Chiasa knows he is deep within thought, about the situation. And she knew exactly what he was wondering the most, “If the building is surveillanced, why wasn’t backup called in?” It would be foolish to send in armed humans, after a being that is plenty powerful. Yet, Chiasa and others like her, are prime assets to the humans. It would have been an knee-jerk reaction for the secret government to send in help for Chiasa, not leaving her alone with the Source.

What was clear was that General Yamada is most in charge of these types of decisions, in this country. And Chiasa felt uneasy, as she knew Kain would have another burst of anger toward the bumbling old man…

When they got to headquarters, the two were a little taken aback, as Kirk and Judy was there waiting as well. “We felt the Source, it’s presence.” nods Judy, toward Chiasa and Kain’s confused looks, “So, we thought it was best to come to headquarters. We knew that most likely, it had made contact with Chiasa.” “It did.” nods Kain, firmly. “Wow!” shrieks Kirk, rushing over the Chiasa, “Are you okay!? I mean, coming up against such evil alone!” “I’m fine.” blushes Chiasa, “Actually, the Source was not there to fight, but to try an make some sort of deal with me.” “Seriously!?” shrieks Kirk, his eyes large as saucers.

“Save the details for the meeting.” says Dr. Jaden, heading from the conference room, “We are now ready for you all. Come with me.” All four followed Dr. Jaden, into a nosy room, the Council all present and talking about the situation among themselves. Chiasa and Kain took their usual seats, at the end of the huge table, as Kirk and Judy sat in chairs near the double oak doors. This room suddenly seemed small, with everyone in it.

“Ahem!” growls Yamada, triggering a silence, “I am glad that we were all able to make it, on short notice. First of all, I want to apologize to Chiasa, for the security slip. I was not notified sooner of the Source’s visit. Otherwise, I would have ordered in some backup, for you and Kain. I am disgusted at the lack of communication and technical response of the surveillance team. And people are being reprimanded.” “I see.” nods Kain, satisfied with that.

“It’s okay.” waves Chiasa, “Even if there was a response, it may have made the situation worse. The Source had stopped by, trying to make a deal with me.” “We had lost audio,” frowns Yamada, “So, you will have to give us details, of that conversation, Chiasa.” She began telling a room of listening ears, what the Source had offered and her answer to it. She left out any mention of his words, that the humans didn’t trust her or others like her, that they would turn on her and her kind in the end of this war. She didn’t see that as necessary information, that the humans needed to know.

“I see…” Yamada grins slightly, “The Source must be severally threaten, to stoop so low, as to offer you to join him. That gives us hope that this war will indeed end soon, with Chiasa being the final blow to the Source and the destruction to it.” Everyone has such looks of hope and relief on their faces, which made it all the more difficult for Chiasa to speak her next words.

“No,” she says, sadly, “It’s not a sign of that, at all. I had thought that at first too. But, that isn’t true. Ezekiel may be many things, the most evil and twisted, but he is far from being afraid. He didn’t come to me, to twist my mind or to get me join him, to spare himself. He did so, because he genuinely believes that he is in love with me. We wanted to spare me, but since I’ve rejected him, he is back to his old plot. He will not stop and he will try to destroy me and anyone else, who tries to get in his way.”

Chiasa looks across the table at General Yamada. “In other words, there is no plot here. And the Source is as confident as he ever were. Nothing has changed.” Yamada looks nervous, as the Council begins to murmur once again…


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