Part 22: Twisted

October 23, 2009

Chiasa looks across the table at General Yamada. “In other words, there is no plot here. And the Source is as confident as he ever were. Nothing has changed.” Yamada looks nervous, as the Council begins to murmur once again…

“It’s odd,” says Dr. Jaden, in a faraway voice, “That something so evil would consider a thing, like ‘love’.” “I have to agree.” nods Chiasa, as the Council listens in, “It does seem unlikely, that such a creature could ever love anything. But he seems to truly believe that he does. Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem like the kind to handle rejection well. So, I suspect that he will be more vigorous in trying to destroy me.” “It’s nothing that we can’t handle.” nods Kain, toward some of the worried looks and concern, “I won’t make the mistake of leaving Chiasa again. I plan to stay by her side always and at all times. even if I have an errand, Chiasa will be there with me… and vice versa.” “Kain…” sighs Chiasa, holding his hand, trying to wave away his guilt.

“And our mistakes,” nods Yamada, determined, “Will not repeat itself either! I’m making sure that surveillance team will be reformed, with better professionals and better equipment. You may have some visitors in your building, for the following weeks. People under the cover of maintenance, installing new equipment. Also those under the cover of new neighbors… but they will be agents of Morioka.” The Council agrees with this plan, talking and nodding toward Yamada’s quick thinking.

That night, back in their apartment, Kain and Chiasa unpack some things and make sure their swords are within reach. They eat dinner and watch a little tv, in silence. Chiasa knows that Kain is still feeling some guilt, over his absence of being there for her, when the Source came to visit. But she tries to assure him that it’s okay, cuddling closer to him. They head for bed, in silence, and drift off to sleep.

The next morning, more of a worry hits Chiasa, as she heads for shower. She turns on the hot water and steps into the stall, closing the glass door behind her. In the water and steam, her mind races over the fact that it will be her that will destroy the Source. She can’t imagine how, as most of her skill is still lost in slumber. She knows that she is many centuries old and can feel her long passage of lives… but in many ways, she is still that teenage girl that she was created to be. Her reaction to battles is still that of a teenager and she wonders how she would ever find the strength to kill such a powerful being.

She remembers the visit, a flashback, of Ezekiel giving a slight wave and disarming her. If he is that powerful, what chance did she really have against him. Could Kirk and Judy’s vision had been wrong? Then she is reminded, that Ezekiel also had such a vision too… None of this made any sense. She turns off the water and steps out into the chilly bathroom.

Kain is sitting on the floor nearby, half asleep. “KAIN!!!!” shrieks Chiasa, trying to cover herself, in horror! “What!?” he says, jumping awake, “What happened?” “Oh, my god!” she screams, grabbing a towel, “I’m naked!!! What are you doing!?” “Oh,” he waves, a little annoyed, “I said that I would stay by your side.” “The Source isn’t going to attack me in the shower!!!” she screams, wrapping the towel around herself. “You don’t know that!” he frowns, standing to his feet, “And why are you freaking out? It’s nothing I haven’t seen before.”

“You pervert!!!” she growls, blushing, “Get out! Get out! Get out!” “Funny,” he grins, as she is pushing him out the door, “I wonder how an lover can be a pervert. Granted, I haven’t seen all of you, in a while… but, still…” She growls one last angry yell and slams the door on him, locking it. He leans against the door, with a sigh, a goofy grin on his face.

Before Kain could lament, his cell-phone rings, the call coming from headquarters. “What is it now?” he frowns, hating to be interrupted. He answers the phone, while heading into the living room for some privacy. “This is Kain.”, he answers. “Great,” says an nervous and very agitated Kirk, on the other line, “We really need your help, man!” “What?” frowns Kain, confused, “Kirk? How did you get this number?”

“No time!” rushes Kirk, “I’ll explain that later. Right now, here’s what important. Judy and I were taken in by Morioka. Apparently, some humans were attacked and killed by demons who looked like humans, last night. They think it was two of our kind, who did it! Since you guys are surveillanced, you are in the clear. But they’re thinking that it was Judy and me, who killed that couple last night! They’re not letting us go and grilling us much. I insisted that I get a phone call to you!”

“Okay,” frowns Kain, not liking this idea, “We’ll be there to help. Just hold on and stay calm. Answer their questions, truthfully, in the meanwhile.” “Okay,” says Kirk, sounding relieved, “Thanks. And hurry. They’re starting to piss off Judy a lot and I’m afraid that she may just lose it and injure some humans.” “Hmm,” nods Kain, understanding that a lot, “I will be there shortly, with Chiasa.” He hung up to phone and turned to see a very worried, and dressed, Chiasa standing behind him.

“That was Kirk.” she nods, “I could tell. And I just had a vision too. It wasn’t him or Judy.” “That much is obvious.” shrugs Kain, “But…?” “Yes,” sighs Chiasa, “It was one of our kind, two of our kind, actually. A fighter and a Keeper. It’s unclear on WHY they decided to kill humans.” “They may be on the Source’s side.” said Kain, gravely, “It did ask you to join it, so it is fair to summarize that it asked others of our kind to join it also. It wouldn’t be the first time, that something like this has happened.”

“Really?” asks Chiasa, in shock. “I guess you can’t remember that part.” nods Kain, in deep thought, “All demons were once like us, in the beginning. Before the Source was sent to this world. They had became twisted and different forms, due to their hate for God. Or so, that’s the way to old story goes. So, it’s not unlikely for those of our kind, to lose our way and to follow such evil. I’ve only heard it happen once, a few centuries before I came into existence, but it did happen before. I believe my account of it and your vision is enough to clear both Kirk and Judy. Let’s go.”

“Yes,” nods Chiasa, “We better hurry, as Judy has a temper like you do. I would hate for us to show up too late, only to find some injured humans. And it would be harder for us to convince anyone of their innocence too, if that happened.” Kain gives a soft smile, at the thought…


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