Part 23: Traitors

October 30, 2009

“Yes,” nods Chiasa, “We better hurry, as Judy has a temper like you do. I would hate for us to show up too late, only to find some injured humans. And it would be harder for us to convince anyone of their innocence too, if that happened.” Kain gives a soft smile, at the thought…

Both Chiasa and Kain head into the familiar building, early in this morning. They are both a little sleepy and hungry, as they didn’t have time for breakfast. They step onto the elevator, as Kain types in the secret code, with the intentions of rescuing Kirk and Judy.

On a secret floor for investigations and interrogations, a very happy Kirk rushes over and hugs onto and uneasy Kain. “Thank you, man!” he sighs, in great relief, “I thought things were really going to get ugly for us!” “Y-yeah,” says Kain, trying to shake free of the clinging boy, “No problem.” “Are you okay?” Chiasa asks an very annoyed Judy. “I’m fine.” she growls, giving the investigators a very dark look. “Where’s Yamada?” asks Kain, toward the investigators, Kirk still hugging onto him.

The team was a stern looking man and woman, the man tall and slender and the woman a bit shorter, but also slender. The both regarded Kain and the others, as nothing more than subjects, a tool for the government. “He is on his way,” says the man, running an hand through his dark hair, “You should just sit here and wait.” “If what you claim is true,” continues the dark haired woman, with the icy eyes, “The General will want to ask more questions.” “Fair enough.” shrugs Kain. Judy mumbles to herself, about nothing about this being fair, and a few curses about the investigators.

They sit in a row of chairs, outside of the investigators office. Kain sits next to Chiasa, on his left Kirk is seated and still holding onto his arm, and Judy sits on Kirk’s left. “Um,” said Kain, still uncomfortable, “You can let go now, Kirk.” “I’m just SO happy that you are here for us!” he smiles, still nuzzling Kain’s arm. “Looks like you made a new friend.” grins Chiasa, as Judy sighs,  still annoyed.

In moments, Yamada enters the floor and the investigators have a talk with him first, behind a glass window. The four can not hear the conversation, but can tell from Yamada’s expression that he’s not too happy. He then turns toward the glass and motions for them all to follow him. “That’s our cue.” says Kain, standing, still not able to shake a clingy Kirk free.

“I’m sorry for the mix up.” nods Yamada, as everyone heads for the elevators, “This whole thing is still unfolding and information about last night is still pouring in.” “I understand.” nods Kain, finally pulling away from Kirk’s grip, “So, an couple was killed last night?” “Yes,” answers Yamada, a lot agitated with the facts, “The couple murdered were a young man and woman, who attended an elite college, with plans of becoming doctors. Their deaths were senseless and brutal, the Source is written all over this.”

“The two in question,” asks Judy, “Of our kind who did this crime, is there any information on them?” “None as of yet.” says Yamada, shaking his head, “Only that they seemed young, yet deadly. There is a surveillance footage of the crime, from a nearby security camera in a market, but it’s too dark to make out their faces. What is clear is that attackers wasn’t human, with the speed of their movements, and they slaughtered the college couple with incredible strength.” Chiasa looks to the floor, disgusted and a bit sad for the loss of life.

“They are traitors, for sure.” said Kirk, shaking his head. “Don’t worry,” nods Kain, toward Yamada, “They are of our kind and we will handle it.” “Be sure that you do.” says Yamada. with an tired sigh, “If you can not, then it’s up to us to get handle the situation. Demons are one thing, but those of your kind killing…” “It will be handled.” assured Kain. They all step onto the elevator, heading for the first floor.

Later that night, Kain, Chiasa, Judy, and Kirk patrol the streets, looking for signs of the attackers. “I just don’t get it.” frowns Kirk, as they stop in an alley, “Why would one of us want to join the Source?” “There are many reasons,” nods Judy, “None of them right or sane, of course. The Source is known to promise things like power, to those who join it. So that may be one of the reason why. Or it has a way of blackmailing too, if the person of our kind is not innocent in something.” “No,” waves Chiasa, remembering what Ezekiel had tried to convinced her of, “I don’t think it’s that at all.”

Kain, Kirk, and Judy look her way, waiting for her theory. “No,” she continues, “I think he has convinced them that the humans are just using them, that they are unwanted and untrusted. That in the end, the humans will turn on them and hunt them down, if he is ever destroyed and the war is over.” Kain looks doubtful. “Think about it,” says Chiasa, “The way we are treated by the humans. Such an idea is not so much of a leap. The way the investigators treated Kirk and Judy. The way the spoke to us. We are feared and not really trusted. But the humans need us to survive, even though they fear us. They make a secret government program to aid us, against the demons. Yet we are never the ones to call the shots and sometimes we are left in the dark in their plans and in other information. We are hired weapons, but that’s as far as we are trusted. It is a wonder, if the humans WOULD turn on us, after this war is over.”

“Chiasa…” gasps Kirk, worried. “I’m not saying that the Source is right,” she shrugs, “In his thinking of eliminating humans. That isn’t the answer either and two wrongs don’t make a right. But what I am saying is, it’s understandable that he would win over some of our kind, just on the fear that maybe the humans aren’t to be trusted and will do away with us, after we have met their ends. And I believe that these two attackers, traitors even, are just a bit weak and gave into that fear.”

“You may be right.” nods Kain, in deep thought, “It does-” Before he could finish, a dagger flies past Chiasa face, just missing her by inches and hitting the wall behind her. Kain steps in front of her, sword drawn, looking into the darkness. Judy and Kirk draw their weapons.

From the shadows, two young teens step into view, a sneer on their faces. The girl had very light blonde hair and the boy had very dark blonde hair. Both looked as they couldn’t be no older than twelve years old, yet the hatred they had was as old as the beginning of time. “Who’s weak?” asks the boy, his eyes are greedy for the kill…


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