Part 24: Attack

October 30, 2009

From the shadows, two young teens step into view, a sneer on their faces. The girl had very light blonde hair and the boy had very dark blonde hair. Both looked as they couldn’t be no older than twelve years old, yet the hatred they had was as old as the beginning of time. “Who’s weak?” asks the boy, his eyes are greedy for the kill…

“Woah.” frowns Kirk, blinking at the two, “They look too young to be terrors.” “My, my,” frowns the girl, “There are a lot of assumptions being thrown around here, about us.” “So very true,” nods the boy, half bored, “They don’t even know us, but they’re so certain of their thoughts.” “Who are you?” asks Chiasa, stepping from around Kain.

“Well,” smirks the girl, “Is that the ‘Messiah”, herself? The one fated to destroy the Source?” “That’s not going to happen,” nods the boy, “Not on our watch, as the Source is truth and the only Being that cares about us. The humans are a joke.” “But, we’re being rude here.” shrugs the girl, “She did ask us for our names. I’m Gaby and he’s Rafe.” “Now that we’re all acquainted,” nods Rafe, “It’s time for us to kill the weak ones and then take down the Messiah.”

“Bold hopes.” frowns Kain, “You two talk too much.” “Yeah,” scoffs Kirk, “Let’s see you put your money where your mouth is!” “M’kay.” giggles Gaby, a sparkle in her eye. Both attackers moved faster that anyone expected, advancing in less than in second with their weapons drawn. A horrifying realization hit Chiasa, that these two have gained extra power from the Source. That the kill last night was not one of their alliance of evil toward humans, the two were simply trying out their newfound power on the human couple!

“Wait!” Chiasa tried to warned the others, but it was too late. Kirk and Kain reacted to the advance first with Judy quickly behind. Gaby sliced into Kirk and tossed him quickly to the side. Rafe cut Kain at the knees and he collapsed. Judy rushed after Gaby, but she toss Judy like a rag doll, slamming her into the alley’s wall with a loud crunch. The two then turned their attention toward a very shaken Chiasa. “This is so easy.” giggles Gaby, licking her lips. “It’s almost sad.” shrugs Rafe.

He moves toward Chiasa, but Kain grabs the boy by the legs and they began to struggle. The girl moves toward Chiasa, quickly, ready for the kill. In that instant, all of Chiasa’s fear faded and the moment seemed to slow down, her eyes locked on the advancing girl. In the right moment, Chiasa simply raises her sword, and the girl gasps with wide open eyes. Chiasa’s sword is plunged through Gaby’s chest and pointing through the girl’s back.

Gaby coughs up blood, not understanding how she is suddenly skewed, without Chiasa giving much effort to it. “Moving fast isn’t everything.” Chiasa offers to the dying girl, “You may have gained more power, but you don’t have the skill to use it.” The girl gives a faint sigh and then goes limp. “Gaby! NO!” screams Rafe, in obvious pain of his loss. Kirk quickly severs the boy’s head from his body, with one fell swoop, ending his grief in a second.

The alley is full of blood, enough to make Chiasa feel a bit sick. This was different than fighting demons, with acid blood, who melted and disappeared down drains. It was if she killed humans, as the bodies stayed on the ground, and red human-like blood swirled all around her. “Chiasa.” says Kain, sadly, seeing the horror in her eyes, but unable to stand or walk. Kirk kneels by a broken Judy, who is still alive, but badly hurt. “This seems wrong.” gasps Chiasa, “This all seems so wrong.”

The backup rushes in just now, pulling up in many cars and vans, agents of Morioka. Yamada rushed onto the scene, as the government medical team began helping the wounds of Kain, Judy, and Kirk. Another part of the team quickly removes the bodies of Rafe and Gabe. Yamada steps closer to Chiasa and puts a gentle hand on her shoulder, “Are you okay?” “I’m not physically hurt.” she answers, still looking at all of the blood around her. “You did what you had to.” nods Yamada, knowing what Chiasa may be experiencing, as he has been through more than a few wars in his lifetime.

“Did I?” Chiasa said, somber, “All of this senseless killing. Of others getting hurt or killed. Is it something that I HAD to do? Or was I not smart enough, to find another way to this?” “Chiasa…” frowns Yamada. “I need to be with Kain now.” she waves, walking away from the man. She knew that he meant well, but she didn’t want to hear any nonsense about there not being another way. In her heart, she felt like things shouldn’t have ended like this. And she knew, the grief and pain of Rafe, it would haunt her dreams for a long while.

She stood next to Kain’s gurney, that the medical staff placed him on for transport. “Chiasa.” he says, sadly. “They were just like us, Kain.” she says, “They were just like us, but they simply got lost along the way. Did they deserve to die for it?” “No.” answers Kain, sadly, “They didn’t. But honestly, we couldn’t control the situation. There was no time. And this isn’t your fault or any of ours. If you must place blame on someone or something, don’t place it on yourself. Their deaths and their confusion all lies at the foot of the Source.”

“Are you sure?” asks Chiasa, holding back tears. Kain softly pulls her chin, so she is looking into his eyes. “I’m more than sure, Chiasa.” he says, worry in his beautiful green eyes, “There was nothing we could do. There was no other outcome to this. If we had gotten to them sooner, maybe. But the Source kept his plan highly guarded this time. He had warped their minds, way too far and too fast. If there was any hope, we had missed it, by days. But don’t worry. It won’t happen again or we won’t let it. Even if the Source should turn more of our kind against us, we will be ready for it and will be able to handle it differently.”

Chiasa sighs, embracing Kain, hoping that he is right. She could kill demons, but she couldn’t handle killing more of her kind, ever again…

“Interesting.” mused Ezekiel, with the reports of the death of his newest soldiers, “I knew that speed wouldn’t be a factor against her. I just needed to pinpoint her strengths. She is a viable threat and I know exactly why now. And the bonus is that the whole ordeal has made her a little disturbed too. I don’t mind giving that girl some pain.” “Hmm,” says a dark haired man, kneeling by the Source’s feet, “I would say, ‘Hell hath no furry’, but that usually refers to women being slighted in love.” “It has nothing to do with that!” growls the Source, then suddenly smiles, “Hey, Jordan… why don’t you get Heather ready for the next move?”

“Really?” Jordan asks, standing now, “So soon?” “Yes,” says the Source, with a huge grin, “I think it’s best if we keep things coming their way, as they’ll get tried faster. And besides, I’m sure you two won’t make the same mistakes, as Gaby and Rafe.” “Of course not.” said Jordan, half insulted, “We’re not as young and arrogant as those two, we know the girl is nothing to trifle with.” “Good.” nods Ezekiel, “Oh, and do not kill the Keeper… not yet…”


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