Part 25: Neighbors

November 6, 2009

“Really?” Jordan asks, standing now, “So soon?” “Yes,” says the Source, with a huge grin, “I think it’s best if we keep things coming their way, as they’ll get tried faster. And besides, I’m sure you two won’t make the same mistakes, as Gaby and Rafe.” “Of course not.” said Jordan, half insulted, “We’re not as young and arrogant as those two, we know the girl is nothing to trifle with.” “Good.” nods Ezekiel, “Oh, and do not kill the Keeper… not yet…”

Chiasa is feeling numb, sitting on the living room’s floor of the apartment, as Kain waddles around. It’s been three days, since the battle with the traitors in that dark alley, but it feels like it happened just yesterday. She feels a little disturbed about it still, as Kain flexes his bandaged legs. “It’s a good thing we heal fast.” he grins, doing quick squats, “Already, Judy is walking about. She has recovered from her broken ribs and Kirk… well, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had healed over night, to be honest.”

“That’s good news.” says Chiasa, her mind a million miles away. In the midst of her worried thoughts, she is startled as Kain’s face appears suddenly close to hers. “Hey!” he smiles, placing a hand on her shoulder, “Stop doing that, please. You’re making me nervous.” “Doing what?” she asks, confused. “Flying off to that place,” he says with a nod, “Into worry and disturbia.” “I can’t help it.” Chiasa sighs, her hands collapsing into her lap, “Doesn’t it bother you, that we have killed two of our kind?”

“Yes.” Kain answers, his voice firm yet blank, “It disturbs me a lot. Also it bothers Kirk and Judy too. But you wouldn’t know it. That’s because we all realize that there wasn’t any other way, also that this is a war we’re fighting. No one said that war is pleasant and without it’s complications.” “Am I overreacting then?” she asks, afraid to look him in the eye. “Yes.” he answers, giving her a little nudge, “But that’s how you’ve always been. And I love you for it.” “So,” she says, feeling a little weird, “This isn’t just the ‘teenager’ in me, feeling this way?”

“Not at all.” waves Kain, sitting next to her, “This is classic Chiasa, all the way. As long as we’ve been together, you’ve been the worrier and the one to feel things the longest. While I’m busy making the best of a situation, you were always the one to whine and pout.” Chiasa gasped, insulted, and pinched him. “Oww!” he yelps, then frown, “And you’ve always been the more violent one too!” Chiasa giggles. “Hmm,” Kain grins, embracing her, “There’s my girl. Smile and relax a little. I know that things are a bit tough now, but it won’t always be.”

Chiasa allows herself to believe that for a moment, taking in the warmth of Kain’s arms around her, and cuddling against his chest. They are interrupted by the ring of Kain’s cell-phone. “Dammit.” he frowns, letting go of her and reaching for the phone, which sat on the coffee table nearby, “Every time we get some alone time, then the phone seems to… Hello, this is Kain.” Chiasa sighs and goes back to her far-off world of worry.

“Right.” frowns Kain, on the phone with Yamada, “I see. Okay, we’re on our way.” He hang up the phone. “What does Morioka want now?” asks Chiasa, not really interested in that. “Two new ones,” waves Kain, now pulling himself to his feet, “Of our kind. They’re here to help the cause. Yamada wants us to brief them on our current situation. Though, most likely they’ve already been informed. So, really, I think that Yamada and the others just want us there to help babysit.” “Lovely.” frowns Chiasa, not feeling like traveling today. “Well,” shrugs Kain, “Let’s go and get this over with.”

Within Headquarters, Dr. Jaden leads Kain and Chiasa to a small waiting room. Two others were sitting within this room, which Chiasa instantly felt a familiarity with the two strangers, a sign that they were of her kind. The couple looked to be in their mid-twenties, each. “This is Jordan and  Heather,” introduced Dr. Jaden, “And this is Kain and Chiasa.” A very tall man with long dark hair and beautiful blue eyes, stood and bowed to both Chiasa and Kain, “Nice to meet you.” Heather, a very pretty spiky blond haired woman, kept seated and was seemingly bored with the whole thing.

“Let me guess,” says Chiasa, trying to make conversation, “You’re the Keeper and she is the Fighter?” “How very astute.” grins Jordan, amused, “That is correct. How did you guess?” “I don’t know.” shrugs Chiasa, blushing a bit, “I can pretty much tell who’s the calmer one of a pair. And most likely, the calmer one is the Keeper.” Kain laughs, finding it true and to the point, “That’s my Chiasa.” “Well,” says Heather, a spark in her eye, “I do have my days…” “So, do I.” blushes Chiasa, putting one arm behind her back.

“Well, now…” nods Dr. Jaden, interrupting their chat, “Jordan and Heather are going to be your new neighbors, at the complex. Their apartment and things are already there, in the third apartment across the hall from Kain and Chiasa. Though, they will need a ride there… so…” She looks to Kain to fill in the blanks. “Of course.” he sighs, “You two can come with us.” “It must suck.” grins Heather, “That you were sent to babysit us.” Chiasa blushes and Kain turns pale. “Babysit?” asks Dr. Jaden, a bit stern, “No, you four will be working together, against the demons, along with two others. It’s best that you should get acquainted and, since you happen to be neighbors now, it should be easier.”

“In other words,” says Jordan, with a shrug, “You want us to play nice with each other and be unified as a weapon against The Source.” A flash of knowing twinkled in Kain eye, agreeing with the notion, which Jordan so bluntly observed. “Not saying that I don’t get that.” he continued, shaking his head slightly, “But it would be nice if people just said things plainly, instead of-” “Having some tact?” Kain interrupted, with a grin, “I’ll admit that I like your honesty, Jordan.” Heather giggled and then grabbed onto Chiasa’s arm, as if they were old pals. “I wouldn’t worry.” she smiles, toward Dr. Jaden, “We’re going to get along  just fine. These are our kind of people!” “Yeah.” nods Jordan, “You two are alright. We wasn’t sure what to expect, when we got here, but I’m glad.”

On the drive home, they chatting like old friends, getting comfortable. By the time they reached the floor of their apartments, they were all laughing and bonding well. “Oh…” frowns Heather, looking toward the door of their new apartment, “I guess this is where we part ways.” “Well,” says Kain, “When you guys settle into the apartment, you’re welcome to join Chiasa and I for dinner at ours, any night. Just give me a call.” “Sounds like a good plan.” nods Jordan, “We’ll catch up with you two, a little later.” Each couple disappeared behind their doors.

“They were nice.” said Chiasa, within their apartment. “Yes,” agreed Kain, taking off his jacket, “Nice. A little too nice…” “I was thinking the same thing.” says Chiasa. They both stare at each other in wonder…


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