Part 26: Trust

November 6, 2009

“They were nice.” said Chiasa, within their apartment. “Yes,” agreed Kain, taking off his jacket, “Nice. A little too nice…” “I was thinking the same thing.” says Chiasa. They both stare at each other in wonder…

“Are we being too paranoid?” asks Chiasa, after a long pause. “Or are we being careful?” Kain answers back, “I’m not sure of either. What I know for sure is, there is an block, something hidden, that I can’t seem to read on them.” “I felt that too!” gasps Chiasa, moving closer to Kain, “Like there was something being hidden from me, somehow, about them.” “It’s especially unnerving for me,” nods Kain, walking them over to the living room, “I am a Keeper and I’m suppose to be more sensitive to these things, in order to protect you. Still, there is something that I can’t just connect with the new couple.”

Both collapsed onto the couch with an worried sigh. The ticking of a wall clock is all that could be heard, for several moments. “I guess…” says Chiasa, breaking the silence, after a while, “I guess, we’ll have to watch them carefully, wait and see.” “We have no choice, but to do that.” he nods. “Or we could be silly and foolish here.” frowns Chiasa, “Not trusting our own kind and putting wrong motives on two very nice people.” “Ordinarily,” says Kain, “I would agree with that. But… The Source has shown us how far it would go to win this… with the two in the alley, as they were also our kind, and very dangerously on The Source’s side. And it just seems odd, that so soon after that, these two show up.”

“This is why I was trying to read them,” she agrees, “Especially hard, to make sure this was not another set-up.” “So, did I.” sighs Kain, “And they seem clean enough… only that one thing, that one vibe, as if we’re missing something and it’s blocked.” “Strange.” frowns Chiasa. “Well,” shrugs Kain, getting to his feet, “Let’s not worry about this now. Let’s get some dinner and then we can get some sleep. We’re meeting Kirk and Judy, tomorrow, at their apartment.” “Okay.” says Chiasa, a faraway look to her eyes.

Within the realm of The Source, Jordan heads for Ezekiel’s throne. “I don’t believe that they quite trust us.” he bows to his Master, more frustrated than worried about allegiance. “Of course they don’t.” waves Ezekiel, “I have never taken them for fools. You and Heather will have to work and manipulate trust from them. It’s not going to be quite easy, but with their soft hearts for humans, it’s not nearly impossible. Although… with the other two, their comrades, you will never gain their trust. They’ve lived a much harsher existence and the block of where yourself and Heather are originated, they will never let that past.” “So,” nods Jordan, a slight grin, “We’re going to have to separate Chiasa and Kain from the other two, isolate them. Gee, you’re not exactly making this mission easy.” “Easy?” frowns Ezekiel, a flash of anger in his eyes, “Do you want easy or do you want the world to be free of the humans?”

“Can’t I have both?” shrugs Jordan. A sudden force slams Jordan into a stone wall, as The Source is losing patience with Jordan’s flippant words. “Oh, my.” frowns Heather, walking into the space suddenly, “Maybe I’ve come in, at the wrong time?” “Do you have anything useful to add?” asks Ezekiel, hoping to hear something good. “Oh,” she bows slightly toward him, “I do. Chiasa does like bonding and friendship, it comes off her in waves. And the thing of it is, I actually and honestly do like her. So, I think I can use it to my full advantage. This problem with trust, I’m sure it will be overcome, once I get closer and closer with her.”

“Interesting.” nods Ezekiel, very pleased with this news, “Tell me more.” “It’s also clear that she is only half-awake.” nods Heather, “So, she still has a very powerful emotion to bond, only she realizes that the human world is not her own. So, she is torn and a lot lonely, in this way. Her Keeper is hot and adores her, but it still leaves her to feel very isolated and vulnerable. So, there is much I can manipulate in this way.” “Hot?” frowns Jordan, pulling himself to his feet, with a bloody nose. “I’m just being honest.” winks Heather, playfully.

“This is very good news.” smiles Ezekiel, “Good work, Heather.” “Thank you, Master.” she bow, with an giggle. “As for Chiasa and Kain,” the Source informs, “They do plan to meet with the others, tomorrow. Be sure to tag along and began the manipulation of isolating them further. Also, do not report back here, for a very long while. It’s not safe to keep traveling from this Earth’s core to the Outer. You’ll bring too much of this place’s signature with you and Chiasa will sense it.”

“Yes, sir.” they both said and then disappeared from the realm…

The next morning, Chiasa gets dressed and ready for their visit with Kirk and Judy. “Doesn’t it seem odd?” wonders Chiasa, while putting on her shoes. “What does?” asks Kain, ever nosy in her loud wondering. “Oh,” she waves, “I was just thinking… We live here, in this building, protected by Morioka. And so do the new couple. It makes sense, as we are working for the secret government program, after all. But Kirk and Judy chooses to live across town, in a ordinary apartment complex. I wonder why.” “Hmm,” says Kain, “I know why… I think. I had asked Kirk about that once. He said something about not wanting to ‘be so close to the tool-box’… whatever that means. I figured that him and Judy don’t trust Morioka too well.”

“Okay…” says Chiasa, with wide eyes, “That just makes me wonder more questions!” Kain laughs and runs a hand through her hair, “Well maybe you should ask them, when we visit.” “Yeah.” nods Chiasa, trying not to blush. She hated that she felt like a school-girl with a crush, around Kain. Still much of  the memories of their love together was buried in her mind. So, it often felt like she was dating Kain for the first time. “Well,” he announced, heading for the door, “Let’s go! We don’t want to be late.” Chiasa grabs the gift, that she and him bought for their friends a day ago, and follows Kain.

In the hallway, both are hit with the approaching wave of two familiar people heading their way. “Hey!” smiles Heather, waving, “We were just on our way over, to ask you out for lunch.” Jordan nods. “Oh,” frowns Kain, “I’m sorry. We’re on our way to meet some friends.” “Is it the two others?” asks Jordan, getting to the point. “Yes.” nods Chiasa, “So, I guess we’ll have to see you two later.” “Or…” sing-songs Heather, “We could tag along!” Chiasa and Kain gives each other a worried look.

“I’m sorry,” frowns Jordan, “Heather was never one for taking a hint. I’m sure you two want to hang out with your friends alone. It’s true that we haven’t met them yet, but there is always later. Have a great time, you two, and we’ll catch up with you some other time.” “No,” says Kain, giving a shrug, “If you two would like to come along, that’s fine. I’m sure Kirk and Judy won’t mind.” “Yay!” cheers Heather with a giggle. Chiasa gives Kain a quick look, but he gives her one, as if to say to trust him on this. “We don’t want to be a bother.” waves Jordan. “No,” nods Chiasa, “I’m sure Heather hates being cooped up in this building. So, it’s really no problem. Kirk and Judy are cool.”

“Oh!” squeals Heather, grabbing Chiasa’s arm, “I am so very bored of this place. You guys are awesome!” “Yeah.” frowns Chiasa, trying to not drop her gift. “Well,” shrugs Kain, “Let’s go. We can’t keep our friends waiting.” They leave the building for Kain’s car, yet Chiasa can’t shake the feeling that something awful is going to come out of this…


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