Part 27: Friends

November 13, 2009

“Oh!” squeals Heather, grabbing Chiasa’s arm, “I am so very bored of this place. You guys are awesome!” “Yeah.” frowns Chiasa, trying to not drop her gift. “Well,” shrugs Kain, “Let’s go. We can’t keep our friends waiting.” They leave the building for Kain’s car, yet Chiasa can’t shake the feeling that something awful is going to come out of this…

In a little apartment building, Kirk opens the door to their modest apartment wide open, all smiles. “Kain!” he cheers, “Chiasa! You guys are right on…” He notices the two others, in the hall, stopping in his sentence. “These are the two new ones.” nods Kain, to Kirk’s confusion, “Jordan and Heather. They wanted to tag along and meet you and Judy.” Chiasa gives an uneasy glance toward Kirk. “I hope that we’re not imposing.” offers Jordan, doing a good job of hiding a smirk.

“No,” waves Judy, peeping from behind a frozen Kirk, “I’ve made extra. So, of course, please join us.” “Thank you.” bow Jordan, walking into the apartment first, past Kirk. “Hi there, cutie.” Heather winks at Kirk. “H-hi…” he stammers, taken aback. “Wow,” smiles Judy, spotting the white box with multi-colored ribbons, in Chiasa’s hands, “Is that for me?” “Yep.” Chiasa blushes, “It’s for you and Kirk. A housewarming present.” “Well, cool.” says Kirk, taking a hold of the box and ripping it open, quickly. Judy frowns, as she watches the pretty ribbons fall to the floor.

“So,” Judy sighs, turning to the new arrivals, “You’re Jordan and Heather, huh?” “Yes,” grins Jordan, “It’s nice to meet you, Judy.” “You have a very quaint home!” smiles Heather, “It’s so very cute!” “Uh, thanks.” shrugs Judy, not sure if this was a compliment or an insult. “Awesome!” exclaims Kirk, lifting a ceramic toad from the box, “This little guy is neat. Thanks, Chiasa!” He gives her a huge hug and then runs to Kain, “Thanks, pal!” He holds on tight to Kain. “Ah, yeah, no problem!” frowns Kain, trying to shake free.

“I have the perfect place for it.” nods Judy, taking the toad from Kirk, and limping over to the window. On a small table, in front of the window, there is a collection of knickknacks and a few house plants. She places the toad next to the plants, “There. That looks nice.” “How are your injuries, Judy?” asks Chiasa, a little worried. “I’m healing well.” she nods, “Better than expected too.” “I’m glad.” smiles Chiasa, actually relieved a little. Kirk’s stomach growls loudly and everyone looks to him.

“Ha…” he blushes, a little embarrassed, “Judy wouldn’t let me eat a thing, until you guys got here.” “Well,” nods Kain, “Let us eat, then. We can continue conversations over a good meal.”

The yellow painted kitchen is very small and, with everyone seated, it felt very cozy. Judy had cooked lots of things, dishes from America and also some traditional Japanese meals, so this was turning into a feast for friends. “I never had American food before.” Chiasa said, through muffled chews, “It’s really good!” “I’m glad that you like it.” smiles Judy, “I wanted this lunch to be really fun for you all.” “It is! It is!” waves Chiasa, her mouth full. “Chiasa,” grins Kain, “Manners.” “Oh,” she blushed, swallowing quick, “Sorry. It’s just so good!” “Yes!” smiles Heather, with some crumbs on her face, “I never had… what’s it called again? Macaroni and Cheese? It’s very tasty!”

“Yeah…” says Kirk, a little uneasy, “Where did you two say you were from?” “We didn’t say.” nods Jordan. “Well,” says Kirk, highly suspicious, “I’m asking you, now.” “Fine,” Jordan shrugs, “We’re not from America or Japan.” “Is there a reason why you’re being so evasive?” frowns Kirk, folding his arms. “Oh,” waves Heather, “He’s just teasing you. We’re from Germany, originally.” Both Kain and Chiasa got an shiver, as that seemed like an well practiced lie. “I see.” nods Kirk, his face a blank.

“You are a very good cook,” says Jordan, changing the subject, “My dear, Miss Judy.” “Thank you.” she nods, “I always seem to cook extra. Maybe because I do enjoy cooking and lose myself in it.” “I can understand that.” agrees Kain, “I am the same way.” “Me too.” nods Jordan. “Hey,” frowns Heather, “Isn’t it weird that all of the Keepers can cook well, but us Fighters can’t.” “Yeah,” grins Chiasa, “I don’t want to say that  we Fighters are more simple minded, but it’s looking that way, isn’t it?” “Or,” laughs Kirk, “It means that the Keepers are more soft than we are!” “Hey!” frowns Kain, insulted. The girls giggle. “I’m just teasing!” laughs Kirk.

After lunch, Heather and Jordan decide to check out the shops nearby, to give the four some alone time. “Yeah,” giggles Heather, “We just wanted to meet Kirk and Judy. We don’t want to impose too much.” “Kain, Chiasa,” nods Jordan, “We’ll wait for you at the car, if we’re done shopping early. It was very nice meeting you two, Judy and Kirk.” “Thanks for your hospitality!” cheers Heather. “Sure,” smiles Judy, “No problem!”

A few minutes after the two new arrivals leave, Kirk lets out a deep sigh. “Those two are not trustworthy.” he frowns. “We’ve noticed that too.” agrees Kain. “They have a block that is most disturbing.” frowns Judy. “We’ve also noticed that.” nods Kain. “I think that both are bad news.” shakes Kirk, “This seems like another ploy of The Source.” Chiasa nods. “I believe,” says Judy, firmly, “That they are planning to separate us two from you two, Kain. I think this whole thing, of them tagging along, was for that purpose.” “Hmm.” says Kain, in deep thought.

“Well,” said Chiasa, very worried, “What should we do?” “I think we should play their little game,” Judy says, “For now. I think you two and us two should began to drift apart on purpose. Just gradually, so they’ll not catch on that we know too much. And then…” “We should let the chips fall where they may.” finishes Kain, “They will make a very huge move, exposing their true intentions and selves. That’s very clever of you, Judy.” “Am I not a Keeper?” she grins.

“Wait!” frowns Kirk, “What!? No more time with Chiasa and Kain!” “Just for a while.” sighs Judy, annoyed. “Ah, man!” sulks Kirk, folding his arms. “In this way,” explains Kain, “We don’t give them a chance to turn us against each other and manipulate us in that way. We will be in control the whole time, only giving them an appearance of a broken friendship. Then they will be confident enough to really show us their true ties.” “And with that,” nods Chiasa, “We will all be able to shut them down, together.”

“Makes sense.” sighs Kirk, “But I really get a bad feeling about them. I don’t like the idea of you two going solo against them, even for a  short while. Whatever the case, you both must be extremely careful.” “Yes,” agrees Kain, “They may be just mindless puppets. But I haven’t forgotten that their puppet-master is not dim and is extremely dangerous. This is a risky plan, but what other choice do we have here?” “And besides,” says Chiasa, hopeful, “In this way, there is a chance of  this not coming to bloodshed. Maybe this time, we could reach them and honestly get them on our side.”


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