Part 29: Risk

November 20, 2009

At the complex, they said their goodbyes, and each couple headed for apartment. After a few minutes of silence, behind the closed door, Chiasa turned to Kain in anger. “What kind of Keeper are you!?” she growls, hitting him, “Why did you go so far? Do you know what kind of risk you’ve put us in? What’s wrong with you!?” “Chiasa,” he sighs, “Calm down. I know what I’m doing.” “What ARE you doing?” she spat, giving him a dark stare…

“They already know that we know.” nods Kain, “Though, I am trying to point out the foolishness of their choice, in order to make them think hard about it. Obviously they are just blindly following the Source, over the fear of humans. It is what you wanted, right? To save them? Well, we better try now, as later on, it will be harder to do. Right now, they are plotting and scheming, and going along with the Source’s wishes.” “But you’ve really pissed them off!” yells Chiasa, her voice full of fear, “We’re suppose to be careful and this isn’t being careful at all! It’s reckless!”

“True…” nods Kain, with a slight grin, “I did piss them off and that’s a good thing. It means what I’ve said will stick in their minds more. And it’s true that this is reckless. But I think that’s the only way we’re going to win this, at this point. As we approached the car, I had sense it was their plan all along, to leave us alone with Kirk and Judy,  so that we may plan with them. So what we had thought to do with Kirk and Judy, is not valid anymore, at this point. So, we’re going to have to play this by ear. I thought to throw in that little stone, in the scheme of things. The worse thing about the Source and it’s minions, is their pride. It’s their weakness.”

“I see…” says Chiasa, calming down, “So, our previous plan will not work… to make an appearance that a friendship has broken.” “No,” nods Kain, “The Source is very clever. It has planned for this too. But don’t worry, Chiasa. I have a different plan… and in this one, I am hoping with you, that these two will reconsider. Otherwise, there will be bloodshed of more of our kind.” Chiasa looks to the floor, feeling drained.

In the apartment across the hall, Jordan and Heather are having similar realizations. “This isn’t going to be easy,” sighs Heather, tossing her jacket onto the plush red sofa, “Is it?” “Damn them!” growls Jordan, losing his patience, “It seems that they are just too clever for their own good! I had to dig my nails into my palm, just to keep from permanently wiping that smug grin off Kain’s face!” “This would be the time to talk with Master.” nods Heather, “Though he warned us to not come back, any time soon…”

“I know.” sighs Jordan, collapsing into a chair, “Precautions must be taken… yet, I wonder if it’s even necessary, since they know everything about us and where we’ve come from. I don’t understand how… As that block put on us, the hidden secret of our origins and intentions, even without key information they have still managed to figure it out!” “I would say that it’s a sign of sloppy work.” says Heather, sternly. “But, where did we fail?” frowns Jordan, “That’s what I want to know! We were so careful!”

“Perhaps we were too careful.” nods Heather, in deep thought, “Maybe that was what tipped them off. We had forgotten, that these ones have been around the weak humans often. Humans are so full of flaws and they are never perfect. I think, that maybe, in us being the perfect beings that we are, we had unnerved them and caused some suspicion. After all, if one was to be around humans so long, the flaws of the weak is bound to rub off on the naturally perfect.” Jordan sighs and shakes his head, “I never counted that in, as a factor.” “Neither did I.” nods Heather, “There is where we failed.”

“Well,” grins Jordan, “Then I am grateful that we don’t have the permission to see Ezekiel. Our heads would surely roll for such a simple mistake.” “We may still be in jeopardy,” frowns Heather, sitting on his lap, “If we don’t fix this and fast. If the mission fails…” “Don’t worry.” he grins, a devious plan in his mind, “I do have another plan, one that will work. But, you must do exactly what I say.” “Okay.” smiles Heather.

The night air grows thick with an familiar darkness. Chiasa is uneasy and looks to the door of her apartment, while sitting on the couch with Kain in the next room. “Kain,” she asks, her body stiff, “Do you feel that?” “Yeah.” he nods, standing to his feet, “Demons are in the city. No doubt this is a plan from our new ‘friends’.” “Are we going then?” asks Chiasa, not sure this is a good idea. “We have no choice,” he nods, grabbing the swords, “They’re forcing our hand, for whatever display they are planning. If we don’t show up, innocent humans will die, of course.”

Moving swiftly through shadows, Kain and Chiasa travel by foot through the city, heading for a small street a few blocks away from their home. On this street, there is only a few small houses, dark windows as their occupants are fast asleep for the night. At the other end of the street, without street-lamps, a horde of demons are stirring. It seems that the demons already had prey, as clawing and struggling can be heard.

Kain and Chiasa move in closer, toward the busy black mass of movement and fighting, expecting to find a frighten victim or two. But instead, they found Jordan and Heather fighting for their lives! “Is this a show?” wonders Chiasa, but she can clearly smell their blood, mixed in with the demons blood. Heather turns wildly, her eyes full of fear, facing the confused Kain and Chiasa. “Don’t just stand there!” she shrieks, desperate, “Help us!”

Kain quickly slides into flight, plunging his sword into Jordan’s attacker. Chiasa followed suit, getting the upper-hand on the demon that had Heather’s blood on it’s breath. “What’s going on?”, Chiasa’s frighten mind screams, “Why are the demons attacking the Source’s henchmen!?” All four battled together, trying their best to stay alive, from the demon-horde attacks. Kain is distressed, as he realizes that there are at least a hundred demons surrounding them, more than they’ve ever encountered in one given time…


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