Part 30: Betrayal

November 20, 2009

Kain quickly slides into flight, plunging his sword into Jordan’s attacker. Chiasa followed suit, getting the upper-hand on the demon that had Heather’s blood on it’s breath. “What’s going on?”, Chiasa’s frighten mind screams, “Why are the demons attacking the Source’s henchmen!?” All four battled together, trying their best to stay alive, from the demon-horde attacks. Kain is distressed, as he realizes that there are at least a hundred demons surrounding them, more than they’ve ever encountered in one given time…

At the end of the fight, Kain and Chiasa only had minimum wounds, a thankful outcome to a very brutal fight. Many of the slain demons were already melting and disappearing down the storm-drains. A great number of bodies, just fallen, lay in wait from the same fate. Chiasa’s stomach did a loop, disgusted by the smell and scene of death, all around her. “Are you guys okay?” offers Kain, to Jordan and Heather. “We’re fine!” barks Jordan, as Heather weeps silently, his pride obviously hurt.

“What happened here?” asks Kain, still confused. It was very apparent that this was no plan of Jordan and Heather, this wasn’t suppose to happen, in this way. Kain could guess that the number of demons and the location, was meant for a blood-bath of himself and Chiasa. Or at least, a test of their skills, to find weaknesses and so on. But the demons, for some unknown reason, decided to turn on their comrades and quite violently. If Kain had decided to be reckless and not think of innocent lives, to not show up for an obvious trap, Jordan and Heather would have surely died tonight.

“It was The Source’s plan,” frowns Jordan, answering Kain’s question and helping Heather to her feet, “This is my guess. He sent many to do us in, for whatever reason. It’s over now. We’re going home.” Heather is badly hurt, her arm broken and bleeding, as she leaned against Jordan in tears. Jordan is also badly hurt, a huge wound in his back and blood dripping from the gash on his forehead. “Maybe you two should head for Morioka.” nods Chiasa, “Those wounds look pretty bad.” “We’ll handle it ourselves.” said Jordan coldly, sending chills down her spine.

“Jordan…” says Kain, a lot worried for the two. “Just…” he said, turning himself and Heather toward home, “Just leave us alone. We’ll be fine.” They both walk off into the darkness, leaving a very confused Chiasa and Kain behind…

“Why?” sobs Heather, sitting on the edge of the bathtub of their apartment, some moments later, “Why did they betray us? Why did Master betray us?” The floors are covered in drops of blood, as Jordan tries to nurse his and hers wounds, dipping a blood soaked towel into the sink once again. “I don’t know.” he says, sadly, “I don’t get it! Everything fell apart tonight, and I just don’t know why!”

Earlier, as the two made their newest plan, they had walked the streets and finally settled on that spot. It was dark and secluded enough, to conjure up the demon hordes, a perfect battle ground. Heather had cheerfully called in the aid of a hundred demons, praying and dancing for them to appear, as Jordan got his thoughts together. The horde had obeyed and showed up quickly. Both knew that they only had a few minutes, before Kain and Chiasa would come calling, so they had to move quickly.

In the demon’s own language, Jordan had instructed for the small army to only seriously maim Kain and Chiasa, making sure to not kill them, but make it impossible for them to not escape the need for hospitalization. As Jordan had plotted with Heather earlier, in the apartment, “We need to only make them immobile for a while. They will be vulnerable and that’s when we’ll both be nothing but caring ‘friends’, nursing them back to health. Their suspicions will drop, greatly.

“From there, we’ll manipulate the other two, Kirk and Judy. Make sure they don’t show up for hospital visits much and even after. We’ll make it seem as if Kirk and Judy do not care much, but for themselves. And then Kain and Chiasa will rely on us much more. Once we’ve gained their trust, the plan will be back on it’s course. It’s a lot harder this way, a little longer to do, but the mission will not be lost.” “Sounds like a good plan to me!” cheered Heather, “Who could really worry about plots or give into suspicions, when one is badly hurting? With them out of commission, it will be a lot more easier to dispel any harsh thoughts or ideas!”

And with this plan in mind, Jordan grinned to himself, satisfied that the demons were ready. He turned toward Heather, “Now let’s slink into the shadows and be hidden. They don’t need to see us here, as that would ruin everything, of course. We can enjoy the show from-” A demon slashed Jordan in the back, sending a sharp pain up his spine! “Wait!” growls Heather, turning to the demon, “What are you-!?” The demons began attacking them, covering them in a frenzy of claws and teeth…

“What happened?” cries Heather, slumping from the edge of the tub, and landing softly on the floor, “Did Master decide that we had failed? Has he turned his back on us?” “No!” growls Jordan, “He would never turn on his children! We are his soldiers! We are his servants! He must have a reason for this! I know that he…” Jordan stops, looking down into the sad and empty eyes of Heather. He knew what she knew, and no matter how brave he tried to be or how much he tried to cling to his loyalty to the Source, he had to face the truth… They had been betrayed.

Chiasa and Kain sat on the end of their bed, still in awe. “I never thought that The Source was this cold.” shrugs Kain, “I mean, It is evil, sure… But to turn against it’s own henchmen…” “Yeah,” sighs Chiasa, “That is odd and beyond evil, even for Ezekiel.” “Please, Chiasa.” frowns Kain, “Stop giving that THING a name… it’s disturbing. Especially, as what it has done to Jordan and Heather… I actually feel sorry for them.”

“I feel sorry for them also.” nods Chiasa, ignoring Kain’s complaint about the name, “I bet they only joined Ezekiel, out of the fear of humans. And now they’ve learned tonight, that he can be more devastating than any human, and he has no love or loyalty. I bet they feel so very afraid and lost, losing a savior that was suppose to protect them from their fears… and now fearing the savior himself.” “Well,” nudged Kain, “There is a silver lining in all of this. They may be afraid now, but their eyes have been opened. There is a good chance that they will step away from the false prophet and join our side of the war. In other words, they will live and will be saved.” Chiasa gives a sad, yet hopeful smile. She hates the way and circumstances that these two will be saved under… but she’ll take it, for now…


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