Part 31: Rebirth

November 27, 2009

“Well,” nudged Kain, “There is a silver lining in all of this. They may be afraid now, but their eyes have been opened. There is a good chance that they will step away from the false prophet and join our side of the war. In other words, they will live and will be saved.” Chiasa gives a sad, yet hopeful smile. She hates the way and circumstances that these two will be saved under… but she’ll take it, for now…

The next morning, Chiasa heads for Jordan and Heather’s apartment, armed with a platter of Kain’s breakfast of bacon, eggs, and freshly cut grapefruit. She had convinced him to stay behind and let her do the gesture of good-will, alone. Now, she wondered if this was a good idea, going to the apartment of two former Ezekiel followers. “Too late to back out now.” she sighs and knocks on the door. There is a flicker behind the peep-hole of the door, a pause, and then the sounds of the locks being undone.

A very drained Jordan opens the door, looking very pale and ten years older than usual. “Chiasa.” he simply says, as a greeting. “How are you?” she asks, concerned, “I came to check on you and Heather. And I bought you two some breakfast.” “That’s very… kind.” says Jordan, sounding a little surprised, “Please, come in.” Chiasa steps into the apartment, the door closing behind her, as Kain peeks from their apartment. He stays calm, keeping his senses open for any trouble.

Jordan deftly carries the platter to the kitchen, with a nervous Chiasa following. “Where’s Heather?” she asks, wringing her hands, “Is she okay?” “We’ll both heal.” waves Jordan, then turns to face the nervous girl, resting against the counter as he does so, “But… our other wounds will take some time. It no use pretending here, Chiasa. You know of where we come from, who we’ve worked for, and of the betrayal last night.”

Chiasa gasps, eyes large, feeling that maybe she has walked into a very dangerous situation now. “Don’t worry,” he huffs, in bitter defeat, “We’re obviously no threat now, as our Master has abandoned us, for whatever reason. We have no purpose here, anymore. And if you and Kain decide to do us in, then it would only be a favor to us, at this point.” “No!” shouts Chiasa, stepping forward, “Don’t say that! The Source is nothing but pure evil, it has no loyalties to anyone but itself. I am sorry that you and Heather were fooled, and that you two got hurt, but there is a purpose for you!”

Jordan grins and waves away Chiasa’s words, “An highly romantic notion… that part of you, that hasn’t awaken, is very dramatic.” “You should talk!” she growls, “I’ve come to make peace with you both and all you can do is ask for death. And to make pronouncements that if Ezekiel and demons turn against you, then you’re not worth living. Do you even hear yourself? Did you really think that something so dark, something that the gods themselves sought to destroy, would be loyal to you? Is is really a shock that The Source decided that you two were no longer needed and tried to wipe you both away?”

“It is.” he nods, standing up straight, anger in his eyes and voice, “It is a shock! Because we expected this from the HUMANS, not the most powerful of our kind! We were his children! His brethren! And Heather and I were trying our all, to carry out his mission! Sure, we had failed! We had underestimated you and Kain, greatly. But… why? Why didn’t our Master just call us back and send in someone else? Why did he try to wipe us away? We had been under his care for centuries! Doesn’t that mean anything!?”

There is a sniffle behind them and they turn to see Heather, covered in bandages, the pain deep within her eyes. Jordan covers his face, frustrated and ashamed for having such a outburst in front of her. Chiasa warmly grabs Heather’s hand, giving her a soft smile. “Listen,” she says, hopeful in her words, “I could never imagine the pain that you two must be feeling. But the truth is out now. The Source has no loyalties or any care… It only cares for himself and his lust to kill all humans.

“I know you can’t see it know, but the humans are worth saving. Maybe they would try and turn on us after, but we shall deal with it, when it comes to it. For now, I am grateful that you two didn’t share the same fate of the other two, before you. At this point, you two can heal and be on the right side of this war. You’ve always have me and Kain as a friend, you know. And we don’t throw away or use others to our own selfish means. Even if you decide to not join this war, that’s okay too. We will protect you both.”

Jordan frowns, “I don’t need Kain’s protection! And I can protect Heather on my own!” “Jordan,” sighs Heather, leaning onto Chiasa, “That’s not what she meant. They’re offering friendship and to help us in a jam, if one should come up… like… last night.” Jordan calms down, blushing slightly. “You’ve always been the one who was most prideful of us two.” Heather says, her voice faraway, “We are both very prideful, it’s true… and that was our weakness… and our failure too. I think it’s time for us to leave the pride alone and to try it a different way. I mean, we could stay bitter that The Source turned on us and cast us away, and just fade away. Or, we could decide to do things differently now… to accept the hand of Chiasa and fight on the other side of this.”

“Protect the humans?” spat Jordan, disgusted. “I don’t care for those creatures either.” sighs Heather. “Well,” says Chiasa, feeling a little awkward, “I do care for the humans, only because some have cared for me. I know the love of being with them, of having a family life with them, of being best friends with them. But, I must admit that I don’t trust all humans. And if that’s what it is… it’s okay. You don’t have to trust them, befriend then, love them… just protect them.”

“It’s an odd notion.” waves Jordon, “To protect the very beings that I have so much hate and disgust for.” “We won’t decide right away.” says Heather, with a shrug, “Chiasa, just give us some time, okay?” “Sure.” says Chiasa, hopeful, “I’ll leave you two alone to think. And enjoy the breakfast, Kain is a very good cook.”

With a hopeful smile on her face, Chiasa leaves the apartment and nearly bumps into a concerned Kain. “Oh,” she sighs, “I’m surprised that you didn’t barge into the apartment.” “I thought about it.” he admitted, with a nod, “So, how did it go?” “I’m not sure.” Chiasa shrugs, “This may be a start of their rebirth… or the beginning of their own death. Only time will tell.”


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