Part 32: Lesson

November 27, 2009

With a hopeful smile on her face, Chiasa leaves the apartment and nearly bumps into a concerned Kain. “Oh,” she sighs, “I’m surprised that you didn’t barge into the apartment.” “I thought about it.” he admitted, with a nod, “So, how did it go?” “I’m not sure.” Chiasa shrugs, “This may be a start of their rebirth… or the beginning of their own death. Only time will tell.”

In a few days time, Chiasa and Kain did ease the pain and fears of Heather and Jordan. Within many heated discussions, Jordan’s dislike for the humans began to lessen. “I don’t understand it, Kain.” he said simply, one evening as all four sat in front of the tv in Kain’s apartment, “I don’t understand any of this… the protection of humans. And with you and Chiasa being so kind toward us. I mean, we are your enemies-” “Were our enemies.” corrected Kain, passing a bowl of popcorn to Chiasa, “Things have changed now.”

Jordan nods, but continues, “Yes, that’s true. Things have changed. Heather and I were once your greatest threat, yet we had fallen and failed. One doesn’t normally give a hand to their fallen enemies, help them to their feet, and befriend them.” “It’s called ‘mercy’.” grins Kain, a playfulness in his eyes, “Something invented by the humans.” Heather eyes grows large, as Jordan gasps in shock. “I would imagine that this would be a shock to you.” says Kain, holding his own chin, “But you already know the evils of humans, what great hatred and destruction they may hold. But it’s time you’ve learned the good of humans too.

“Friendship, mercy, and love… it is all within the human soul. The gods themselves had created the humans in this way. This is why humans are so fragile and much weaker than us. Because they posess something true, a great warmth, that we could never have naturally inside of us. The gods created us for one function and it was to hunt and erase the mistake of Ezekiel and his demons. So, it is only natural within us, that we move without love or mercy, but of certainty and brutality. However, it’s not all hopeless with us. It’s not our instinct to respond to things with love or mercy, but to attack it, to finish the task. But with protecting humans, we can and do learn of their ways, that not everything can be simply solved with death… that some things can be solved with life.”

“I see…” says Jordon, in deep thought, “That is a strange concept, yet it has a ring of truth within it. It seems very plausible. Is this why you protect the humans, then? Because of their ideas of mercy, love, and friendship?” “In a way,” shrugs Kain, “But not entirely. I think my need to protect them is a lot more complicated. For one, The Source focuses on our weakness to take control, using fear and hatred of the demons to lure us over to his philosophy that all humans must die. Unlike you and Heather, I had spent most of my existence following the instinct of my creation, to protect the humans and to hunt down The Source. Also to aid Chiasa and to protect her as well, for our original mission from the gods.

“Had The Source reached Chiasa and I earlier in our existence, we may have been prone to follow it and deviate from our path. Since that is not the case, Chiasa and I have spent many centuries on one path, experiencing the ugliness of humans, as well as the beauty within them. We are well aware what we are fighting for, so our choice is much more clearer. We don’t protect the humans for their frailties or their evil-will… We protect the humans for the good that we have seen in them and potential of the good-will, that we know that they all possess.”

Heather remembers the time, back when Jordan and her was no older than Chiasa, in growing teen bodies many centuries ago. Jordan and herself were under the care of the secret government organization, assigned to a foster family. Though, unlike Chiasa, it was before the technology of mind control. Their foster family knew of who they were, creatures that are not quite human, here to fight demons. Yet, this foster family of four did not accept the two teens and there was much prejudice and mistrust.

One day, a young Heather decided to collect flowers in the garden of her foster home, a mansion on the edge of Germany. A young son, by the name of Vince, decided to harass her along with his older sister, Gwen. “Look at that thing,” he spat, as Heather collected two very beautiful pink roses, “As if it could appreciate the beauty of God’s creations.” “Yes,” nods Gwen, “A creature from Hell could never get the grasp of something so simple. I bet the flowers will wilt from the evil within her hands.”

“Leave her alone.” barks Jordan, “You two should be grateful of us. If we didn’t exist, you and your family would be lost within the teeth and claws of the demons. Your precious garden here and your estate would be burned to the ground!” “Is that a threat!?” roars Gwen, stepping forward. “No,” huffs Jordan, taking a step in turn, “It’s a fact. And you’ll do well to remember it!” “Jordan,” gasps Heather, tugging at his sleeve, trying to calm him down, “It’s okay.” “No, it’s not!” he growls, “I am tried of these ungrateful humans, looking down on us, harassing us. Even their own government know of our importance and treats us with respect! We put our lives on the line, protecting them and their precious items, at least they could do is to leave us alone and give us some peace!”

“Filth!” spat Vince, “You are slaves, the government doesn’t respect you, no more than a master respects it’s hunting dog! You are only allowed to be, because you are weapons against other filth, like yourself. Now take a step away from my sister, you have no right to challenge her in that way!” “That’s right!” Gwen roared, “Stay in your place, slave!” She strikes Heather, knocking her to the ground, the flowers are strewn across the ground. Heather cries, her face bruised and her knee bleeding from the fall.

“Hmm,” growls Jordan, grabbing Vince quickly, his eyes full of fire, “You are religious, so here’s something you may understand, Gwen! An eye for an eye…” He breaks Vince’s arm and tossed the young boy to the ground. “Sister!” he cries, as Gwen rushes over to her brother, horrified. “Monsters!” she shrieks, picking up her brother and running him toward the mansion. Jordan turns and grabs Heather’s hand, pulling her up on her feet.

“You shouldn’t have done that.” she cried, falling into his arms, “We’re going to get in trouble.” “But they had no right!” yells Jordan, holding her tightly, shaking with tears, “I am suppose to protect you from the demons… but how can I not protect you from the humans? I’m sure that Morioka will understand and find a better foster home for us.” “No.” says a lion-like voice, “They will not understand and you may be thrown away, like useless toys.”

Heather and Jordan notices the man, with the white hair, approaching them a slight look of approval on his face. “What do you want?” growls Jordan, standing in front of Heather to protect her from The Source. “Relax.” Ezekiel waves, “I am not here to fight… I am here to save you and to free you, with the simple truth…”


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