Part 33: Apart

December 4, 2009

Heather and Jordan notices the man, with the white hair, approaching them a slight look of approval on his face. “What do you want?” growls Jordan, standing in front of Heather to protect her from The Source. “Relax.” Ezekiel waves, “I am not here to fight… I am here to save you and to free you, with the simple truth…”

“Do you remember that day?” Heather asks Jordan, a day later from their night with Chiasa and Kain. For now, they were in their apartment, enjoying morning coffee in the sun covered kitchen. “What day?” asks Jordan, his mind elsewhere, as he read the newspaper about more mysterious animal-attacks in Japan. He knew that the demons were behind it and wondered when Morioka would call them in with a plan.

“Do you remember the day when Master…?” Heather winced, correcting herself, “The Source, when he first came for us?” Jordan gives her a blank stare. “I think that Kain has a point.” she sighs, feeling a lot foolish for the many years she had followed The Source, willingly and blindly. “So,” nods Jordan, “You want to protect the humans? You want to fight on the other side of this war?”

“I have been thinking about that day,” explains Heather, “The day that Ezekiel first came to us. We were both being abused by some awful humans. We were young and very vulnerable then. I think maybe he knew that. He said that he was there to free us, remember? And it was so easy to convince us then, to not trust humans and to hate them, because we were under the ‘care’ of a horrible family. They were not trustworthy and deserved our hate! But, what if we were lucky, like Chiasa and Kain have been? What if we had a loving foster home and saw the good in humans? Would The Source have been so open and taken us in? Or would he want our blood, like he does of Chiasa?”

“You make a good point.” nods Jordan, placing his cup on the table, “I believe that we had both made a mistake. We were very young and so very vulnerable. Who are we, to think that the mistakes of youth is beyond even us? I think I am beginning to see where we truly failed, Heather. It wasn’t that we are cast aside by The Source, due to our failure of our mission for him… Perhaps it was his plan, all along, to toss us to the side, once the war was over. It seems like the very thing he had us believe of the humans, playing on our fears and bad experiences, is the very intentions that he has of himself. Of course, this a very painful realization for me…”

“Yet, you amaze me.” smiles Heather, grabbing his hand, “There was a time that even your pride wouldn’t allow you to think that far or admit it.” “I live for you, my love.” he nods, squeezing her hand back, “And my whole point of living is to protect you. I have failed in that, by letting us both fall into the lies of The Source. I am sorry. But for now on, I’m going to do my job to protect you, the proper way. Being on the right side of this war, is a very good idea. We should let Chiasa and Kain know of where our loyalties now are.” Heather squeals, leaping across the table and into Jordan’s arms.

Kain’s cell-phone rings and he answers it with an annoyed sigh, as he was planning on making a romantic move on Chiasa. “I must remember to turn off my phone!” he growls, hitting the green button, “Yes, this is Kain.” “Hey!” gasps Kirk, on the other end, “I know we’re not suppose to be in contact, because of the plan, but I got a very bad feeling! Are you and Chiasa okay?” “Kirk,” frowns Kain, really annoyed and also very sheepish. He and Chiasa forgot to clue Kirk and Judy in, on the changes, “Well, the plan has long changed. I’m glad you’ve called.”

Chiasa stands by the call, listening into Kain explain to Kirk the new developments over this past week. “Hmm,” says Kirk, after a long pause, “I think you and Chiasa need to meet with us… ALONE. Judy is feeling up to a trip, so meet us at an café…” He gives Kain the address to a small café, just a few streets from his and Judy’s apartment, and quickly ends the call. “I wanted to say hello.” pouts Chiasa, folding her arms. “Well,” sighs Kain, “You will get to do that in person. Kirk is alarmed about something and want us to meet him and Judy for a talk. But, we’re not to bring Heather and Jordan with us, this time.”

“How come?” asks Chiasa, worried with this idea. “He didn’t say.” shrugs Kain, “I think it’s best that we leave quickly and find out what he has in mind.” “Though”, frowns Kain to himself, “I rather stay here and make love to Chiasa. Will we ever have any alone time, I wonder?” Chiasa, unaware of Kain’s disappointment, quickly gets ready for meeting with friends. They leave quickly and quietly, as to not alert their neighbors, mainly Jordan and Heather.

Within an hour, they sat in a little and dingy café, waiting for Kirk and Judy to show up. Chiasa browses the menu, as Kain watches her with a slight smile. “Good,” nods Kirk, heading to their table, holding  Judy’s hand, “You guys made it!” Judy looks much better, with no bandages, and was actually back to her glowing self. “Hey!” smiles Chiasa, hopping from her seat and hugging Judy. “Hey, Chiasa.” smiles Judy, hugging back, “I missed you too!”

They all take a seat, in the nearly empty café, and quickly order coffee. As the waitress leaves the table, Kirk leans in with his thoughts. “I have filled Judy in, already.” he nods to Kain, “And I heard in your voice what you and Chiasa are hopeful for. But, I’m sorry… I don’t think Jordan and Heather can be saved.” “What?” frowns Chiasa, confused. “But they are saved.” nods Kain, “They are learning and becoming more pure, with every passing day. The Source really did manipulate them, but they are seeing the truth of things more and more.”

Judy frowns, “I am so sorry, Kain. I know that’s what you would like to believe. And it may seem that way. But Kirk and I have experienced much painful truths in this life. The simple fact is, that people don’t change. Even those of our kind. They may seem to change now, because they were dropped and betrayed… but any hint that they would be accepted again, they will turn on us, in a heartbeat. They’ve been under the care of The Source for way too long, way before you and Chiasa existed.”

Chiasa shakes her head, not believing the mistrust of her friends. “Yes,” nods Kain, slightly annoyed, “In fact, you and Kirk are way younger than Chiasa and I, only 50 years old. I assure you, Chiasa and I have experienced a lot more painful truths than you two have. So, I do believe we are more than capable of determining the sincerity of both Jordan and Heather. We have spent some time with them and we’re not ready to write them off as an lost cause.” “Yes,” says Chiasa, “You should get to know them first, the real them, before you mistrust them. You’re welcome to join us for dinner, at our place. I’m sure they will be there tonight, as Jordan and Heather has been, for the past days.”

“We’re too late…” sighs Kirk, shaking his head in defeat, “They’re already gone.” Chiasa and Kain exchange confused looks. “I guess we are in a divide then.” nods Judy, “I had hoped it wouldn’t be this way. If you two insist on giving these followers of The Source a chance, it is your decision. But, Kirk and I can’t be apart of it.”


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