Part 34: Deception

December 4, 2009

“We’re too late…” sighs Kirk, shaking his head in defeat, “They’re already gone.” Chiasa and Kain exchange confused looks. “I guess we are in a divide then.” nods Judy, “I had hoped it wouldn’t be this way. If you two insist on giving these followers of The Source a chance, it is your decision. But, Kirk and I can’t be apart of it.”

Kain and Chiasa head for home, both upset with the attitude of Kirk and Judy. Chiasa is hurt by the divide and is confused by it. Kain is very angry and annoyed. “They are just too young!” he growls, “And as youth would have it, they believe that they know so much and everything about the world.” “Maybe they’ve had a harsh past.” nods Chiasa, “Like Jordan and Heather did. Then they wouldn’t trust as much. It’s a shame, as they have so much in common with Jordan and Heather, than they realize.”

Kain takes a deep breath and lets his anger pass. “Don’t worry, Chiasa.” he nods, stopping at an red light, “They will come around, once Jordan and Heather decides to join our side of the war. Then they will apologize and realize the foolishness of their thoughts. In the meanwhile, we must look out for Jordan and Heather. What good is it, if we cast them away, like The Source did? Then we would be no different than The Source.” “That’s true.” nods Chiasa, “I do believe that Jordan and Heather both have a good heart. They were just lost for a very long while.”

Jordan and Heather giggles, as they help each other straighten out their nice outfits. Jordan is wearing a nice pair of tan slacks, a nice blue dress-shirt, and black tie . And Heather is wearing a simple white dress and warm purple blazer over it, with her best white heels. They feel a little silly, dressing up for Chiasa and Kain, but this will be a good occasion, as they will announce their loyalties to the war and protecting humans. They both giggle and walk into the living room, feeling like this is a new start for them.

“My, do you two look ever nice.” the chilling voice of their past hitting them. In the middle of the room stood Ezekiel, with a dark grin on his face. Jordan quickly stands in front of Heather, trying to protect her from The Source. “This is very familiar.” Ezekiel shrugs, “But not necessary.” “What do you want?” barks Jordan, “You betrayed us! You left us to die!” “Is that what you think?” sighs The Source, “Well, then my plan worked, as I knew it would. Listen, my children, you both were making a mess of things…”

He steps forward, warmth and pity in his eyes toward the two frighten followers. “Your plan wasn’t working,” Ezekiel shrugs, “You were not gaining their trust. And your latest plan was a disaster! It would have ruined everything… First of all, Kain and Chiasa both knew that you had called in the demons. They were prepared. And even if that horde had followed your orders and attacked them, Chiasa and Kain would have more reason to never trust you. This is why, I had to step in and save the mission…

“I had ordered the demons to do you two in, knowing that Chiasa and Kain would save the day. And since I left no way for us to communicate, I used that to my advantage, hoping that you two fools would be taken in by their words and ‘friendship’. And yes, you two did doubt me and turned toward their deception of human kindness and mercy. So, you now have their trust and their loyalty. As we speak, Chiasa and Kain have gone to have a talk with the other two, Kirk and Judy. Both Kirk and Judy is trying to convince them that you two are a lost cause.”

Heather gasps and looks toward the floor, disturbed by this. “Don’t worry, my dear.” nods Ezekiel, “Chiasa and Kain are true to their words and ideas of friendship. But Kirk and Judy will not show them mercy or friendship. They will turn against Chiasa and Kain, because neither will give up on you two. Thus the whole mission will be complete. The friendship between them will be severed and you two will have the trust of Chiasa and Kain. Your wounds and your pain of believing that I had abandoned you, is punishment enough for your failures.”

“But…” growls Jordan, “But, you could have-” “I see.” nods Heather, with a sigh, “This was your plan all along, Master. I am sorry that we had doubted you. Though, Jordan tried to hold on longer than I did. I have sinned, as I have helped him to be more convinced of the doubt and to join in with Chiasa and Kain.” “Hmm,” shrugs Ezekiel, “It’s a sin that I am willing to overlook, as it will be more helpful. Do go to Chiasa and Kain, declare your loyalties to them, as it would make them more ensured that Kirk and Judy is mistaken. And now that you have their trust, it should be easier to manipulate them.”

“But to manipulate them into what?” asks Jordan, frustrated, “They won’t ever stop protecting the humans!” “Oh, they will.” laughs Ezekiel, “As you will manipulate them into distrusting the humans, more and more. Have you forgotten that part of the plan? And it won’t be hard to do now, as human are not trustworthy, in the first place. If they were, then that Morioka project wouldn’t have to brainwash foster homes into accepting our kind.” “How do you know about that?” gasps Heather, just learning of that fact, a few days ago from Chiasa.

“And that is more of my point too.” grins Ezekiel, folding his arms, “There is a human among that project, who willingly feeds me information of all plans and tasks within the government movements. As I said before, humans can be easily bought and manipulated. Even though I plan to wipe out all of it’s kind, this one human’s greed and lust for power, it causes them to easily be under my thumb.” “Hmm.” nods Jordan in disgust, “What needs to be done, will be done, Master.” “Good.” grins Ezekiel, very amused, “Don’t screw this up. Make your show well and carry on with the plan.”

Chiasa and Kain walks from the elevator, only be greeted by two giggling people, dressed very well. “Hey!” smiles Jordan, “Where did you guys run off to? We were just heading for your apartment.” “Just an errand.” shrugs Kain, feeling an uneasy shift in the air, “Why are you two dressed so well? Going somewhere?” “Oh,” waves Heather, “We have some good news to share with you!” Chiasa smiles, as Kain is feeling that something is seriously off now.

“We want to join you in this war.” grins Jordan, putting an arm around Heather. “Oh, really?” hops Chiasa, “That is good news!” “Why the change of heart?” asks Kain, mentioning for everyone to follow him toward the apartment. “Well,” says Heather, sheepishly, as they walk down the hallway, “We’ve been thinking about it all. The betrayal, how The Source first came to us, we were very young and vulnerable.” Kain opens the door and they all head inside.

“Yes,” continues Jordan, shutting the door behind him, “It was very painful to admit, but we had been foolish and manipulated. Because you and Chiasa had shown us love and friendship, the good-will that you’ve learned from humans, it made me think on what I had believed for many centuries. I’m pretty sure now, that what I had believed was false and I lead Heather down the wrong path. We have been fighting so long, on the wrong side of things, and now I want to make it right.”

Kain could tell that Jordan was speaking the truth and from the heart. But then why does Kain have the feeling of deception playing in the air? It was the same feeling he had, when Jordan and Heather first showed up, weeks ago. It was as if the puppet-master was back in control…


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