Part 35: Two

December 11, 2009

Kain could tell that Jordan was speaking the truth and from the heart. But then why does Kain have the feeling of deception playing in the air? It was the same feeling he had, when Jordan and Heather first showed up, weeks ago. It was as if the puppet-master was back in control…

That night, Jordan and Heather stayed silent from one another. It was obvious that one of them was not back in the idea of The Source. Waves of guilt spilled from Heather, as she lays silently next to a sleeping Jordan. It seems that there was a huge divide now. Yet, she couldn’t turn back from what she knew, no matter what The Source had told them. She was going to have to make this right, somehow.

The next day, everyone is called into Morioka, for a short briefing and health check-up. General Yamada went over the “mysterious” attacks in Japan, this past week, asking the six to began patrolling the night streets and to kill any demons on sight. And to make sure that everyone was up for the task, they were whisked away to Dr. Jaden’s floor, for a medical check-up.

In the waiting room, Kain, Jordan, Kirk, Judy, and Heather sat, as Chiasa was checked on by Dr. Jaden and Dr. Lee. The whole time, Heather remembers the words of The Source,  knowing that one of the doctors may really be working for him. She gives a shudder, disturbed by all of the deception, and then notices the mistrustful glance from Judy. “I don’t blame them for not trusting us.”, she thought, sadly, “As they were right. As soon as The Source came back, we fell back to the old ways. Though, I have to fix this… this divide is killing me. But, I must do what is best for Jordan and me.”

“Hmph.” huffs Jordan, folding his arms, “It’s almost as if the humans don’t trust that we can handle ourselves, against the demons. I’m pretty sure that we would know if we’re well enough or not, as we had been doing this for centuries… well, some of us have, anyways.” He gives a quick glance to Kirk and Judy. “True,” nods Kain, “But I guess this is just their protocol, so that they may feel safer and feel like they are helping us along.” “Are the humans always this needy?” waves Jordan, “I mean, it seems like an pride thing with them, to always have some illusion of control or importance.”

Judy frowns, as Kirk rolls his eyes. Heather agrees with them both, as Jordan is obviously playing at some angle here. But naive Kain doesn’t notice, moving on with another thought, taking Jordan’s words as learning more about the humans he agreed to protect. Heather realizes that she will have to talk to Kain and Chiasa, alone, and somehow. She had to stop Jordan’s plan, at all cost, even if it might mean she or him would get badly hurt.

After the exams, she did catch up with Kain, alone in the halls. Heather did hesitate, feeling the guilt of approaching him and possibly putting Jordan’s life in danger, but she knew this was the right thing to do. She took a deep breath and stepped toward Kain, her fits clenched in her own determination. “Kain.” she says, as he turns to face her, “I need to talk with you.” He notices the worry and pain across her face, “What’s wrong? Is something going on between you and Jordan?” “Yes,” she nods, looking toward the floor, “Something has happened. We-”

They are interrupted, as Chiasa and the others spill , out into the hallway, chatting happily among themselves. “Damn!” Heather shakes, “I’ll have to wait until later.” Kain seems to know this too, giving her a nod, letting her know that later will be a better time. “You are too right, Kirk!” laughs Jordan, walking with the group, “I wouldn’t mind a visit to that place either!” Chiasa and Judy giggle, as the guys laugh. “Well, now.” nods Kain, “It’s looks like everyone is getting along.” “Of course.” shrugs Jordan, “We’re family, after all, aren’t we? Cut from the same cloth!”

This disturbs Heather deeply, as it seems as if Jordan has even overcame the mistrust of Judy and Kirk now. He was moving way too fast! She knew she had to get to Kain and quickly. But when and how? And just as she was wondering this, Kain provided an answer.

Glancing at his watch, Kain gave a slight sigh of annoyance, and turned to them with a somber tone. “It’s evening now.” he says,  “Which mean, in a hour or so, the demons will appear, into the darkness of the night. We should start patrolling the streets. Though, I must say, these random attacks do not make much sense. What can the Source gained with this?” “Are you thinking this is some type of trap?” asks Judy, wondering the same thing, “Some plot to draw us out?” “Or maybe to study our skills.” suggests Kirk. Chiasa nods in agreement.

“I’m not sure…” frowns Kain, his shoulders dropping in defeat, “But I just have a very bad feeling about this. As if, there’s something that I should be seeing, something hidden behind the scenes.” Heather knows exactly what it is, only all too well, and plans to enlighten him very soon. If only she could get Kain and Chiasa alone, away from Jordan! Kain could feel the frustration pouring off her and makes a  mental note, to make room for their talk, on patrol.

“Well,” sighs Kirk, giving a little shrug, “Let’s head out there and do our jobs. The demons are not a problem for us. But, we’ll just have to be careful on what the Source has in plan for us.” “Yes,” nods Jordan, “Everyone, keep your eyes peeled and be alert tonight.” “That goes without saying.” Kain agrees.

A few moments later, they gather in one of the neighborhoods, where most of the attacks occurred. It is Jordan’s idea that they split up in two groups of three, to cover more ground. “I can tag along with Kirk and Judy,” he offers, giving Heather a nod, “You can tag along with Chiasa and Kain.” Heather wonders if Jordan realizes her plans, but then quickly catches on that he still believes that she is on his side. There was to be betrayal tonight and this is part of that plan… to split up the couples and to wipe them out.

In her best acting skills, Heather gives a confirming nod, letting Jordan know that she remembers the plan and that she is ready. “Yeah,” says Chiasa, a little taken aback by this suggestion, “Are you sure you want to be away from your Keeper, Heather?” “It’s alright.” shrugs Jordan, “If something should go down, I trust Kain to keep her safe, until we reach you guys.” “Thanks.” sighs Kain, with an sarcastic remark, “Just add to my duties. I don’t mind.” Chiasa gives him a playful punch in the arm.

“Okay,” says Judy, uninterested in the conversation, “Let’s get moving now. So that we may go home, before morning.” “Ladies,” nods Kain, toward Chiasa and Heather, “Follow me.” The group splits up, traveling the dark and deserted alleys, waiting for signs of any demons. After a short while of walking, Heather tugs Kain sleeve for his attention, “Kain… We should have that talk now.”


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