Part 36: Crossed

December 11, 2009

“Ladies,” nods Kain, toward Chiasa and Heather, “Follow me.” The group splits up, traveling the dark and deserted alleys, waiting for signs of any demons. After a short while of walking, Heather tugs Kain sleeve for his attention, “Kain… We should have that talk now.”

Chiasa stops, as she notices Kain stopping to talk with Heather. “What’s going on?” she asks, noticing the worry across the other Fighter’s face. “Chiasa,” sighs Heather, struggling with her words, “Kain… The Source… He came to visit Jordan and I.” Chiasa gasps, as Kain’s face is unchanged, still blank. “It…” begins Heather, swallowing hard. She knew this would be dangerous for both her and Jordan, but she had to get through it, “The Source, I mean… It told us that the betrayal was part of it’s plan, that Jordan and I were still his children, and he wants us to continue the plan of destroying you all.”

“I did have a feeling.” shrugs Kain, with not much emotion, though Chiasa is stunned, “But why are you telling us this, Heather?” “Because,” she shook, “I don’t believe the Source! He’s a liar and he’s using me and Jordan as pawns! But Jordan… he believes the Source… he is all mixed up into this plan! I know that it’s not right for me to betray him, in this way, but… I just got to stop him!” She begins to cry, slumping against a wall, feeling like a dirty traitor. Chiasa grabs Heather’s arm, trying to console her.

“You did the right thing.” nods Kain, looking off into the night, “But, now Jordan is alone with Kirk and Judy. What exactly was the plan?” “To separate the couples.” sniffs Heather, “And then when the demons show up, kill each of the couples, with the help of the demons. You were right, Kain. This is a trap set by the Source, a perfect one of isolation, to draw you out here to the killing grounds!” “Oh, no!” gasps Chiasa, looking to Kain in distressed, “Kirk and Judy!” “We’ll go meet with them!” assures Kain, “They shouldn’t be far. There’s still time!”

“Heather!!!” screams Jordan, rushing back to them in the distance. “What…?” gasps Kain, finally showing some confusion to all of this, “Why is Jordan…? What is he doing back here?” Heather’s icy giggles surrounds Kain, as he turns to see Chiasa slumped on the ground, Heather’s sword covered in Chiasa’s blood. “Heather, NO!!!” shrieks Jordan, running toward them still, at full speed.

“You’re such a sucker, Kain!” she cheers, holding the sword to Chiasa’s neck, ready to behead the girl next. Chiasa’s eyes are wide, as blood pours from her mouth, staring at her horrified Keeper for help. “This was just too easy.” Heather scoffs, “And I don’t understand why my Master was so worried about you or her. You two are easily played! Now… say goodbye to your lover, Kain!” With a cold anger and quick movement, Kain moves in to stop Heather… Only Jordan embraces her first and in a gasp, Heather lets go of Chiasa. Kain catches his Fighter, before she touches the ground, shaken by all of her spilled blood. “Chiasa!” he yells, frighten, “Hang on! I’m going to get you some help! Just hang on!”

“Jordan…” says Heather, looking down at the sword plunged through her chest, “Why did you…?” “I’m sorry, my love.” he says, his voice wavering, “I just couldn’t let you do it. The Source lied to us, you know. It was my job to protect you… but I have failed.” Heather opens her mouth to reply, but at that moment, her soul leaves this plain of existence. Jordan removes the sword in tears, holding the dead and limp body of his lover in his arms.

“Jordan.” shakes Kain, holding on tight to Chiasa, “What’s going on!?” “The Source came to visit us.” Jordan explains, his voice as dead as the girl in his arms, “He spouted more lies to us. I had played along with It, until he left our apartment. Immediately afterward, I had a chat with Heather. It seemed as though she still believed him. But, I thought she has past it and decided for herself, that the Source was only using us as pawns. But I guess not. I guess she was only pretending. I’m such a fool… It didn’t occurred to me, until too late, that her last nod toward me had some mischief in it. It was the Source’s plan to draw you out here, and let the demons, Heather, and myself finish off the Keepers and only Kirk…

“Chiasa was to be saved for the Source alone. That was the plan… but, with if Heather and I were on your side, and the side of humans, there would be no plan. So, tonight, I thought that we were here to rid this place of the demons and therefore completely destroy the plan of Ezekiel into tiny pieces.” “Jordan,” swallows Kain, “You should have told us about the Source’s visit.” “I know,” he said, smoothing the hair of Heather, “But it was my own damn pride. I felt like I had made this mess, so I was going to fix it, just me and my love… or so I thought. But, while with Kirk and Judy, I felt a shift… I knew that Heather was up to no good. I always know that… But, I didn’t get back in time. I have failed.”

“Why kill her?” growls Kain, so very angry and upset, “You didn’t have to do that! You could have just stopped her and-!” “No, you’re wrong!” shouts Jordan, his eyes so dark with pain, “You don’t get it, do you!? We are trained to NEVER back down, to never stop, to always move forward with the plan of the ‘Master’. even if it cost us our lives! As long as Heather drew breath, she would not stop until she had killed you all, even it meant sacrificing me! And I don’t care about me! All I care about is Chiasa! She must live because she is the only one who can take down the Source!

“I realized how much power she must have, as the Source is going through such lengths to get his claws on her. You, Kirk, Judy… Me and Heather… we’re just play things to him, nothing to him, and not a threat to him. But Chiasa… He fears her. I was just a naive boy, when the Source came to us. I’ve made too many mistakes and I lead both Heather and I down the wrong path. I let my fear and ignorance get the best of me. Who’s to blame? Me or Ezekiel? I don’t know… maybe us both. But, what I do know is that Chiasa is going to live and she will take down that evil bastard, once and for all!”

Kain looks sadly, onto an unconscious but alive Chiasa. He couldn’t imagine the pain that Jordan must being feeling, a Keeper who had failed completely in protecting his Fighter. It would be Kain’s worst nightmare, surely. “Don’t worry.” nods Jordan, “I told Kirk and Judy to go get help. Morioka should be here soon to help Chiasa. But, be aware of this… Ezekiel had told us something… someone within that organization is working for him.” Kain’s eyes locks onto Jordan’s…


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