Part 37: Weep

December 11, 2009

“Don’t worry.” nods Jordan, “I told Kirk and Judy to go get help. Morioka should be here soon to help Chiasa. But, be aware of this… Ezekiel had told us something… someone within that organization is working for him.” Kain’s eyes locks onto Jordan’s…

The place is in a loud uproar, as Chiasa is being rushed into the emergency room within Morioka. She had lost a lot of blood and her injuries are severe, as many nurses, two doctors, and Dr. Jaden move quickly to recover her. Kain tries to follow them into the exam room, but a nurse stops him, leading him to  chair outside of the room. “Please, sir.” she says firmly, “You must wait out here. Let them work. She will be okay.” Kain, defeated, collapses into the chair, his head lowered and his hands over his head in frustration and despair.

His mind races back to the fleeting moments he had with Jordan, in that alley. Of the man’s sad words and heartache…

“I wish I could fight with you, Kain.” Jordan said, “I wish I could see this war to it’s end. And find out about that love and goodness from humans, like you and Chiasa talked about.” “What are you planning, Jordan?” asked Kain, fearing the worse. “Oh, no.” waved Jordan, “I’m not going to do anything stupid, if that’s what you’re asking. I’ve done enough stupid things, for one lifetime! But… you see… I have to bury my love, now. I’m going to take her back to Holland. There was a meadow there, with an oddly twisted tree, which she loved. I’m going to let her rest there.”

“I see.” nodded Kain. “And,” sighed Jordan, “If the world does continue to go on… I think I will wander it and learn more about the humans. I had spent my life hating them and wishing for their destruction… even had a hand in trying to cause their destruction. For many centuries, I’ve lived in hatred, and it’s about time that I learned something else.” “Why not bury her,” asked Kain, still hoping, “And then come back? You could still fight with us and-” “No.” he said, quite firmly, “In the state that I am in, I wouldn’t be useful in this war. Trust me. But thanks for the offer… and the kindness.”

Jordan had disappeared into the night, with the body of Heather in his arms, on his way on a long journey. Kain had silently wished him luck, while holding on fast to Chiasa, within that dark and isolated alleyway. And now he sat in the hallway of the medical floor in Morioka, with so many thoughts and worries on his mind. Not only of Jordan’s warning of a spy within this organization, but also the worries over Chiasa’s survival. He sat in that chair, his head covered and his body slumped, which seemed like for ages.

“Hey.” says a warm voice, a hand touching his shoulder. He looks up, his face drained, only to see a concerned Judy standing over him. Kirk was pulling up a couple of chairs, from across the hallway. “Mind if we wait with you?” asks Judy. “Not at all.” nods Kain, noticing that the level of noise, within the exam room, was decreasing.

“Um…” says Kirk, sitting next to Judy, who sat next to Kain, “Hey, man… I wouldn’t worry too much about Chiasa, if I were you. I mean, she’s pretty strong and she will be fine, I’m sure. I bet she will be all recovered in a week, tops!” “Yeah.” says Kain, no emotion. Kirk gives Judy a worried look, pulling at the buttons of his coat nervously. Judy gives a huge sigh, feeling what Kain is feeling. “I know,” she says, “This whole situation is very bad. Jordan was well on his way of being saved, yet no one predicted how far of a reach the Source had over Heather. Now she’s dead, Jordan is lost, and Chiasa is hurt. No words can fix this, at this time…”

“Jordan,” begins Kain, sitting up in his chair, “In a way, has been saved. He is free from the Source, but it came with a terrible price. And I hate that Chiasa is hurt and I wasn’t sharp enough to prevent it… but, as Kirk said, she’s going to be fine. I’m just a little worried about it, otherwise. But, what is really killing me now is, this war… The Source… Morioka… all of it is just in a haze. Did you know, that there is a spy among us?” Both Judy and Kirk give him shocked and confused looks.

“Before Jordan left,” he explains, “He mentioned that someone in this organization is working for the Source. The mystery on how Ezekiel is always one step ahead of us has been answered. It’s wasn’t because he is just that powerful, as we had thought, he has someone sharing our plans and movements with him. So, I just don’t know anymore. What the hell are we fighting for? Who do we trust? Is this war even worth it?” “You know all of the answers to those questions.” frowns Judy, looking Kain dead in the eye, “If you need me to repeat the answers, I will. But, you already know what we are fighting for and if this war is worth it! As for who do we trust… that’s an answer that we all must find out, but we can do that together.”

“The reason why…” says Kain, his voice wavering, “The reason why we call him ‘The Source’, is because he is truly a monster, the source of all things dark in this world. All of this death, deception, pain, trouble, all of it… It’s all of his doing! And it’s all on Chiasa to stop him? Why? Why her!? I wonder… am I going to lose her too, in all of this? We’re trying to help the humans, we’re trying to save THEIR world… one which we may not be welcome in, when all of this is over! And Chiasa is hurt, laying in a hospital bed, because the very human that we are fighting for… whomever they are… that person is working for Evil and cutting us off at the knees! And for what?”

“We’re going to find out the spy!” assures Kirk, pounding his fist into his right hand, “Don’t worry! Right now, you have to be strong for Chiasa! Don’t waver on her, okay? I know that everything is so screwed up! It really is! But, Jordan gave us a gift here. If we find the spy and make new plans, then the closer Chiasa will be to reaching that evil bastard, the Source! And once she does that, it’s all over. We won’t have to deal with traitors, demons, Morioka, or humans anymore… if we don’t want to!”

“I just want to be with Chiasa!” roars Kain, standing from his chair so forcefully, that it turns over and hits the floor with a huge crash. “Kain!” growls Judy, standing and facing him, “Calm down!” “I don’t care about this war anymore!” yells Kain, all of his emotions spilling out, “I only care about her! I only want to be with her and her alone! To hell with the Source, this war, and the humans!” Judy and Kirk look on with huge eyes and open mouths, as Kain begins to weep…


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