Part 38: Temper

December 19, 2009

“I just want to be with Chiasa!” roars Kain, standing from his chair so forcefully, that it turns over and hits the floor with a huge crash. “Kain!” growls Judy, standing and facing him, “Calm down!” “I don’t care about this war anymore!” yells Kain, all of his emotions spilling out, “I only care about her! I only want to be with her and her alone! To hell with the Source, this war, and the humans!” Judy and Kirk look on with huge eyes and open mouths, as Kain begins to weep…

Chiasa is stabilized, still unconscious, but the status was good. She is going to be fine and her next step was only to recover. Hook up to machines and a blood supply, Chiasa dreamed…

She was alone, surrounded in darkness, and she couldn’t see or hear anything at all. She could feel herself laying on a hard surface, the only one of her senses that seems to be working was touch. “Am I dead?” she wondered. Suddenly, a blinding flash hits her eyes and she quickly tried to shield her face from it. She was now standing on her feet, and Chiasa realized that this light were really flames. The whole of Japan was on fire! The ground that she stood on, was not so solid in places and uneven, but she slowly realized that it was because the ground all around her was covered in human remains.

She was standing on the bodies of the dead, as all of her senses seem to return at once. The smells of rotting and burning flesh, the sounds of human screams and fire rushing, the taste of thick smoke and ash in the air, and terrible heat from the flames. She was in hell… or Ezekiel’s vision of it! “Did we lose the war!?” she gasps, looking around for Kain. But Kain was nowhere around her and nowhere to be found!

Chiasa stumbled over bodies, a few steps ahead, only her foot hit something metallic. It was her sword, laying neatly on the ground of bodies, as if it was placed there for her with an purpose. She picked it up and looked ahead… in the distance, she could see a horde of demons feasting on bodies, a huge bright and shiny white orb among them. “The Source!” hissed Chiasa, moving forward, with the sword tight in her grasp.

Chiasa moved with unwavering and quick speeds, with only one thing on her mind, “I must destroy the Source!” The demons, hundreds of them, felt her approaching and was ready to stop her from reaching their Master. They clawed and tore into her, as she slashed her way through the massive crowd, not slowing down from her wounds and not stopping to finish off any one of the army. She was only determine to reach that orb and to finish this, for once and for all.

In moments, all bloodied and badly wounded, she had reached the Source! Ezekiel, all shrouded in holy white light, looked up at her with a grin. “Are you really going to kill me?” he nods, “Your own kind?” “You’re not one of my kind!” shouts Chiasa, raising her sword and dropping it with major force. And before the blade reached him, everything faded to black…

Chiasa eyes opened and she was back in the exam room, the machines beeping softly next to her hospital bed. Kain sat in a chair, next to her, his head covered by his hands. “You had a fit, didn’t you?” grins Chiasa. Kain looks up, a little startled by her sudden voice. But a huge wave of relief washed over his face, as he grabs her hand and gave it a little squeeze. “How are you feeling?” he smiles an tired smile. “I asked you a question first.” she teased, remembering a time where the roles were reversed, “But nevermind… I know the answer, you did have a fit.”

Kain looks away, feeling a little ashamed. “I do remember that, you know.” says Chiasa, “How you usually react. You try so hard to be macho, to be cool, and aloof. I had always wondered if that was just for my benefit alone. But you always try to put on a brave face and stay calm. And so, you have a temper, all those emotions just pour out of you at once. I’m not saying that I am disappointed or ashamed of you. I love you for it. And it was bound to happen tonight too… as I have been hurt and Heather… she didn’t make it, did she?” “No.” says Kain, with a sad sigh.

“Well…” says Chiasa, squeezing his hand back, “That is sad. But, we’re going to make it through. I know now what I must do, to defeat the Source. And I am willing to! I won’t let this world become lost to Ezekiel. And for all of the ones that he had warped and manipulated… I will avenge them too!” “Such a bold statement.” says Kain, refusing to look her in the eye, “I would say it was the ‘teen’ you, declaring this… as it’s so very dramatic. But, then again, it sounds like something that the real Chiasa would say too.” “Hey,” frowns Chiasa, “Don’t make fun! I’m not well enough to hit you!”

Kain finally looks her in eye, with a grin on his face. “You know,” he says, “I feel bad for losing my temper and having a fit. Kirk says I shouldn’t waver and I should be strong for you… But honestly, it’s not me who you need to lean on, as much in this situation. I am doing my fair share of leaning on you, Chiasa. I was beginning to give up on everything here, this war and the humans. But you are so certain, even though we lost one of us and the other is so very broken and wandering, even though you lay in this hospital bed severely hurt. And so, I will follow your judgment on this. I will have hope too, that we will win this thing.”

Chiasa smiles warmly toward Kain, drifting back to sleep. She knows that in the end, she will face Ezekiel and will end this war for all of humanity and for her Keeper. It is a very certain fact for her, even though she knows it will not be smooth sailing for anyone, from now on. Things are going to get a little more complicated, before this situation comes to an end…


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