Part 39: Spy

December 19, 2009

Chiasa smiles warmly toward Kain, drifting back to sleep. She knows that in the end, she will face Ezekiel and will end this war for all of humanity and for her Keeper. It is a very certain fact for her, even though she knows it will not be smooth sailing for anyone, from now on. Things are going to get a little more complicated, before this situation comes to an end…

Kain walks into the Morioka building alone, the first time in a while, without Chiasa by his side. He types in the code at the elevator, traveling to the secret floors within the building, determine with his plans. The elevators stops on the all too familiar floor, as Kain steps out and meets with Kirk and Judy. Together, they head for the conference room to have a chat with Yamada, about the newest information.

“A spy?” General Yamada asks, ready to wave away the thought, “Are you sure?” “I’m very sure.” nods Kain, looking the General straight in the eye, “Jordan had no reason to lie. And I only found the truth within him.” “I see,” said Yamada, folding his hands on the table, “Well… that is disturbing. I will do an internal investigation on the matter.” “With whom?” asks Kain, frowning at the idea, “Whomever you hire may also be the spy, for all you know. I don’t think it’s safe to trust anyone here, at this point. Not until we’ve found the spy.” “What would you have me do, then?” grunts Yamada.

“Nothing.” says Kain, a flicker of defiance in his eyes, “I would have you do nothing. I’m only alerting you of the situation, but myself, Kirk, and Judy has this under control.” “Finding the spy shouldn’t be a trouble for us.” nods Judy, “All we need is clearance to personal files, to get a read on each person, also that of the Council especially. And a pass to travel around this building and investigate.” “Hold on a minute!” growls Yamada, “Do you honestly think that a member of the Council is the spy!?” “It’s very possible.” says Kain, leaning forward in his chair, “I know that the members have certain privileges and are well protected of their information, but-”

“Fine,” waves Yamada, interrupting Kain’s thoughts, “You shall be granted access to all personal files, including that of the Council. But I will not grant you clearance of the building. For one, if there is a spy, it would tip them off if suddenly you were seen just strolling the hallways here. You’ll have to find out this spy in files alone. I’ll give you the access code to the database.” “That was easy…” sighs Kain, leaning back in his chair. “I want to know who this spy is.” nods Yamada, “For this individual is a thorn in my side! All this time, I thought it was the Source’s power to be one step ahead… if that’s not the case and there is a person here, helping out the enemy… I want him or her to be accounted for and stopped immediately!”

“Yes,” nods Judy, “We need to find the spy fast, as Chiasa is more stronger and aware of how to stop the Source now. We can’t let the spy continue, for the Source to know of her movements, not at this crucial point.” Yamada looks toward the empty chair, next to Kain, at the other end of the table. “How is she?” he asks Kain. “She’s resting still.” nods Kain, thinking of Chiasa at the apartment, “Much of her injuries have healed and she’ll be ready for the next step soon.” “That’s good.” grunts Yamada and begins to write down the access codes to the database.

After the meeting, Kain, Judy, and Kirk head for the elevators once more. “You were right,” sighs Kirk, “You did say that Yamada would be easy.” “Of course.” shrugs Kain, “He is very predictable… prideful even. Let’s head back to my apartment and start the investigation.” As the doors closed on the elevator, Yamada stepped out into the hall. He gave a short stare at the descending numbers, as Kain and others headed for the first floor.

“Well,” he sighed, heading for the stairwell, “There is a plan for this too. He did know that this may happen.” The General headed for the parking lot, his cell-phone in hand, as he dialed a number quickly. “Yeah,” he grumbled into the receiver, “This is General Yamada. The day has come… they know of the spy, now. No, they don’t know who the spy is, but I gave them the database. They should have it figured out in a day or two. That at least gives us time… What? What do you mean, by…? No, sir, the girl is resting and is still healing from her injuries.”

From behind him, a lone shadow pulls the phone from Yamada’s hand just in time to hear Ezekiel’s reply, “Are you sure?” Yamada turns around in a fearsome furry, to see an emotionless Chiasa standing behind him, phone to her ear. “I will see you soon, Ezekiel.” she said and ended the call. “W-what…”. gasps Yamada, falling against his car. “This is the part,” she says, taking a step toward the frighten man, “Where I am to kill you. Or so, this is Ezekiel’s plan. Don’t be so shocked that he would leave you so obviously in the open, like this… He has no loyalties for anyone.”

Yamada shudders, holding his chest, waiting for the worse. “What I want to know is, why…” sighs Chiasa, tossing his phone back to him. Yamada caught it, without falter, “Why did you do it, General?” “That is your answer.” he said, sternly, “I am a General. And what is a General without an war? I am up in years and the only thing keeping me from retirement is this whole war. If it ends, then what? I could live peacefully in a nice home, alone, with no wife or children to speak of… no grandchildren. My whole life has been nothing but war and tactics. If I could die an old man, in the middle of this, the ultimate war between good and evil, I would die happy.

“But with you coming to be, as the one who could end this all, you have threaten everything. For so long, this war between Ezekiel and the humans have been. And now, in a instant, you can end all of that. I wanted the war to continue, so I gave Ezekiel what he needed to know.” “And was that worth the lives of Heather and Jordan?” growls Chiasa, furry in her eyes, “Or the lives of Gaby and Rafe? Or the lives of human victims in the demons attacks!?” “Oh, please.” waves Yamada, “You know that their deaths are not on my hands. Of your kind who decided to join the Source, they only have themselves to blame, my actions has nothing to do with that! Also the human victims are casualties of this war! My actions mean nothing, only to hinder you from reaching the Source, is all.”

“Funny,” says Kain, stepping from the shadows along with Judy and Kirk, “That you should say that. By your own admission, those who join the Source will get what they deserve… and human bloodshed is nothing but casualties. Yet, in this situation with you… does it mean that you will get what you deserve? And that your bloodshed will be nothing but an causality of this war?” Yamada’s eyes grows large, with fear. “Don’t worry,” waves Judy, “We are not like Ezekiel. We don’t attend to kill you.”

“However,” grins Kirk, “Since you have given us access to the files, we have alerted everyone of Morioka, of your betrayal. You’re now a wanted man, by the government.” “And no,” nods Chiasa, “Most likely you won’t spend the last of your days in prision… since Ezekiel knows of your mistake and knows that we wouldn’t kill you, he may want your blood. And with none of us willing to protect you…” Yamada slumps against his car, facing the ground in despair…


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