Part 40: Plans

December 19, 2009

“However,” grins Kirk, “Since you have given us access to the files, we have alerted everyone of Morioka, of your betrayal. You’re now a wanted man, by the government.” “And no,” nods Chiasa, “Most likely you won’t spend the last of your days in prision… since Ezekiel knows of your mistake and knows that we wouldn’t kill you, he may want your blood. And with none of us willing to protect you…” Yamada slumps against his car, facing the ground in despair…

The reveal of Yamada being a traitor was a huge shock to all of Morioka. On the day of his arrest, The Council held a meeting with the four, with Dr. Jaden stepping in as the leader of it. “How did you figure it out?” was the question being asked of Kain, Chiasa, Kirk, and Judy. “It was only a hunch.” explains Kain, “As I was told by Jordan, that there was a spy among us. My thought was that maybe Yamada would be the spy. But I knew, either way, that we would need his help in catching the person. It left us in conundrum. But with more thought, I realized that if Yamada was in fact the spy, us coming to him for help would spark a panic in him. So, I left Chiasa to stay hidden and watch his movements. Had he not rushed to make contact with the Source, he would have been cleared of all suspicions. But either way, Chiasa was prepared to follow and watch him for days, to make sure.”

“And under the guise of still recovering,” nods Dr. Jaden, following along, “Yamada would have never realized he was being watched, knowing of the movements of you, Kirk, and Judy. Chiasa would just be presumed as recovering in bed, not moving about.” “Correct.” nods Kain, continuing, “Yamada panicked because, unlike the Source, he never for a moment underestimated us. He knew that we would figure it out that he was a spy, and fast, so he tried to make contact with the Source right away, to save himself.” “Yet,” says Chiasa, with wary sigh, “He underestimated the Source greatly… Ezekiel has no loyalties to anyone… least of all to humans.”

“Ha!” laughs Kirk, “But it was cool that Chiasa had Yamada trembling, thinking that the Source would be after him!” “Yes,” grins Chiasa, a mischievous grin, “The Source will not bother him, in prison. There is no point to it. Knowing Ezekiel, he will just go on with his plans to wipe out all of humanity in one fell swoop. Picking one man to kill, at this point, would be a waste of energy to him.” “Well,” says Kain, getting the conversation back to the point, “The fact is, the Source will be very much in rage now. So, the final war will begin, any day now.” “Do you know when?” asks Dr. Jaden, failing to hide her nervousness.

“No,” answers Judy, “None of us can tell when the Source will make his first move. And we are powerless to prevent it. Until the Source makes himself appear and stand for the fight, we can not reach him. Which suggests that he resides in an alternate reality.” Murmurs of the Council began, of confusion of this term, and bewilderment. “Do you mean to say-!?” gasps a member. “Yes,” nods Judy, “The Source has the ability to slip into an different part of the universe. It’s like a orb of existence, of this world but at the same time separate from it. Of the realm, we can not find it or reach it. This is why from the dawn of time, we have never been able to find the Source to destroy it.”

“But,” points out Kain, “He can not harm or attack from that realm. In order to fight in this war, he must come out of hiding. And I suspect that he will do just that, to find and try to destroy Chiasa, at any given day now. Until then, we just have to wait and be vigilant.” “Our main worry is,” continues Judy, “That not many of our kind has traveled here yet. There isn’t enough time. And we fear that he will strike soon and before our army can get here.” “What can Morioka do to help?” asks Dr. Jaden, sitting forward in her chair, hoping for a good answer.

Kain shook his head, “Not much. You can lend your armies… but the humans are no match for his armies. It will be a massacre. The only thing we could gain from that, is enough time and room to get Chiasa closer to the Source. And once she is in his presence, all will be over, by her hands.” “And once the bastard has fallen,” nods Kirk, “All the other demons will fall too! This war will be over, forever.” “I see.” nods Dr. Jaden, “Well, the good men and women of our armies are prepared to give up their lives for this. If your kind doesn’t show up for Ezekiel’s war, then you will have our help, no matter the loss. We must get Chiasa to the Source, at any and all costs.”

At that moment, Ezekiel is in a rage, breaking several structures within his stone filled realm. “She has destroyed all of my plans!” he shouted, though no one was there, “How can one weak little girl undo all of my will!? She is not her full potential, the little slut, as she still has the human child personality still! She is tainted with the human mind and feelings! I’m pure! I’m much more pure than any of them! How can I be thwarted!?” He looks down at his bleeding fists and begins to laugh madly. He remembers her last words to him, on the cell-phone, “I will see you soon, Ezekiel.”

“Fine.” Ezekiel says, standing with dark determination, “If you want to see me, you’ll see me.” Ezekiel and his demons left the realm, traveling to  the human plain, as the war was now to began. It was the dead of night, when Ezekiel finally walked toward the Morioka building. He ripped the doors from it’s hinges, crumpling it up like tin foil, and tossed it to the side… all with the wave of his powerful hand. Into the building poured many of his demons, ripping apart what little security there was, of ten men who tried to shoot down demons with guns. Ezekiel walked by the demons and the screams of dying humans. He calmly enter in the code to the elevators.

Kain and Chiasa was curled in front of the tv, when they heard a loud knock at their apartment door. Kain sighed, annoyed that he had to move away from Chiasa’s warmth, and went to answer. A very bloodied Dr. Jaden and Dr. Lee fall into the apartment, their blood smeared across the apartment door! “W-what the hell…!?” gasps Kain, leaning down to grab them. “Ezekiel.” says Dr. Jaden, weakly, “He has started the war!” Chiasa gasps, rushing to grab her sword…


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