Part 41: You

December 26, 2009

Kain and Chiasa was curled in front of the tv, when they heard a loud knock at their apartment door. Kain sighed, annoyed that he had to move away from Chiasa’s warmth, and went to answer. A very bloodied Dr. Jaden and Dr. Lee fall into the apartment, their blood smeared across the apartment door! “W-what the hell…!?” gasps Kain, leaning down to grab them. “Ezekiel.” says Dr. Jaden, weakly, “He has started the war!” Chiasa gasps, rushing to grab her sword…

“We have to get you to a hospital!” frowns Kain, noticing that Dr. Lee is unconscious from his wounds. “It’s an obvious trap.” Dr. Jaden tries to warn them, “He only let us go, from the demons, so that we would alert you. I don’t think you should go.” “But we have to,” nods Chiasa, “The war has started and he will began to kill everyone of Japan, not just those in the Morioka building.” Chiasa feels a pang of sadness, for all the men and women of that building lost to Ezekiel’s fury.

“Don’t worry.” nods Kain, throwing Dr. Lee over his shoulders, “We’re going to get you to the hospital, and then we’re going to end this. Chiasa, help Dr. Jaden to her feet.” Chiasa carefully holds the woman to her feet, letting her lean on her, as they all headed for Kain’s car.

After a short while of driving, Kain stops at the local emergency room, carrying in Dr. Lee, while Chiasa helps Dr. Jaden walk slowly in. “Hey!” yells Kain, getting the attention of the medical staff, “Our friends have been attacked!” Through the rushing of medical staff, to help the two victims, Chiasa and Kain made their exit and drove off toward headquarters. “Are you ready?” asks Kain, dialing Kirk and Judy’s number on his cell-phone. “I have no choice, but to be.” nods Chiasa, determined.

Kirk and Judy meet outside the building with Kain and Chiasa. There is a massive crowd of demons, spilling outside of the doorway of the building, crowded within. They snarled and licked their greedy lips, waiting for the Keepers and Fighters to make their first move. “Okay,” sighs Kirk, shaking his head, “There are a lot of them. We’re just going to have to try our best and get Chiasa as far as we can.” “Do you know where the Source is,” asks Kain, “Within this building?” “The very top floor,” nods Judy, a bit disgusted, “Like the king of an castle. Floor 150. I can sense his laughter from there.”

“Hmm,” says Kain, feeling a lot outnumbered, “And I bet every floor is teaming with demons too.” “And most likely,” frowns Kirk, “The elevators are out, so we’ll have to use the stairwells…” “Well,” says Chiasa, taking a step forward, “Let’s try our best. Okay?” Everyone nods, but before they could take a step forward and loud cry comes from behind them. “We’re not late for the party, are we!?”

They turn to see thousands of people behind them! The army that Dr. Jaden had promised? No… Chiasa felt it all at once… These were thousands of her kind! “Great.” smiles Kirk, “Our backup is here!” “Listen, everyone!” announces Judy, “Chiasa is the one we have to get to the top! We will all go in first and kill as many as we can, to clear a path for them. Or priority here is getting Chiasa to the Source! Do you understand?” There was a roar of acknowledgment. “Okay,” smiles Kirk, turning to Chiasa, “It’s all set now. We’ll do our best, but Chiasa… give that bastard some hell, okay?”

Chiasa gives Kirk and tight hug. “You and Judy better survive!” she growls. “Oh,” he waves,”We’re planning on that.” Kain and Chiasa step back, watching their army rush in ahead, battling and killing demons. In the matter of minutes, they were able to get into the building and into the stairwell. There were a lot blood and shouts, many demons fell and a few of their army did too. Chiasa looked away, from the sadness of fallen Fighters and Keepers, as Kain and her made their way up the stairwells. On the 100th floor, Chiasa stopped and wept, holding onto a wall.

“Chiasa,” said Kain, wrapping his arms around her, “You can’t stop now. We’re almost there. I know this is bad, but, we can’t stop!” “So much death!” she cried, “So much loss. I don’t even know if Kirk and Judy is okay… I just want this all to end!” “And it will,” assures Kain, running his fingers through her hair, “With you… it  will all end with you! We have to keep going! We can’t let the fallen die in vain!” Chiasa steeled herself and continued on, with Kain holding her hand.

They finally made it to the last floor, yet everything was in cold silence here. There were no sounds of demons or of their kind to be heard, just darkness and a huge void. The Source moved within an office, located in the far corner of the void. Chiasa began to move toward it, her sword ready, and vengeance on her mind. “Chiasa,” sighs Kain, realizing the situation, “This is where we part ways.” “What?” frowns Chiasa, turning to see what he was seeing… movements within the shadows. “This floor is covered with some very powerful demons.” he nods, “It’s probably why there is no sound here… many must have died. But, you have gotten close enough to the Source. I’ll hold them back as long as I can. You just run to that room and finish this.”

“I can’t leave you!” Chiasa yells, taking a step toward Kain. “Chiasa, no!” he shouts, “If you don’t go now, then we’ll both die here! Listen… I love you and want you to finish this. Don’t worry, I’ll survive, I promise.” “Especially,” smiles Kirk, stepping next to Kain, ” As he has us to help.” “Yeah,” waves Judy, stepping from the shadows, “Get out of here, Chiasa! Let us handle this!” “We’ll be okay, Chiasa.” assures Kain, “You just get in there and take care of that evil bastard!”

Tears fell from Chiasa’s eyes, as she muttered an, “Goodbye.” to all of them. She turned around, feeling like her heart was ripping in two, and ran toward the room. All at once, the demons rushed onto Kain, Kirk, and Judy. Their screams echoed, as Chiasa rushed through the office door, slamming the demons and her friends on the other side of it. “I’m so sorry!” she cried, falling to her knees.

An evil laugh echoed, as she looked up from her tears, to see Ezekiel enjoying himself. “What a shock!” he laughs, holding his sides in glee, “I thought for sure you would die out there, with the rest! Who would have thought, in your quest for revenge, that YOU, the chosen one, would abandon your friends and your lover!?”


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