Part 42: Song

December 26, 2009

An evil laugh echoed, as she looked up from her tears, to see Ezekiel enjoying himself. “What a shock!” he laughs, holding his sides in glee, “I thought for sure you would die out there, with the rest! Who would have thought, in your quest for revenge, that YOU, the chosen one, would abandon your friends and your lover!?”

The office was will lit, empty, with considerable space. If one had to guess, this room may have been a large conference room, at some point. Chiasa stood now, filled with rage. Every part of her being ached with the hatred toward this being. He continued laughing, not a care in the world, not noticing as Chiasa picked up her sword and charged after him. Before she could reach Ezekiel, a violent force, threw her backward and into a wall. Ezekiel was still laughing, one of his fingers pointed at her.

“Pitiful.” he sighs, done with the laughter now, “It’s hard to believe that someone, so weak, is suppose to be the threat of me. You are filled with anger, rage, and vengeance. Feelings of humans, which makes you even weaker!” “Feelings of humans?” spat Chiasa, struggling to move, but the force had her pinned tightly against the wall, “But these are the same feelings that you have, Ezekiel! Sure you pretend that you’re so much better and purer than humans… yet, you are so full of rage, anger, and vengeance against the gods for creating them. Everything you’ve done has been in revenge for the creation of humans! I’ve only had this anger and feelings of vengeance for a short while, weeks maybe… But you’ve had these feelings for many centuries, since time began! I say that makes you more weak than I am!

“The only one who’s pitiful is you, Ezekiel!” He growls and the force begins to crush her more into the wall, causing several of her ribs to crack. “Don’t try to twist things!” he shout. “Oh,” she grins, even though she is in considerable pain, “Are you the only one allowed to? You’ve twisted so many around, with your half-truths, your deceptions… it must kill you, that you can’t sway me, or Kain, or any of my friends, or Jordan! Yeah, you had Jordan and Heather under your grasp for so long… yet, even Jordan was able to break your spell over him! It must really burns you to know that you’re getting weaker by every minute, yet I’m getting stronger!”

“Says the girl pinned to a wall!” laughs Ezekiel, ready to crush her more. “Though,” nods Chiasa, looking toward her sword nearby, “I’m about done with this, now. You really have no power over me.” She slides off the wall and grabs her sword. Ezekiel blinks, throwing his force again, but Chiasa’s slides through the wave, like butter! “H-how did you-!?” he gasps, recoiling as if she had an foul odor. “I think I have realized something.” she nods, heading in his direction, “You only can have enough power over me, as I let you. Your power is great, for sure… but, my power is greater.”

She kicks him in the stomach, sending him into a wall, and quickly jumps over him, sword raised! “Wait, you moron!” he laughs, putting up an hand, “Do you really understand what my death will mean you and for our kind?” “Not interested.” Chiasa replies, bored and ready to strike. “But you should be!” he hissed, a dangerous glee in his eyes, “As the old legend goes, when I die, we all die!” Chiasa hesitated, sword still held up high, wondering if the Source was now speaking the truth. It seemed so!

He laughed wildly at her confusion! “Yes,” he nods, “The truth of it has long been lost to newer generations of our kind! Maybe it was done on purpose, so that the chosen wouldn’t hesitate, like you are doing now! You see, part of the old tale is this… The gods created more of my kind to hunt and destroy me. But you were never created to live on, past this. Once I fall, everyone of my kind will fall, not only the demons! And you are of my kind, Chiasa! You may doubt that all that you wish! But, that is the truth. When you kill me, you kill yourself, and others like us. So, go right ahead! Let us die together!”

Chiasa scrambled away, as Ezekiel laughed so very hard, curling up into a hysterical ball. “It’s just so perfect!” he choked, “That the sacred chosen one thought that she would live happily ever after, a reward for killing the big bad evil! She thought that many would sing her songs of praise, the song of Chiasa, throughout the lands! But no! You’ve sacrificed your lover and your friends, of your people… and if you kill me now, you will die along with them. Death will be your only reward! It’s not too late, Chiasa! Join me! We’ll take down this world together, in a glory of flames… and…”

In the middle of his last sentence, Chiasa had threw her sword through Ezekiel’s chest… the end of it hitting the soft carpet behind his back, with a thud. “Chiasa…” he said, in soft shock, “But you will die too.” “I know.” she said, weakly, “But as you said, I have lost my friends and my Keeper… I have lost Kain. So the only thing left to save is the humans. As long as they live on, it doesn’t matter if I live or not. I will join the ones I love in death and you won’t be able to harm the humans anymore. Seems like a fair deal.”

“Fair?” Ezekiel lets out a few soft laughs, “No it isn’t. Chiasa, my dear, you are a fool. Yet… I can’t stop loving you for it. I guess, if I were to be killed, I rather it be you. But it’s odd… I was so sure that you would choose to live, instead of to die for the humans. But, I think that was my mistake all along… I should have expected the opposite from you. Even though the opposite is so foolish and ignorant! I think my flaw was, that I thought too highly of you.” He closed his eyes and the Source was no more.

Chiasa collapsed next to him, feeling herself fading fast. She was dying, yet she couldn’t help the overwhelming joy and relief that she felt. The humans were going to be okay. Mankind only had to fear mankind, no longer demons. A blinding light surrounds her and in it, Kain reaches out to her, with a very huge smile…


A sandy brown haired teen is trying to show off to his friends, doing tricks on his skateboard. On one wrong move, he trips and falls to the ground outside of the doors of shopping mall. His friends laugh, calling to him, “Nice one, Ryu!” “Shut up!” he roars, getting to his feet, “The sun was in my eye!” He turns to see a young woman, no older than her early thirties, staring at him. She has just walked out of the mall, with a few bags, as he had fell to the pavement. “Are you okay?” she asks, concerned.

Her very long black hair reached past her waist and something familiar hit the boy, then it was gone as quickly as it had came. “Yeah,” he shrugs, “I’m okay, lady!” He runs off with his friends, not giving it a second thought. “A run-in with the past?” asks Kain, looking a bit older, himself, leaving the store with his own set of bags. “Yeah,” nods Chiasa, “He’s still a brat, it seems. But of course, he doesn’t remember me.” “Well,” huffs Kain, struggling with his bags, which were heavier, “Let’s get this stuff to the car. Did you have to shop so much!?” “Hey,” she grins, “It’s our new apartment and we need so many things!” “So, you say.” he frowns, “But what was wrong with the plate-ware that we had?” “It was ancient.” waves Chiasa, to Kain’s annoyance.

It’s been several years, since the battle with the Source. Ezekiel, once again, had only told a half truth. It was true that with his death, all demons and their kind would die. And they did all die a death of their demon side… only to be reborn as purely human, to age and to love, and to die like everyone else. The newlyweds, Chiasa and Kain, head for home. No one knows of their story or can remember it among the humans. And the existence of demons are lost within the mysteries of the world…

This song is for you!


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